Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 21 September 2020

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  • Android on-demand chat translation – With a simple click, people who speak different languages can fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat. Roadmap ID: 63226
  • Spotlight an individual video participant for all attendees in a Teams meeting – Microsoft are delivering the ability for presenters to lock on an individual video feed for all attendees to see during a Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 67090
  • Microsoft Teams: New meeting lobby configuration setting available for PowerShell and Teams Admin Center – A new lobby type option is coming to PowerShell and Teams Admin Center that allows tenant administrators to assign a user-level policy to send everybody but the Teams meeting organizer into the meeting lobby. Roadmap ID: 66463


Release – September 2020

  • Microsoft Teams: PowerPoint File Sharing in GCC-High and DOD – PowerPoint File Sharing allows you to share a PowerPoint file within a Teams Meeting without having to use Desktop or Window sharing. Roadmap ID: 68926
  • 👀 Microsoft Teams: Organizational branding for line of business app catalog – IT Admins will be able to customize their Teams line-of-business (custom) app catalog using their organization’s branding. This will enhance the user experience (UX) for end users and increase organic discovery and use of an organization’s line-of-business (custom) apps. Roadmap ID: 67111

Release – October 2020

  • Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: Off Shift Access Control V1 – Off shift access  is a new setting that can be enabled by IT administrators to provide a notification to Firstline Workers when they access the Teams app on their personal device outside payable hours. Roadmap ID: 61180
  • Windows native notifications in Teams – Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via Windows 10 native notifications. Roadmap ID: 66742
  • MacOS native notifications in Teams – Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via macOS native notifications. Roadmap ID: 66743
  • Turn off text previews for chat notifications – Users can get more privacy by changing their settings to turn off message previews in chat notifications. Roadmap ID: 66744
  • Microsoft Teams: Templates for creation of a new Team – With Templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team. IT professionals can also create new custom templates for their organization, allowing them to standardize team structures, surface relevant apps, and scale best practices. Roadmap ID: 67110

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