Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 6th March 2023

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Purview. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Use the links below to switch between each product’s roadmap updates:

Microsoft Purview


Microsoft Viva

Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

  • Launched (1)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (6)


  • SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: Calendar view – week layout – When you create a new view for your list, you can now choose between month view or the new week view to visualize your list information in a way that works best for you. And you can create multiple calendar views – using both month and week – you choose. Once in the calendar view, it’s easy to drag-n-drop items to reschedule them (adjusting their date on the list itself). Roadmap ID:100504


  • SharePoint: Export Microsoft Lists as a dataset for Power BI Data Hub – Today, you can visualize a list as a report in Power BI, from within the list itself. Soon, it will be possible to export a dataset from Microsoft Lists for use in Power BI Data Hub. Once your list is in Power BI Data Hub, you can take advantage of its rich data visualization features to create powerful, custom reports based on your list data. Roadmap ID:117379


Release – March 2023

  • 🆕 SharePoint: New SharePoint site templates – We are introducing 3 new SharePoint site templates dedicated to helping you create sites for your portal home site, to provide guidance and assets for your brand, and a template powered by Microsoft Syntex for your Accounts payable team. Roadmap ID: 117554
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Designated Viva Goals Admin Center Console – Viva Goals IT Administrator will have an admin page that will enable them to enable/ disable integrations, configure organization permissions and manage organizations by granting admin access. Roadmap ID: 117475

Release – April 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Enhanced Viva Goals Azure DevOps data integration – This enhanced version of the Viva Goals ADO data integration enables users to directly link work items to projects and Key Results and eliminates the dependency on shared queries. Roadmap ID: 117473
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Send Praise from your Viva Connections Dashboard – Site owners/authors can add the Praise card from Microsoft Insights on the Viva Connections dashboard, allowing employees to send out praises to their colleagues. Roadmap ID: 117378
  • SharePoint: Improvements to custom site template experience – We are updating the experience for when you apply a custom site template, also known as a third -party site template, from your organization. With these updates, you will have more insight into the status updates and site script details for the template as you are applying it to your site. Roadmap ID:117495
  • Microsoft Lists: Commenting (iOS) – Bringing web commenting experience to Lists iOS mobile app. Add/delete a comment on list items to collaborate and share better. Roadmap ID: 70705

Release – June 2023

Release – September 2023

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