Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 16th August 2021

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Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Intune, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (7)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (12)


  • Microsoft Information Protection Labels: Classification Driven Policies with Office 365 Groups – Tenant administrators can now better govern groups created in their respective tenants by enforcing policies on those groups using classification labels in a streamlined and proactive manner. Roadmap ID: 50293
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Data loss prevention (DLP) solution overview page – The DLP solution overview page will appear in the Microsoft 365 compliance center and house policy recommendation widgets and other actions and guidance related to your available DLP solutions. Roadmap ID: 83704
  • Microsoft Compliance center: Insider Risk Management: Intelligent detections – Domain settings – Intelligent detection domain settings help you define risk levels for activities to specific domains. By specifying domains in these settings, you can increase or decrease the risk scoring for activity that takes place with these domains. Roadmap ID: 83958
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security: App governance add-on to Microsoft Cloud App Security – App governance add-on feature to Microsoft Cloud App Security is a security and policy management capability that customers can use to monitor and govern app behaviors and quickly identify, alert, and protect from risky behaviors with data, users, and apps. Roadmap ID: 82026
  • Microsoft Compliance center: Communication Compliance policy cloning and consumption visibility – New policy cloning feature helps you easily create similar policies for different audiences but with the same conditions for instance. The new policy consumption visibility will help you manage policies within your tenant. Roadmap ID: 82059
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Power BI sensitivity label data in Activity Explorer (preview) – Power BI will now send sensitivity label activity data to Activity Explorer for admins to search and review along with the rest of the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) data sets from native Office apps and other cloud resources. Roadmap ID: 82086
  • Microsoft Compliance center: Insider Risk Management supports native triggers for Azure Active Directory account deletion – Automatically detect user account deletion in Azure Active Directory for your organization to start scoring for risk indicators in the Data theft by departing users policy template. Roadmap ID: 82126


  • Microsoft Information Protection: Enhanced simulations and location support for auto-labeling in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business – Auto-labeling in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business has been updated with improved performance and ability to configure more locations. The configuration limit of 10 locations in a policy has been removed. Any new simulation will run more efficiently, with results greatly sped up from days to hours. Roadmap ID: 82060


Release – August 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Quarantine integration for user and admin submissions – With this change we’re giving admins the ability to allow senders for a specified period of time, right from the quarantine workflow. When releasing emails to end users, admins can now opt to remember this decision by creating an entry in the tenant allow/block list that corresponds to the indicator of compromise aligned with the message in question. Roadmap ID: 82097

Release – September 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Communication Compliance tagging improvements – Microsoft are adding column that will display the current tag applied, and we’ll provide the ability to unresolve a message so it can be triaged again by an investigator. Roadmap ID: 85556
  • 🆕 Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Updates to spam reporting – A new Spam detections report view will now be available in the Threat Protection Status report. Roadmap ID: 85561
  • 🆕 Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Localization of end user spam notifications – Instead of Admins choosing the specific language for quarantine notifications, spam notifications will be sent by default in the language assigned to the user’s mailbox. Roadmap ID: 85562
  • 🆕 Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Priority account filtering for quarantine – Microsoft are including the priority account tag in the quarantine experience, allowing admins to prioritize their focus on the organization’s most targeted and most visible users. Roadmap ID: 85563
  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Data loss prevention (DLP) integration with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) – Extend data loss prevention (DLP) policies to non-Microsoft cloud apps to monitor and detect when sensitive items are used and shared via non-Microsoft cloud apps. Roadmap ID: 85565
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Migrate legacy exchange DLP policies to the M365 compliance center – The Exchange DLP migration wizard will enable you to seamlessly migrate the exchange DLP policies managed in the exchange admin center to the compliance center. M365 compliance center provides access to advanced classification capabilities like EDM, ML etc. along with rich alerts, incident management features and more. Roadmap ID: 70790

Release – October 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: New conditions for auto-labeling in Exchange Online (Gov clouds) – An auto-labeling policy can now apply a label to Exchange Online email based on sender, recipient, subject, or header matches without requiring a scan for sensitive content. Roadmap ID: 85557
  • 🆕 Microsoft 365 Compliance center: Advanced Audit – Teams reactions on messages – Addition of new audit activity related to Teams reactions on messages. Roadmap ID: 85554
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Microsoft 365 Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) for GCC – Endpoint DLP extends the activity monitoring and protection capabilities of DLP to sensitive items that are on Windows 10 devices. Once devices are onboarded into device management, the information about what users are doing with sensitive items is made visible in activity explorer and you can enforce protective actions on those items via DLP policies. Roadmap ID: 81973
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Microsoft 365 Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) for GCC-H and DoD – Endpoint DLP extends the activity monitoring and protection capabilities of DLP to sensitive items that are on Windows 10 devices. Roadmap ID: 81974

Release – February 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Information Protection: Named entities sensitive information types (SITs) and policy authoring templates – Named entities are sensitive information types (SITs) that can’t easily be identified by a regular expression or a function; these include person names, physical addresses, and medical terms & conditions. This update adds 52 new SITs representing named entities and 10 enhanced policy templates that can be used in solutions such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and auto-labeling, and cover important regulations, such as US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Roadmap ID: 82116

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