Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 15 June 2020

Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup

Here’s all the new and changed roadmap items from the past week:



  • Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match supported for SharePoint Online – Organizations will be able to use EDM (Exact Data Match) to better protect content on SharePoint online. Roadmap ID: 64558
  • Navigation update for narrow screens – In SharePoint and OneDrive, the location of the hamburger navigation menu is being moved to the header area for your site and command bar for files instead of in the suite bar. Roadmap ID: 62448


  • Acronyms answers with Microsoft Search – Organizations don’t always have a single reference for their standard terminology. Lack of a single reference makes it hard to find definitions or expansions for these acronyms. Microsoft Search solves that problem with Acronyms. Roadmap ID: 64865
  • Audience targeting in site navigation – Filter items within the navigation menu based on people and groups. This applies to communication sites and hub sites. Roadmap ID: 34251
  • Shy header – Modern SharePoint site and hub site header states will collapse upon scroll. Roadmap ID: 62754


Release – June 2020

  • Enable modern communication site experience on classic sites – Using PowerShell, admins can now enable the modern communication site experience on any classic team site, including the root site. Roadmap ID: 46338
  • Microsoft Lists: visual updates for Quick Edit – In Quick Edit, you’ll see new grid lines, an improved on-hover experience, themed color bars on the side of list items, a “Create New Item” button and updated column header drop-downs. Roadmap ID: 64871
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: Sticky column in Quick Edit – As users scroll horizontally across a list in Quick Edit mode, the far-left column remains in place – improving context while viewing and editing. Roadmap ID: 64866
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: Fixed row height in Quick Edit – When in Quick Edit, you will see a new layout option “Fixed Height” within the view drop-down menu. Roadmap ID: 64867
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: updated Quick Edit row selection – When in Quick Edit, people will see an updated way for selecting single or multiple items in a list or files in a library. Roadmap ID: 64868
  • Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites – Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites brings the Microsoft Search experience to classic SharePoint sites and moves the search box to the application header in Office 365. Roadmap ID: 57131

Release – July 2020

  • SharePoint lists and libraries: Save a view in Quick Edit – People can save their view in Quick Edit for any list or document lib in SharePoint for Microsoft 365. Roadmap ID: 64229
  • Fluent design coherence updates for SharePoint – Fluent will be applied to modern SharePoint which will result in some visual changes i.e. larger/ bolder typefaces, opacity etc. Roadmap ID: 63777

Release – August 2020

  • SharePoint lists and libraries: Improved Image columns – Upload a new image – including mobile camera support. You can add a new Image column to lists and libraries. Roadmap ID: 64872
  • SharePoint Online search query volume limits when using app-only authentication – When this change is implemented, queries using the Site.Read.All permissions level or greater will be throttled at 25 QPS. The search query will return with a 429 response and you can simply retry the query. Roadmap ID: 64963

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