Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 21 December 2020

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Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (0)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (2)




  • Microsoft Information Protection: UI for configuring Exact Data Match – Admins will be able to configure and edit Exact Data Match (EDM) from within the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, providing an alternative to configuring EDM from PowerShell. Roadmap ID: 67100


Release – December 2020

  • Microsoft Compliance center: Advanced eDiscovery – Collect and review encrypted content stored in SharePoint and or OneDrive for Business – Now eDiscovery managers will be able to collect and review content that has been encrypted with Microsoft encryption technologies and stored in SharePoint or OneDrive from the Advanced eDiscovery solution. Roadmap ID: 68705

Release – January 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Upgraded data classification confidence levels – Microsoft are upgrading the confidence levels (match accuracy) from a numerical scale of 1 to 100 to three distinct levels: high, medium, and low. Each level reflects how much supporting evidence is detected along with primary element. Roadmap ID: 68915
  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Copy and edit built-in info types and other improvements – You can now copy built-in sensitive info types and edit the copied versions to fine-tune them to for your organization. Other highlights include the ability to use validators (like a Luhn check) for regular expressions and additional checks to help refine detection, including options for excluding text, defining starting and ending characters, and more. Roadmap ID: 68916
  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Auditing and Analytics in Office apps – Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) will now send user label activity data to the Audit Log and Activity Explorer for admins to search and review. Roadmap ID: 70542

Release – February 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Coauthoring in MIP labeled protected files (Preview) – Multiple authors can edit labeled and protected documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint simultaneously, frictionlessly, and with auto-save, as if they were regular documents. Roadmap ID: 68913
  • 🆕 Microsoft compliance center: Advanced eDiscovery Search tab is evolving to Collections tab – Now eDiscovery managers will see Collections in the top navigation of the Advanced eDiscovery solution in place of Search. Collections will provide an enhanced experience for collecting content for the case, including generating preview estimates and options for quickly collecting content directly into a new or existing review set. Roadmap ID: 68914
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Translate content during investigation – Leverage Microsoft translator in Communication Compliance to automatically translate messages that are not in the investigator’s preferred language. Roadmap ID: 68130
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Burnout and suicide detection – Deliver new machine learning models for Communication Compliance to detect both burnout and suicidal thoughts. Roadmap ID: 68131
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Policy health check and ability to pause policy – Provide guidance during Communication Compliance policy creation on the settings used and the potential volume of items that will be captured. Roadmap ID: 68687
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Data classification analytics – Data classification capabilities in Microsoft 365 compliance center help you get a holistic understanding of the sensitive data in your digital estate and related user activities. Roadmap ID: 68709
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Teams location picker supports security groups and distribution lists – Data loss prevention (DLP) for Microsoft Teams will now support security groups and distribution lists as part of the Teams location picker, enabling more granular control of DLP policy scope (i.e. to include/exclude particular departments, business units, geo-specific security groups, etc.). Roadmap ID: 68874

Release – March 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Data classification analytics for GCC-High and DoD – Data classification capabilities in Microsoft 365 compliance center help you get a holistic understanding of the sensitive data in your digital estate and related user activities. Roadmap ID: 70666


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