Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 27th March 2023

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (36)
  • Rolling out (9)
  • In development (19)


  • Microsoft Teams: Bots and Message Extensions in DOD – DOD customers are able to build and deploy Bots and Message Extensions in their Microsoft Teams environment. This release supports custom, line-of-business bots. Roadmap ID:96076
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Admin Center: Simplified navigation – Simplified Left Navigation for TAC feature aims to improve the administrator experience by reducing clutter and simplifying the navigation process. The feature will hide less used left navigation menu items by default and provide an option for administrators to pin them to the default view if they choose. This way the navigation will be tailored to the specific needs of each administrator, making it faster and easier for them to find the information they need. Roadmap ID:98394
  • Microsoft Teams: Support PSTN dial-in, dial-out, and call-me attendees in meetings to join Breakout Rooms for DoD and GCC High – Enabling dial-in, dial-out and call-me PSTN participants to join breakout rooms and come back to the main room when breakout rooms end. Roadmap ID:115504
  • Microsoft Teams: Express yourself in Teams meeting for DoD – In addition to virtually raising your hand in a Teams meeting, you can express yourself using emojis that will appear to all participants to help make Teams meetings more inclusive, engaging, and fun. Roadmap ID:83251
  • Microsoft Teams: View video recordings and attendance reports inside LMS – Teachers and students will be able to access video recordings and attendance reports inside their LMS itself. Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI app has enabled availability of these artifacts inside LMS. The feature will be available to use in all the LMSs incorporating Teams Meeting LTI app. Roadmap ID:96402
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Toolbar Usability Improvements – The updated Microsoft Teams meeting toolbar makes navigating meetings and discovering new features and capabilities easier than ever, including the ability to seamlessly switch between views and menu options. Roadmap ID:102065
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Co-organizer to manage Breakout Rooms – Co-organizers can create, manage and move between Breakout Rooms like meeting Organizers. Roadmap ID:105014
  • Microsoft Teams: Webinar โ€“ Updated template with enhanced setup experience – Updated webinar template with a new layout and expanded options to customize registration details and settings specific to the event.  Roadmap ID:86826
  • Microsoft Teams: Sign Language View and always-on captions in meetings – Prioritize up to two other participants’ videos for sign language in meetings so they stay visible even while content is shared and set captions to stay on across all meetings. Roadmap ID:99452
  • Microsoft Teams: 2×2 video in Gallery view for web meetings in Firefox – Gallery view now can show up to 4 participant videos during a meeting in Firefox browser.  Roadmap ID:100983
  • Microsoft Teams: View meeting transcripts on Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS for Government clouds – You can now start transcription for your meetings and view the meeting transcripts after the meetings on Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android. Roadmap ID:102390
  • Microsoft Teams: Group chat invitations from unmanaged users – When using external access for Teams, users receiving a group chat invitation from an unmanaged Teams user will be prompted with the option to acknowledge or leave the group chat. Roadmap ID:95051
  • Microsoft Teams: Connectors in GCC – Teams Connectors, which support webhook integrations, will be made available in GCC. Roadmap ID:96290
  • Microsoft Teams: Assign seats in Together Mode – Allow meeting organizers to assign seats to participants in Together Mode. Roadmap ID:83648
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft eCDN – Microsoft eCDN is an enterprise Content Delivery Network that optimizes the streaming experience for Microsoft Teams and other video products. This WebRTC-based solution reduces bandwidth usage helping to mitigate impacts to network and line of business (LOB) applications. Its mesh networks are self-balancing and automatically scale as the number of viewers increases. The technology does not require additional installation on user endpoints or changes to the physical network infrastructure.  Roadmap ID:89824
  • Microsoft Teams: Suggested Replies in Group Chat – Suggested Replies will be enabled in group chats, allowing you to select a quick response when you are mentioned in a group chat or when you are having a 1:1 conversation within a group chat.  Roadmap ID:95618
  • Microsoft Teams: Pop out shared content into a separate window – Users can pop out shared meeting content in a separate window. Roadmap ID:86948
  • Microsoft Teams: Home page for Teams for Education class teams – Home page provides a central destination for the latest announcements, resources, upcoming assignments, class files, and meetings for a class team.  Roadmap ID:93479
  • Microsoft Teams: Additional language support for Suggested Replies for mobile – Suggested replies now supported in: Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Korean, Czech, Danish, Turkish, Polish.  Roadmap ID:94017
  • Microsoft Teams: Pre-assign Channel members to Breakout Rooms – Ability for organizer to pre-assign participants to a breakout room within Channel meetings for channel members not explicitly invited to the meeting. Currently, pre-assignment can only be completed for participants invited to the meeting. Roadmap ID:96350
  • Microsoft Teams: Updated companion mode for Android users – For a better hybrid meeting experience, Teams users on their Android phone can use a single tap to join a meeting on both their device and Microsoft Teams Room. Audio on their device will be automatically turned off to ensure echo doesn’t happen. Furthermore, the landing experience on Android will be optimized for engagement activities to make it easier to raise hand or react, chat, see all participants, and more.   Roadmap ID:97255
  • Microsoft Teams: Leave a meeting on all my devices – When a Teams user has joined a meeting using multiple personal devices they can encounter friction when leaving the meeting, including forgetting to leave the meeting on one of their many devices. This functionality allows Teams users to leave a meeting from all their devices with a single tap.   Roadmap ID:97397
  • Microsoft Teams: Updated companion mode for Android users for GCC and DoD – For a better hybrid meeting experience, Teams users on their Android phone can use a single tap to join a meeting on both their device and Microsoft Teams Room. Audio on their device will be automatically turned off to ensure echo doesn’t happen. Furthermore, the landing experience on Android will be optimized for engagement activities to make it easier to raise hand or react, chat, see all participants, and more.  Roadmap ID:100224
  • Microsoft Teams: Call control with bluetooth headsets and speakerphones  –  Use device buttons to control call (answer, end, hold) from Bluetooth audio devices without needing a USB dongle when connected to a Windows PC running Teams desktop client. For many headsets and speakerphones, this will work without requiring any user action to enable other than pairing the headset or speakerphone with the PC. Roadmap ID:84309
  • Microsoft Teams: Check out for Microsoft Teams panels – From a Microsoft Teams panel, users can โ€œcheck outโ€ of a room with the touch of a button, ending the room reservation and returning the room back to the room inventory. Roadmap ID:88047
  • Microsoft Teams: Developers can now opt-in and opt-out of Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels – Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels require special handling to retrieve context. Developers now have the flexibility to opt-in and opt-out of Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels to account for this. Roadmap ID:93978
  • Microsoft Teams: Co-organizer Meeting Role – Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new “Co-organizer” role to people they invite. Co-organizers will have almost all of the capabilities of the organizer, including management of Meeting Options. Roadmap ID:81391
  • Microsoft Teams: Multi-language meeting invite control – IT administrators can apply a new policy to set multiple languages in Teams meeting invites. Roadmap ID:81521
  • Microsoft Teams: Live Transcript in all available languages in Teams Meetings on Web – Live Transcript is now available in all available languages for web users of Teams Meetings. Roadmap ID:84003
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable chat write access for anonymous or unauthenticated users – IT admins can now disable chat write access at the policy level for non-federated users and unauthenticated users who join Teams meetings through a link that must be used in conjunction with disabled meeting chat policy to provide additional security against data exfiltration. Roadmap ID:91142
  • Microsoft Teams: Bots in GCC-High – GCC-High customers will be able to build and deploy bots in their Microsoft Teams environment. This release supports custom, line-of-business bots.   Roadmap ID:94695
  • Microsoft Teams: User request flows for blocked apps – Enable users to discover Teams apps in the store and request approval from administrators. Roadmap ID:84469
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams device management for Surface Hubs – Administrations will be able to setup, manage, and monitor their Surface Hubs through the Teams admin center. Roadmap ID:84536
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborative Annotation on presenter shared screen – Presenters are able to start collaborative annotation for all participants or just the presenter to annotate on shared screen content. Roadmap ID:86732
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Chat Bubbles on Android – When Chat bubbles is enabled, chat messages will surface on the mobile screen where you can preview the most recent two messages. Roadmap ID:89813
  • Microsoft Teams: Suggested Replies in chats – Suggested replies in Teams chat uses assistive AI to create short responses based on the context of the previous message. Suggested replies presents users with up to three recommended responses to choose from. Roadmap ID:92674


  • Microsoft Teams: Support apps in Channel Meetings – Meeting organizers and participants can now add apps to meetings in Teams channels for better collaboration and engagement across a variety of scenarios.  Roadmap ID:81122
  • Microsoft Teams: License Management in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Admin Center for SaaS offers built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) – With Microsoft’s license management solution for SaaS offers built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), customers can easily assign, use, and track SaaS licenses in Teams and Teams admin center. This also provides ISVs with a ready-to-use solution without the need to develop their own license management and enforcement system. Roadmap ID:85418
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Tabs for anonymous users in meetings – Developers now have the ability to show tab experiences for anonymous users in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID:97888
  • Microsoft Teams: Receive all group chat messages with resource-specific consent – The resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions model, originally developed for Teams Graph APIs, is extended for chat and channel scope. Using RSC, you can now request team owners to consent for a bot to receive user messages across standard group chats without being @mentioned. Roadmap ID:100883
  • Microsoft Teams: Insights about people in profile cards now coming to Microsoft Teams – Profile cards in Microsoft Teams will now surface insights and information such as birthdays, career changes, or pending meeting invites.  Roadmap ID:116006
  • Microsoft Teams: Invoke Content Camera on Desktop feature  – Currently, users must turn on sharing from a content camera in Microsoft Teams via the Share tray on the Teams Meeting stage. Moving forward, users will be able to start and stop sharing content directly from a certified Teams device. This feature enables presenters to share a Whiteboard, document, or video more quickly during a meeting.   Roadmap ID:118587
  • Microsoft Teams: Reminder Emails for Webinars – Reminder emails are automatically sent one hour ahead of a webinar to all registered attendees. Roadmap ID:122505
  • Microsoft Teams: RTMP-In for Teams Live Events – Produce your Teams Live Events using an external encoder  and leverage RTMP-in to broadcast to your Teams Live Event Attendees. Roadmap ID:84960
  • Microsoft Teams: Surface Message Actions by Most Recently Used Menu – This feature surfaces most recently used Message Actions into the level one menu for users to access quickly. Roadmap ID:109430


Rollout starts – March 2023

  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Activity feed improvements for centrally published urgent tasks – We’re improving visibility for when a time-sensitive urgent task is published to a team. When an organization publishes a task with a priority set to “Urgent”, each member or owner of the team that receives this task will receive a notification in the Activity feed informing them that an urgent task was published to their team.  Roadmap ID:117573
  • Microsoft Teams: Viva Connections for your Frontline Teams members – Frontline employees with an F license will have an out of box Viva Connections experience tailored to their frontline needs. This experience includes a dashboard with relevant frontline cards such as Tasks, Shifts, Approvals, and Top news.  Roadmap ID:99706

Rollout starts – April 2023

  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Customize and edit emails for webinars – Customize and edit content for webinar emails including registration confirmation, reminder emails, cancellation notices, and more. Roadmap ID:119391
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Button to Join Meeting from Pre-Join Screen – Starting today, users can successfully join and participate in a meeting directly with their Teams Button on their Microsoft Teams certified peripheral. After a user receives a meeting start notification, the user can press the Teams Button to bring up their Meeting Pre-Join Screen. Now, a subsequent press of the Teams Button will allow the user to join the meeting! Roadmap ID:95632
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Button to bring Meeting Stage to foreground during meeting – With this feature, users can bring up the meeting stage to the foreground by pressing their Teams Button during a meeting. This allows users to more quickly return to the meeting stage to review chat discussions or the content being shared, especially if the meeting stage was hidden behind other windows. Note: This feature only applies to devices with dedicated Teams Buttons. If the device has a dual-purpose button (both hookswitch and Teams Button), pressing the button will end the call. Roadmap ID:98496
  • Microsoft Teams: Virtual appointment – a new Teams Meeting type for B2C meetings – Virtual Appointment is a new Teams meeting type tailored for B2C meetings with people outside of your organization. When using the meeting type, guests will get a meeting invitation that includes important appointment details to make joining easy. They can join from any deviceโ€”no need to install Teamsโ€”and experience a comfortable pre-appointment virtual waiting room until you’re ready to begin.  Roadmap ID:100705

Rollout starts – May 2023

  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Blue Jeans Meeting join in Teams Rooms on Windows – Microsoft Teams Rooms customers can join Blue Jeans Meetings from Teams Rooms devices on Windows. See ‘More Info’ for instructions for third-party service interoperability. Roadmap ID:121769
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Attach cloud files in chat and channel from Teams Mobile – Introducing the ability to upload files from OneDrive from Teams Mobile chat and channel. Also, view Recent files and attach most used files upfront from the Recent section. Roadmap ID:98327
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: App suggestions by task in In-context Stores – Users think about which tasks they need to complete such as creating a survey inside Teams. Now, app suggestions will be organized by tasks the apps support as opposed to conventional categories (productivity, project management). As a result, the new categorization will reduce the amount of time users need to spend learning about these apps โ€“ helping them to work more effectively. The task-based app suggestions will be added to the Tabs, Messaging Extension, and Bots in-context Stores. Roadmap ID:122527
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Create offline meetings in Teams – Create a meeting in Teams and turn off the online toggle when setting up calendar events for personal appointments, lunch break slots and more. These offline events will not have chat thread or other Teams online meeting artifacts. Roadmap ID:122483
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams:  Windows 11 support for Teams Rooms on Windows devices – Teams Rooms devices that are eligible for Windows 11, will receive the Windows 11 release. Devices that are not eligible, due to an incompatible processor, will continue on Windows 10 per hardware support policy. Roadmap ID:122148
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Appointment queue in GCC – Empower employees to manage and service scheduled and on-demand appointments in one location with advanced capabilities to track wait times, live status of a meeting and more. Scheduling administrators and staff conducting virtual appointments can monitor incoming requests and process them appropriately. Roadmap ID:122559
  • Microsoft Teams: Change call queue and auto attendant greetings and announcements by authorized users – To adapt to changing environments, Teams users need to make adjustments to their call queue/auto attendant greetings and announcements. This is required more frequently than what the IT helpdesk can typically handle. Introducing user managed CQ/AA greetings for Teams end users. Now, authorized users, as identified by Teams tenant admins, can change greetings and announcements for their respective call queues and auto attendant without leaving Teams. Roadmap ID:116739

Rollout starts – June 2023

  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Two-way lobby chat – Provide a seamless client experience with an interactive lobby that allows facilitators to send messages to customers prior to the meeting. Roadmap ID:122395
  • Microsoft Teams: Mixed grid view in meetings – Mixed grid eases the transition from video on to video off and places everybody in a 16:9 ratio. Users can also change their grid size by choosing one of the predefined options. As the new version of Gallery, this is the default view users will have upon joining meetings. Users can choose to go back to this view through the view switcher as desired. Roadmap ID:118467
  • Microsoft Teams: Front row gallery improvements for Teams Rooms on Windows – Improvements to the front row experience for Teams Rooms on Windows using Microsoft AI to remove individual backgrounds, adjust video participant size, and apply a unified background design so remote participants appear as if they are in the same room. Roadmap ID:95267

Rollout starts – July 2023

  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Ratings and Reviews for apps in Teams store – Customers can now view and provide ratings and review for apps in Teams store. Roadmap ID:122300
  • ๐Ÿ†• Microsoft Teams: Ability for meeting participants to rename themselves – Teams meeting participants will be able to rename themselves in order to have flexible representation in different meetings, regardless of their tenant set display name. Roadmap ID:122934

Rollout starts – October 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Workspace Management – Workspace Management is a new feature within Teams Admin      Center that provides an integrated view of Teams devices and peripherals      based on their location, along with relevant insights. This capability provides      IT admins the ability to manage connected devices, and monitor workspace      health, utilization and conformance to standards at any location.  Roadmap ID:88326
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