Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 13th December 2021

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  • Launched (3)
  • Rolling out (7)
  • In development (17)


  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room Presenter support for GCC-High – Extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters. Feature ID:85325
  • Microsoft Teams: Up to 25K members per team in GCCH – You can now add up to 25,000 members per team in GCCH. Roadmap ID: 85339
  • Microsoft Teams: Download Attendance report for GCC – Download and review attendee reports following a meeting or webinar. Roadmap ID: 87518


  • Microsoft Teams: Role based Access scoping on devices category – This feature allows you to delegate admin roles to specific members. Roadmap ID: 70676
  • Microsoft Teams: End-to-end encryption option for Teams 1:1 VoIP Calls – Teams will support an option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls, providing an additional option for conducting sensitive online conversations. Roadmap ID: 70780
  • Microsoft Teams: Press “Ctrl Spacebar” to speak – Introducing the capability to allow meeting participants to temporarily unmute by press “Ctrl Spacebar” to speak. Roadmap ID: 83419
  • Microsoft Teams: Redesigned Teams Store – With the redesigned Teams Store, you’ll find a landing page optimized for ease of discoverability with rotating banners at the top that spotlight interesting apps and scenarios. You’ll also get intelligent recommendations – like featured apps and those popular amongst your colleagues. And editorial articles that surface collections of apps that address common scenarios from apps to get you started in Teams to those best for educators.  Updated app categories to make it easier to find the apps you’re searching for – from those built by your org and colleagues to those built for certain functions and industries. Roadmap ID: 86186
  • Microsoft Teams: Check-in and room release for Teams panels – Allow users to “check in” to a meeting room from a Teams panel. If no users check in to the room, the scheduled meeting is removed from the room’s calendar. The room is then returned to the room inventory and available for other users to reserve and use.  Roadmap ID:86731
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat with Teams personal account users – Teams users will be able to chat with team members who are outside their work network and have a Teams personal account. This is expanding on external access capabilities, enabling Teams users to invite for a 1:1 or group chat any other federated Teams users using an email address or phone number and remain within the security and compliance policies of their organization. Roadmap ID:88381
  • Microsoft Teams: Configure your activity feed notifications – Users will be able to control the type of notifications that appear in their activity feed. Right click on the feed item, and you will be able to turn on or off all reactions or stop specific app notifications from surfacing in the activity feed.  Feature ID:88400


Release – December 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Universal Actions and Refresh Support for User Sent Cards – Adaptive Cards v2 (ACv2) now known as Universal Actions for Adaptive Cards brings the bot as the common backend for handling actions and introduces a new action type, Action.Execute, which works across apps, such as Teams and Outlook. Roadmap ID: 86746
  • Teams: Breakout Room Presenter support for DoD – Extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters. Feature ID:85326

Release – January 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: User request flows for blocked apps – Enable users to discover Teams apps in the store and request approval from administrators. Roadmap ID: 84469
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Admins can pin message extensions – Admins can manage the pin order of messaging extensions in the compose experience. Roadmap ID: 87506
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Teams admin center – Sensitivity label support in Government clouds – Teams administrators can leverage existing sensitivity labels and assign them when creating new teams. Sensitivity labels assigned to teams help provide stricter security and compliance controls. Roadmap ID: 87968
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Meet now support for Teams Rooms on Windows – Teams Rooms on Windows are making an alignment for Meet now experience to Teams desktop replacing New meeting control on the Teams room console with Meet (aka Meet now). With Meet, users can start an ad-hoc meeting with a single tap and invite participants to it. Roadmap ID: 89066
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams; AAD conditional access support for Teams rooms on Windows – Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows now support Azure Active directory conditional access support. Admins can configure Teams rooms device’s access to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange online services based on device compliance status. In addition, to make it simpler for our customers, Azure Active Directory Premium 1 license is added to the Room System Standard and Room System Premium and variations of these SKUs for education, government customers. Roadmap ID: 89068
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Calling app update for Teams Rooms on Windows – Teams Rooms on Windows are making an alignment for calling experience to Teams desktop replacing Dial pad control on the Teams room console with Call. Calling app provides users functionality to dial PSTN calls where available as well as enable entry point for P2P Teams calls, group Teams calls and P2P federated user calls. Roadmap ID: 89069
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Add a group of approvers to your approval request – Users are able to select Office 365 groups as approvers when creating a new approval request within the Teams Approvals App. Roadmap ID: 89108

Release – February 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Group assignment of app setup policies – App setup policies allow apps to be pre-installed and pinned to the app bar by the admin. App setup policies can now be assigned to groups. Roadmap ID: 88304
  • Microsoft Teams: Press “Ctrl Spacebar” to speak for GCC-High and DoD – Introducing the capability to allow meeting participants to temporarily unmute by press “Ctrl Spacebar” to speak. Roadmap ID: 83610
  • Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie on Teams phones – Like traditional walkie talkies, the Walkie Talkie app on your Teams phones provides an instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication for your team. It allows you to press and hold a button to speak to your team, and release the button to listen. Users can connect with their team using the Teams channels. Roadmap ID:83653
  • Microsoft Teams: Live Captions in all available languages on Teams Meetings on Web – Live Captions in all available languages are now available for web users of Teams Meetings. Roadmap ID: 84001
  • Microsoft Teams: Live Transcript in all available languages in Teams Meetings on Web – Live Transcript is now available in all available languages for web users of Teams Meetings. Roadmap ID: 84003
  • Microsoft Teams: Integrated CART captioning in meetings on Web – Users will now be able to view captions coming from a CART provider (real-time captioning) within the Microsoft Teams meeting on Chrome and Edge. Meeting organizers and participants will be able to ask their captioning providers to stream captions to Microsoft Teams. Roadmap ID: 84906
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams panels Check in notifications to Microsoft Teams Rooms – For Teams panels deployment with Microsoft Teams Rooms, when this feature is enabled, checking in on Teams panels will send a notification to the Teams Rooms front of room display to inform the people in the room that their meeting room reservation is over and others are waiting for the room outside. Roadmap ID: 86719

Release – June 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Support for breakout rooms for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Ability to consume breakout rooms feature in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID: 68745


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