Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 13th September 2021

Use these buttons to switch between each product’s roadmap updates.


  • Launched (1)
  • Rolling out (0)
  • In development (4)


  • Sync admin reports – New dashboard to check sync app versions, sync status, top sync errors on individual devices and monitor deployment progress of Known Folder Move. Roadmap ID: 65909




Release – September 2021

  • 🆕 OneDrive: New Command Bar – With this update you can easily identify the right file and access primary commands. The simplified view allows you to focus on the content and that is visually pleasing. Roadmap ID: 85602
  • 🆕 OneDrive: New information architecture on iOS – To make it easier to discover options, OneDrive on iOS has a new information architecture (IA) using the bottom sheet to show all commanding options. Roadmap ID: 85571
  • 🆕 OneDrive: Sync admin reports – sorting and filtering – Add support for sorting and filtering the list of devices in the Sync admin reports. Roadmap ID: 85595

Release – October 2021

  • 🆕 OneDrive: Sync admin reports – aggregated errors view – Adds ability to view an aggregated summary view of the top sync errors happening in the organization. Roadmap ID: 85596

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