Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 21 December 2020

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  • Launched (4)
  • Rolling out (3)
  • In development (25)


  • Microsoft Teams: End-of-meeting notifications – Microsoft Teams will automatically issue a 5-minute warning when the meeting is nearing a close – it will be triggered for all scheduled private, and channel meetings. Roadmap ID: 67122
  • Microsoft Teams: Linux Client available in GCC-High – The Microsoft Teams Linux client will now be available in GCC-High. Roadmap ID: 68866
  • Microsoft Teams: Enhanced meeting experiences on Teams phones – We are bringing 3×3 gallery layout, background blur for video, and spotlight features to Teams phones. Roadmap ID: 68943
  • Microsoft Teams: Proximity Join for Teams conference phones – Touchless meeting join will be supported with the new capability to add Teams conference phones from Teams desktop or mobile clients. Roadmap ID: 68945


  • Tagging by Shifts – This new feature automatically assigns users with tags matching their schedule and shift group name from the Shifts app in Teams. Roadmap ID: 64972
  • Microsoft Teams: Add document libraries, pages or news to a channel in Teams via the new SharePoint tab – Team members can now use the SharePoint tab experience to pin any page, news, list or document library as a separate tab in their Teams channel. Roadmap ID: 68860
  • Microsoft Teams: GCC support for devices management in Teams Admin Centre – Now, customers who have tenants in the GCC environment can also manage their Teams devices from the Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 70660


Release – December 2020

  • Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Government users can now configure and customize their notification settings through a newly designed notification settings section. Roadmap ID: 65638

Release – January 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Add a shared calendar to a Teams channel – Create and share a channel specific calendar for members to view events. Teams automatically creates a new post, which will appear in the activity feed, when a channel meeting is created. Any user who has notifications turned off will see the event only when they open the channel calendar. Roadmap ID: 68911
  • Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: Off Shift Access Control V1 – Off shift access  is a new setting that can be enabled by IT administrators to provide a notification to Firstline Workers when they access the Teams app on their personal device outside payable hours. Roadmap ID: 61180
  • Multiple Number Dialling – Teams now supports dialling additional numbers for a given user. Roadmap ID: 66194
  • Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetings – With new enhancements, we’ll allow you to download the report after the meeting within the Meeting Chat. We’ve also added new data into the report that allows you to better manage your attendance. Roadmap ID: 66459
  • Microsoft Teams: New Calling Experiences – Simplify the calling experience with a streamlined view that shows contacts, voicemail and calling history together, making it easier to initiate or return a call with a single click. Roadmap ID: 68771
  • Microsoft Teams: Together mode for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Together mode uses AI segmentation technology in meetings to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else. Roadmap ID: 6884766716
  • Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences for GCC-High and DoD – Multi-window experiences are coming to Teams meetings and calling. Roadmap ID: 68892

Release – February 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Add a shared calendar to a Teams channel for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Create and share a channel specific calendar for members to view events. Teams automatically creates a new post, which will appear in the activity feed, when a channel meeting is created. Any user who has notifications turned off will see the event only when they open the channel calendar. Roadmap ID: 68910
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Block Downloads for Teams meeting recordings on OneDrive and SharePoint – All users with view-only permissions of a Teams meeting recording uploaded to OneDrive & SharePoint will now be blocked from downloading the recording by default. Roadmap ID: 70543
  • Microsoft Teams: Center of Room Meeting Console support on collaboration bar – Console that is used to control the meeting experience on the device. Roadmap ID: 66352
  • Microsoft Teams: Personal mode on collaboration bar – Device UX optimized for use in a personal space scenario (e.g. home office), using personal credentials. Roadmap ID: 66358
  • Overflow meetings – When attendees exceed the meeting attendee limit, the meeting will scale to accommodate up to 20,000 in an experience where they can watch. Roadmap ID: 65952
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Recap – Coming this year, a recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more will be shared with participants in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting. Roadmap ID: 68729
  • Microsoft Teams: New Lobby Setting: Only Invited Users join directly – A new option; “People I Invite” is coming to the “Who can bypass lobby?” setting. Once enabled, only the participants invited by the organizer in meeting invite will be able to join the meeting directly. Roadmap ID: 68730
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams casting for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – For quick ad-hoc sessions that don’t necessarily require setting up a formal meeting, people can use Teams casting to wirelessly connect to a Teams Room running on Android, and display content from their mobile phone. Roadmap ID: 68743

Release – March 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Simplified way to manage your channel notification settings for GCC – Users can turn on all activity on or off with a single click or diving deep into custom to set their preferred permutations. Roadmap ID: 77796
  • Microsoft Teams: Wired HDMI support on collaboration bar – Allows users to project a mirror image of their PC to a screen supported by a Teams device, through a HDMI cable. Roadmap ID: 66357
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting attendee engagement dashboard – Measure attendee engagement through participation, including registration, attendance and interactions during the meeting. This data is also available for download. Roadmap ID: 66585
  • Dynamic view – Dynamic view user AI in meetings to dynamically optimize shared content and video participants. Roadmap ID: 65943
  • Large meeting support – Hold interactive meetings with more attendees—up to 1,000. Roadmap ID: 65951
  • Microsoft Teams: Room Remote Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Control in-room meeting devices using a new experience on the Teams mobile app. Controls include: turn mic on/off, turn camera on/off, adjust audio, leave the meeting. Roadmap ID: 68744

Release – June 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Private Channels in Office 365 for GCC-High – Limit which team members can see the conversation and content within a particular channel. Roadmap ID: 67199
  • Microsoft Teams: Better together for calls on Teams phones – With this capability, users will be able to use the better together feature on P2P calls and group calls. Roadmap ID: 68946

Release – July 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Real time data for Live Events in Teams Admin Center (Preview) – Real-time data for live events for troubleshooting and immediate remediation. Roadmap ID: 68758


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