Make files available offline in OneDrive mobile

Make files available offline in OneDrive mobile

What happens when files are made offline available?

When you mark files or folders to be offline available in the OneDrive mobile app, it means they are saved locally on the device in a read-only state. They can only be changed when there is an internet connection, any edits made whilst offline will create a new version.

Make files/ folders from SharePoint and Teams available offline

You can make files/ folders from SharePoint and Teams available offline on your device in the same way you can files from your OneDrive. Just press the libraries option to see all the “shared libraries” or SharePoint/ Teams sites you have frequently used or followed.

You can navigate through the sites just like a folder structure.


Shared channels in Microsoft Teams

Shared channels in Microsoft Teams

What are shared channels?

Shared channels have arrived in public preview at the end of March 2022 globally. Microsoft define shared channels as collaboration spaces where you can invite people in who aren’t already part of the team – internally or externally.

I want to use this post as a reference point for all things shared channel related as there is lots of information out there already.


Admin Documentation

End user documentation

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