Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 3rd October 2021

Use these buttons to switch between each product’s roadmap updates.


  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (7)


  • OneDrive: iOS Bookmarks for PDF viewing – Users of OneDrive for iOS will be able to Bookmark, or “Tag”, PDF pages that they want to come back to later. Roadmap ID: 68842
  • OneDrive: Android – Night time reading mode for PDF viewing – Users of OneDrive for Android will be able to change the appearance of PDFs in three main colour modes which are day mode, night mode and sepia to enhance viewing. Roadmap ID: 72230


  • OneDrive: New Command Bar – With this update you can easily identify the right file and access primary commands. The simplified view allows you to focus on the content and that is visually pleasing. Roadmap ID: 85602


Release – October 2021

  • Shareable address bar links – Tenant admins can specify whether the link that shows up in address bar for files is sharable within organization or not. Roadmap ID: 61529
  • OneDrive: Office offline edit support in iOS – If you download an Office file for offline use, you’ll be able to open it in WXP or Office app and edit it, all while offline. Roadmap ID: 66191
  • OneDrive and SharePoint: Adjusting version retention for PST files – This update will help customers manage PST file versions from consuming storage capacity for OneDrive & SharePoint Online. Roadmap ID: 72237
  • OneDrive: Sharing experience – “Shared with” list – At the bottom of the Share dialog, the “Shared with” list will give you an at-a glance view of everyone you’ve given access to the file. Roadmap ID: 83725
  • OneDrive: New information architecture on iOS – To make it easier to discover options, OneDrive on iOS has a new information architecture (IA) using the bottom sheet to show all commanding options. Roadmap ID: 85571
  • OneDrive: Sync admin reports – sorting and filtering – Add support for sorting and filtering the list of devices in the Sync admin reports. Roadmap ID: 85595
  • OneDrive for Business: Progressive Web App (PWA) – You can now install the web version of OneDrive for Business as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or other browser that supports Progressive Web Apps. After you install the web version of OneDrive for Business as a Progressive Web App, you can launch it from your desktop, and it will work the same way as it does in your web browser. Roadmap ID: 82040


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