Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 21 September 2020

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Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (11)


  • AIP scanner for on-premises available for DoD – Azure Information Protection: Azure Information Protection Scanner helps you manage and protect your on-premises data. The scanner can be configured to periodically scan your on premises repositories such as File Servers and on-premises SharePoint servers to discover, label and protect sensitive data based on company policies. Roadmap ID: 66156
  • AIP Unified Labeling client for Windows available for Government clouds (DoD) – The Azure Information Protection unified labeling client for Windows is a downloadable client for organizations that use sensitivity labels to classify and protect documents and emails. This client also has a viewer for organizations that don’t have their own information protection infrastructure but want to consume content that has been protected by other organizations that use a Rights Management service from Microsoft. Roadmap ID: 66158


  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Extended capabilities in Threat Explorer – Microsoft will be extending Top Targeted Users to Phish and All Email. You’ll also have the ability to export the list of Top Targeted Users across each view for offline analysis. We’ll also be surfacing the list of Transport Rules (both names and GUIDs), and the Inbound exchange Connectors that were applied to an email. Roadmap ID: 66468


Release – October 2020

  • Insider Risk Management solution available for Government clouds – Several Insider Risk Management features will be rolling out to Government clouds in the coming months. Roadmap ID: 64187
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Conflict of interest template – Introducing a new policy template for Communication Compliance that will monitor communications between two groups of users which can be used for collusion or conflict of interest detection. Roadmap ID: 68132
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Ability to ignore email signature or disclaimer – Provide the ability within Communication Compliance to define text that should be ignored during policy evaluation to avoid false positives. Roadmap ID: 68133
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match will support data configuration – Exact Data Match will support data configuration, allowing text case and character delimiters to optionally be ignored, helping reduce the need for manually defining minor variations in the hashed and uploaded data being protected. Roadmap ID: 65880
  • 👀 Microsoft Information Protection: UI for configuring Exact Data Match – Admins will be able to configure and edit Exact Data Match (EDM) from within the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, providing an alternative to configuring EDM from PowerShell. Roadmap ID: 67100
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in SPO, EXO, OneDrive for gov clouds – Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online will soon be available in GCC, GCC-High and, DoD environments. Roadmap ID: 67125

Release November 2020

  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Insider risk management hand-off – Introducing a new remediation action in Communication Compliance that will enable a user to be added to an existing Insider risk management policy for further evaluation. Roadmap ID: 68686
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Policy health check and ability to pause policy – Provide guidance during Communication Compliance policy creation on the settings used and the potential volume of items that will be captured. Roadmap ID: 68687
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Ability to set a retention period for a Communication Compliance policy – Introducing the ability to define how long content captured by a Communication Compliance policy is retained. Roadmap ID: 68688
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Translate content during investigation – Leverage Microsoft translator in Communication Compliance to automatically translate messages that are not in the investigator’s preferred language. Roadmap ID: 68130

Release – December 2020

  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Burnout and suicide detection – Deliver new machine learning models for Communication Compliance to detect both burnout and suicidal thoughts. Roadmap ID: 68131

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