Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 27th March 2023

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Purview. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Use the links below to switch between each product’s roadmap updates:

Microsoft Purview


Microsoft Viva

Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

  • Launched (1)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (18)


  • SharePoint: External File Request in SharePoint Document Library – With the file request feature in SharePoint Document Library, you can choose a folder where others can upload files using a link that you send them. People you request files from can only upload files; they can’t see the content of the folder, edit, delete, or download files, or even see who else has uploaded files. Roadmap ID:103625


  • Microsoft Viva: Designated Viva Goals Admin Center Console – Viva Goals IT Administrator will have an admin page that will enable them to enable/ disable integrations, configure organization permissions and manage organizations by granting admin access. Roadmap ID: 117475


Rollout starts – March 2023

  • SharePoint: Improvements to the Image web part – Improvements to the Image web part include one consolidated toolbar for better navigation, and added capabilities to text overlay, such as text size and styling, text box color and opacity, and image overlay color and transparency. Roadmap ID:117376
  • SharePoint: Improvements to the Page authoring experience – We’re reducing clutter and creating an efficient canvas by moving the “add section” action to be inline and visible on hover, as well as surfacing the layout options in the web part toolbars. Roadmap ID:117377
  • SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Choose fields in modern templates to create document library columns – While publishing modern templates, you can now choose fields that you want to map to document library columns. When documents will get generated, the fields chosen to be library columns will get auto filled by the value entered by the users. Roadmap ID:98126
  • Microsoft Viva: SharePoint content on and Edge New Tab Page Feed show related Viva Topics – Feed items are highlighted with a Topic Pill when they have relevant SharePoint content allowing the user to further contextualize their Feed. Roadmap ID:118063
  • Microsoft Viva: Verified Topic badges – Users can now mark published topics as verified and add a specific group of SMEs as editors to the topic. Verification helps readers identify topics with added reliability. Topics that are verified are identified by a special badge and indicate the content is reviewed for accuracy and are regularly updated by assigned editors. Roadmap ID:118239
  • Microsoft 365 admin center: Send email notifications from your own domain – Notifications that cannot be sent from a user’s email account can now be configured to use your own custom verified domain instead of the Microsoft default domain. Roadmap ID:103628

Rollout starts – April 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Lists: Applied Filters – As you add and adjust filters to narrow or expand what appears in the current list view, you’ll now see which filters have been applied. And you can remove them without going back into the column filter pane. You do this now in the top-left portion of the list. Roadmap ID:117585
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Manage Interests – Curate Interests for your tenant and tag content with interests – Admins can curate interest inventory for their tenant and tag content with the curated interests, enabling learners with personalized experience to pursue learning with these interests. Roadmap ID:107778
  • Microsoft Viva: Employee learning API – learner record sync – Assignments and learner records sync from providers/LMS connected to Viva Learning through the employee learning API. Roadmap ID:100200
  • Microsoft Viva: Goals EU Data Residency – With EU Data Residency support, EU-based customers interested in using Viva Goals can have their data stored in EU Data centers. Currently, EU Data Residency is available for new customers. With this change, for existing Viva Goals EU customers, the data will be migrated to EU Data centers.  Roadmap ID:115479

Rollout starts – May 2023

  • Microsoft Viva: Viva Topics app in Teams – Teams will include an official Viva Topics app, where users can go to quickly access the Topic Center without leaving their Teams environment. It will include new menus for Viva Suite users to navigate between the Viva tools within Teams.   Roadmap ID:118592
  • Microsoft Viva: Topics bot brings you topic information to your Teams chat – We are introducing an exciting new way to interact with Topics. A new Teams bot for Viva Topics to bring important topic related information, activities and more to users on their Teams chat. Roadmap ID:118488
  • Microsoft Viva: Topic level metrics on topic experiences – View the topic level impact, impressions and usage on topic card and page experiences.  Roadmap ID:118491
  • Microsoft Viva: Topic Activities on topic experiences – Viva Topics helps you stay updated on topics of interest by bringing AI and human activities on the topics including topic updates, conversations and more to experiences across Microsoft 365. Roadmap ID:118241
  • Microsoft Viva: Topics in Teams Channels – Earlier this year, we rolled out new Viva Topics integrations with Microsoft Teams. To widen the reach of Topics into the areas team members work, Viva Topics will expand from chats in Teams to channels in Teams, allowing users to mention topics and see topic cards within a given channel.       This addition to the Teams integration will make the Topics experience more intuitive and approachable, allowing you to interact with topics in the spaces you are used to collaborating with team members. Roadmap ID:100254
  • Microsoft Viva: Topics Adoption Metrics Dashboard – Topics will include a new analytics page, where knowledge managers and admins will have access to a set of metrics that details the health of their adoption. Tenants will have health targets to reach to keep them on track for adopting Viva Topics, as well as recommended actions to perform to drive each metric to healthy.  Roadmap ID:100028

Rollout starts – June 2023

  • Microsoft Viva: Trending Topics – Viva Topics brings a new way to discover and learn about important and relevant topics in your organization through the trending topics experiences across M365. Roadmap ID:118489
  • Microsoft Viva: Editors cohort for topics – Knowledge managers can now select and assign a group of SMEs to a topic and invite them to validate and contribute to suggested, confirmed and published topics. Roadmap ID:118490

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