Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 16th January 2023

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (14)
  • Rolling out (12)
  • In development (16)


  • Microsoft Teams: Disable or Enable all Attendees’ Video for DoD – Ability in DoD to disable and enable videos for all attendees before or during a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID:91665
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable or Enable a Single Attendee’s Video for DoD – Ability to disable and enable a single attendee’s video in a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID:91666
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage Attendee Audio Permissions for DoD – Meeting organizers and presenters can now manage the audio capabilities of meeting attendees. Before the meeting, organizers can enable or disable the ability for attendees to use their mic (i.e.¬†share audio), and during the meeting both the organizer and meeting presenters can modify attendee speaking capabilities.¬†¬† Roadmap ID:105013
  • Whiteboard: Attribution for sticky notes – Participants in Teams and on Web can see who added sticky notes to the board. Roadmap ID:66765
  • Microsoft Teams: View attendance report on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS for Government clouds – You can now check the attendance information for regular meetings or webinars and also the registration information before webinars on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS. Roadmap ID:102387
  • Microsoft Teams: Language Interpretation for GCC-High and DoD¬† – Language interpretation will allow language interpreters to translate what the speaker says into another language in real time without disrupting the original flow of delivery of the speaker. This will allow more inclusive meetings, where participants who may not speak the same language can fully collaborate with each other. Roadmap ID:102411
  • Microsoft Teams: User request configuration to external systems (URL redirect) – Customize the instructions users receive when they request apps and configure the external systems where requests should be placed. Roadmap ID:89288
  • Microsoft Teams: Usability improvements to informational messages in meetings for Android – Notification drawer for in-meeting informational¬†¬† messages, so users can preview, collapse and clear all notifications with one¬†tap. Roadmap ID:86958
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams device store in Teams admin center – Teams device store provides direct procurement through Teams admin center, where admins can discover, purchase and provision Teams certified devices. The functionality will be available in US and Canada. This will be extended to more customers in the future. Roadmap ID:91090
  • Microsoft Teams: Career Coach – edX learning content – Career Coach will now feature edX content, an online course provider, within the learning experience.¬†¬† Roadmap ID:89918
  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic Emergency Calling for Work from Home for Teams VDI on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 – This feature enables users on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to make an emergency call while working from home. It will allow users to validate (and if necessary, edit) the address that will be communicated to emergency responders.¬† Roadmap ID:83555
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams admin center – Sensitivity label support in Government clouds – Teams administrators can leverage existing sensitivity labels and assign them when creating new teams. Sensitivity labels assigned to teams help provide stricter security and compliance controls.¬† Roadmap ID:87968
  • Microsoft Teams: AAD conditional access support for Teams rooms on Windows – Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows now support Azure Active directory conditional access support. Admins can configure Teams rooms device’s access to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange online services based on device compliance status. In addition, to make it simpler for our customers, Azure Active Directory Premium 1 license is added to the Room System Standard and Room System Premium and variations of these SKUs for education, government customers. Roadmap ID:89068
  • Microsoft Teams: Universal Actions and Refresh Support for User Sent Cards – Adaptive Cards v2 (ACv2) now known as Universal Actions for Adaptive Cards brings the bot as the common backend for handling actions and introduces a new action type, Action.Execute, which works across apps, such as Teams and Outlook. This lights up the following new capabilities on Teams:Universal ActionsUser Specific ViewsSequential Workflow supportUp to date views. Roadmap ID:86746


  • Microsoft Teams: Paging on Video Gallery – When you are in gallery view, and there are more videos than what can be shown at once on the meeting stage (the maximum number can vary depending on your device configuration and internet bandwidth), navigation controls and will appear below the Video Gallery to see additional videos of the attendees. You can use these controls to view more video participants. Roadmap ID:86480
  • Microsoft Teams: View video recordings and attendance reports inside LMS – Teachers and students will be able to access video recordings and attendance reports inside their LMS itself. Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI app has enabled availability of these artifacts inside LMS. The feature will be available to use in all the LMSs incorporating Teams Meeting LTI app. Roadmap ID:96402
  • Microsoft Teams: Edit and Delete events support for messages in user: Bot chats – Currently, message events can be accessed by developers. This feature allows developers to access, edit or delete event updates on messages in user:bot chats. Roadmap ID:102620
  • Microsoft Teams: Federated group calling – Easily start a group Teams call with federated colleagues outside¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† your organization, including video and screensharing, all over an internet¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† connection without any PSTN usage charges.¬† Roadmap ID:103042
  • Microsoft Teams: Automatically view up to 49 videos (7×7) in Teams meeting for GCC-High and DoD – Microsoft Teams Meetings currently supports a maximum of 9 videos (3×3) on the screen by default (i.e., Gallery view). For seeing more than 9 videos, user needs to manually select the Large Gallery view. With this update, users will be able to automatically see up to 49 videos (7×7) on their screen by default without an explicit action. The actual number of videos seen by a user will depend on hardware/device capabilities. Roadmap ID:103612
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Co-organizer to manage Breakout Rooms – Co-organizers can create, manage and move between Breakout Rooms like meeting Organizers. Roadmap ID:105014
  • Microsoft Teams: Express yourself in Teams meeting for DoD – In addition to virtually raising your hand in a Teams meeting, you can express yourself using emojis that will appear to all participants to help make Teams meetings more inclusive, engaging, and fun. Roadmap ID:83251
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting chat on Gallery, Large gallery, and Together mode for Teams Rooms on Windows – Always know the context by brining chat pane on front of room display on Teams Rooms (Windows). Room users can use a touch console in the room to show/ hide chat on front of room display alongside meeting participants and/or content. Ability to show/ hide chat is available through view switcher. IT admins can configure to hide a meeting chat for a room if needed. Roadmap ID:98423
  • Microsoft Teams: Notification Granularity – Admins can use Intune to determine the types of content a user can see in a notification on their mobile lock screen. Roadmap ID:102651
  • Microsoft Teams: In-meeting notification improvement for Teams Rooms on Windows – This update delivers improvements to in-meeting notifications on Teams Rooms on Windows and aligns them with Desktop’s framework. All critical notifications that require a user action will be shown on console.¬† Roadmap ID:103659
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams calendar now includes scheduling form pop-outs for GCC-High and DoD – Currently, it is not possible to work on a file, chat, look into activity while managing time on teams’ calendar. The reason for this is all these are in different apps located in the left app tray. Users have to switch back and forth between these apps to multi-task in calendar and there are times the data/context gets lost while switching between these apps.¬† We have heard this feedback and as a first step towards solving this, scheduling form can now be popped out as a separate window. This scheduling form new window can be seen while creating a new meeting An existing meeting can also be now popped out by clicking on the icon on scheduling form.¬†¬† Our tech wizards have also made some improvements to calendar in this version which makes it faster to load now. In our next versions, we also plan to pop out the complete calendar app as a new window. Roadmap ID:99198
  • Microsoft Teams: Usability improvements to informational messages in meetings for iOS – Notification drawer for in-meeting informational¬†¬† messages, so users can preview, collapse and clear all notifications with one¬†¬† tap.¬†Roadmap ID:86957


Release – January 2023

  • ūüÜē Microsoft Viva: Elevated Teams Integration – Fully featured Viva Goals app in Team, complete with check-ins within the app. Roadmap ID:106126
  • Microsoft Teams: Room Remote on Desktop – The Room Remote feature users to control a nearby shared meeting room device from their Windows desktop/PC companion device via the Teams client. This feature first launched on mobile devices and will now be available on Windows PC form factors when joined to the meeting as a companion device.¬† Roadmap ID:95482
  • Microsoft Teams: RTMP-In for Teams Live Events – Produce your Teams Live Events using an external encoder¬† and leverage RTMP-in to broadcast to your Teams Live Event Attendees. Roadmap ID:84960

Release – February 2023

  • ūüÜē Microsoft Teams: New Class & Lecture Meeting Templates – Class and Lecture Meeting Templates help Educators easily set-up highly secure meetings for their classes and lectures! Roadmap ID:109578
  • ūüÜē Microsoft Teams: Targeted In-meeting notification – Send in-meeting notifications to specific people in a meeting via a bot.¬† Roadmap ID:101918
  • Microsoft Teams: Enabling new call controls with Survivable Branch Appliance – In the event of a network outage, users will now have access to new call controls with Survivable Branch Appliance. Users will now be able to use contact search, dial by name, and initiate a call from their call history. When connected to the same SBA and network, VoIP calls to peers will be routed through PSTN if the call recipient has an associated phone number.¬†¬† Roadmap ID:111421
  • Microsoft Teams: Enhanced flyout design for app engagement and discovery –¬†Enhanced visual layout helps you quickly launch apps that you¬†¬† have as well as discover new ones to help you complete your day-to-day tasks¬†¬† in Teams.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Roadmap ID:110710
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Tabs for anonymous users in meetings – Developers now have the ability to show tab experiences for anonymous users in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID:97888
  • Microsoft Teams: View switcher improvement for Teams Rooms on Windows – Teams Rooms on Windows’ view switcher now has an updated interface where you can easily control views in a meeting. Customize your view such as turning on and off meeting chat or choosing what to see on the front row’s left and right panels. IT admins can configure default number of panels and default component on panel(s). Roadmap ID:98422
  • Microsoft Teams: Magnify slide in PowerPoint Live – Allow meeting attendees to privately magnify the slide and allow presenters to magnify the slide for all meeting attendees. Roadmap ID:96758

Release – March 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Viva Connections for your Frontline Teams members – Frontline employees with an F license will have an out of box Viva Connections experience tailored to their frontline needs. This experience includes a dashboard with relevant frontline cards such as Tasks, Shifts, Approvals, and Top news.¬† Roadmap ID:99706
  • Microsoft Teams: Expanding up to 10,000 users in Distribution Lists for lobby policy in Teams meeting – Currently, if you change your lobby policy in a Teams Meeting to “Invited Users Only” and invite a Distribution List (DL), only the first 1,000 users of that DL will be recognized and let through the lobby. All other users a part of the DL will not be recognized and will be placed in the lobby. With this update, up to 10,000 users of that given DL will be recognized and let through the lobby if the lobby policy is set to “Invited Users Only.” Roadmap ID:93585

Release – April 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie Transmission Usage Report – Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay on the same page. Through this new capability, customers can download Walkie Talkie Usage and Transmission Quality related data to build insights for understanding product usage in stores and making investment decisions. Roadmap ID:96972

Release – May 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment for GCC-High – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID:85436

Release – June 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Join a meeting by digital code for GCC-High and DoD – User can join a meeting by entering a digital code. Roadmap ID:94620
  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment for DoD – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID:85437
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