Hi, I’m Anthony.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m Anthony Tudor and I’ve been working with SharePoint for many years now, making it do a variety of weird and wonderful things!

I’m a SharePoint Developer for the Canal & River Trust, but have experience working in the public, private and third sector.

I got started with SharePoint 2010 on premise, experiencing all iterations of SharePoint through to 2016, designing SharePoint farm architecture planning and resourcing, installation and configuration, out the box/ custom development and end user training.

I’m much more heavily focused on Microsoft 365 these days, acting as more of an evangelist of the Microsoft 365 stack, then building solutions that align to the technology based on business requirements, although I still manage a SharePoint 2010 farm for my sins!

I want to use this website as a place to add little gotchas I’ve found along the way, I hope that these help people who stumble across the same problems I’ve encountered.

Feel free to contact me or add me on LinkedIn and I’ll try to reply asap!