Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 11th April 2022

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Information Protection and Compliance. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (3)
  • In development (7)


  • SharePoint: Enable Content types from modern library views – If you have SharePoint site collection administrator access, you can enable management of content types directly in your library from modern SharePoint and Syntex libraries and lists. Roadmap ID: 88948
  • OneDrive and SharePoint: Improved Move or Copy user experience – We’re refreshing the Move/Copy user experience in OneDrive and SharePoint to make it easier for you to choose where to move or copy your files and folders. Feature ID:85567


  • Microsoft Viva: Shared focus plan in Viva Insights – The shared focus plan enables managers and team leads to foster mutual productivity norms and drive a positive team culture by inviting teams to book focus time for uninterrupted work. Roadmap ID:88839
  • SharePoint Syntex: Advanced search with custom columns – With this release, end users will be able to add site columns and other queryable columns from the current document library view into the advanced search flyout by clicking “more options”. Managed Metadata fields are not yet supported. Roadmap ID: 88961
  • Microsoft Viva: Viva Connections Multilingual Dashboard – You can create a Viva Connections Dashboard that can be viewed in multiple languages. Roadmap ID:88980


Release – April 2022

  • 🆕 OneDrive and SharePoint: Access your Teams standard and private channel files – When you navigate to a site in SharePoint or OneDrive, you’ll be able to access the files stored in the Teams standard and private channels associated with that site. Roadmap ID: 88911
  • 🆕 SharePoint Syntex: Add extracted entities to open term set if no match found – Provides option to add entities extracted using a document understanding model to an open term set if no match to an existing term (or synonym) is found. Roadmap ID: 93230
  • SharePoint Syntex: Refinement rules for document understanding extractor models – New refinement option to edit model extracted values before saving to the library column. Roadmap ID:88952

Release – June 2022

  • 🆕 SharePoint: Updated site logo management – With this update, we’re simplifying where you go to manage the site logo by centralizing it in the Change the Look header experience. Roadmap ID: 93231
  • Microsoft Compliance Center: Expanded support to search and export items in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Recycle Bin in Advanced eDiscovery – Traditionally, when a site is on hold, the files in the Recycle Bin would be stored in the Preservation Hold library.  In cases when a site is not on hold, there is no way to search or export items in the Recycle Bin.  The eDiscovery and SharePoint Online teams are making architectural changes that will make the Recycle Bin (both first-stage and second-stage Recycle Bins) in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business searchable and exportable by eDiscovery Managers.  That means organizations can search and export items in the Recycle Bin regardless of whether a site is on hold or not. Roadmap ID:67092
  • Microsoft Lists: Commenting (iOS) – Bringing web commenting experience to Lists iOS mobile app. Add/delete a comment on list items to collaborate and share better. Roadmap ID: 70705
  • Microsoft Viva: New Settings page to configure all personal insights and experiences – The Config Settings page in the MyAnalytics dashboard allows users to customize working hours, set up focus plan, set quiet hours, set up delay delivery, and, when applicable, configure their team. We are introducing a new universal Settings page in the MyAnalytics web dashboard that will include settings for the daily Briefing email in addition to the existing controls. Access to select settings will be extended to all users that have licenses with the Exchange Online service plan. Roadmap ID: 88994

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