Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 25th July 2022

Use the links below to switch between each product’s roadmap updates:

Microsoft Information Protection


  • Launched (6)
  • Rolling out (6)
  • In development (11)


  • Microsoft Teams: Admins can pin message extensions for GCC – Admins can manage the pin order of messaging extensions in the compose experience. Roadmap ID:96074
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Chat Bubbles on Android – When Chat bubbles is enabled, chat messages will surface on the mobile screen where you can preview the most recent two messages. Roadmap ID:89813
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Chat Bubbles on iOS – When Chat bubbles is enabled, chat messages will surface on the mobile screen where you can preview the most recent two messages. Roadmap ID:89817
  • Microsoft Teams: Exchange Contacts available in Calling pickers – Exchange contacts with associated phone numbers will be available as part of the drop down selection in all Calling people pickers, such as the Dialer or call transfer, for customers that have PSTN enabled.  Roadmap ID:93050
  • Microsoft Teams: Video filters – Both, before joining and during a meeting, you can use filters to subtly adjust lighting levels and smooth out facial features to customize your appearance. Roadmap ID:65944
  • Microsoft Teams: New default settings when opening Office files For Government clouds – Users can set a default of browser, desktop or Teams when opening Office files (Word, Excel, and Power Point) that are shared in Teams.  The desktop setting can be selected, if the user has Office version 16 or newer installed and activated.  Roadmap ID:92946


  • Microsoft Teams: App Based Link Unfurling supported in ‘Share to Microsoft Teams’ – ‘App Based Link Unfurling’ will work exactly in ‘Share to Teams’ as it works today in normal Teams messaging.   Roadmap ID:91118
  • Microsoft Teams: Education Insights – Student Support Card – New AI-based Student Support spotlight in Education Insights helps educators better support students before they fall behind.  Roadmap ID:93388
  • Microsoft Teams: Delete Call History – This feature will allow call history users to hide call history records from their call history view.  Roadmap ID:94200
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Q&A  – Question & Answer for Teams webinars & meetings. By enabling Q&A to any Teams Webinars or Meetings through Meeting Options, Meeting Organizers will be able to create either moderated or unmoderated Q&A experience.  Roadmap ID:97020
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborative Annotation on presenter shared screen – Presenters are able to start collaborative annotation for all participants or just the presenter to annotate on shared screen content. Roadmap ID:86732
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat with self – Users can send themselves notes, messages, files and images/videos; helping them stay organized. Roadmap ID:88066


Release – July 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Camera On/Off feature – Beginning July 2022, any certified Teams Peripherals supporting the Camera On/Off feature will allow a user to more efficiently turn on or off their Video during a call or meeting. Instead of fumbling with your mouse or keypad to bring up the Meeting Stage and then press the Video icon, a simple click of a button will allow the user to quickly control their video state. Roadmap ID:95738
  • Microsoft Teams: Developers can now opt-in and opt-out of Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels – Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels require special handling to retrieve context. Developers now have the flexibility to opt-in and opt-out of Microsoft Teams Connect shared and private channels to account for this. Roadmap ID:93978

Release – August 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Collaborate in Teams with Excel Live (Preview) – Collaborate easily in Teams with our new Excel Live feature. You can easily collaborate with all meeting participants on your Excel worksheet during the meeting. Select the file you want to share, grant permissions to meeting participants, and enable all meeting participants to edit the document right from the meeting window. Roadmap ID:96099
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: A new app called Microsoft Viva Engage – Viva Engage gives leaders a new way to shape culture at their organizations by unlocking communication and engagement opportunities for everyone. Built on the foundation of Yammer, Viva Engage brings people together across the organization to connect with leaders and coworkers, find answers to questions, share their unique story, and find belonging at work. Roadmap ID:93409
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Meeting category insights coming to the Viva Insights app in Teams – Meeting category insights can help you align time spent in meetings with your goals by giving you visibility into the categories of meetings where you spend your time. Roadmap ID:93410
  • Microsoft Teams: ISV App Subscriptions instead of 3P app subscriptions. – Ability for Teams users to view and manage in single place all third-party app subscriptions they’ve purchased in the Teams app store, without leaving the Teams client. Easily adding more licenses for the purchased subscriptions, cancel, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and access invoices. Roadmap ID:92484

Release – September 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Expanding up to 10,000 users in Distribution Lists for lobby policy in Teams meeting – Currently, if you change your lobby policy in a Teams Meeting to “Invited Users Only” and invite a Distribution List (DL), only the first 1,000 users of that DL will be recognized and let through the lobby. All other users a part of the DL will not be recognized and will be placed in the lobby. With this update, up to 10,000 users of that given DL will be recognized and let through the lobby if the lobby policy is set to “Invited Users Only.” Roadmap ID:93585
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams chat embedded within Dynamics 365 – Microsoft Teams chat can be accessed directly from Dynamics 365 allowing users to continue existing chats or create new individual or group chats.  Roadmap ID:89100
  • Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream: Yammer Encoded Events powered by Microsoft Teams – Today in Yammer the video stream and production in a Live Event is powered by Stream. With this feature, all Live Events (production and the video stream itself, within Yammer) will be powered by Microsoft Teams. Roadmap ID:82054

Release – October 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Sensitivity labels for Teams templates – Sensitivity labels will be supported when creating teams with templates. Roadmap ID:94036

Release – November 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Virtual Appointment Graph API – The Virtual Appointment Graph API allows developers to create and manage Microsoft hosted Teams Virtual Appointments from any application. Virtual Appointments are designed for business to consumer workflows. Roadmap ID:94647

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