Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 30 November 2020

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Release – November 2020

  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams EHR connector – The new Microsoft Teams EHR connector will allow clinicians and patients to launch a virtual patient visit or consult with another provider in Teams directly from their electronic health record system. Roadmap ID: 68728

Release – December 2020

  • Microsoft Teams: New Calling Experiences – Simplify the calling experience with a streamlined view that shows contacts, voicemail and calling history together, making it easier to initiate or return a call with a single click. Roadmap ID: 68771
  • Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences for GCC-High and DoD – Multi-window experiences are coming to Teams meetings and calling. Roadmap ID: 68892

Release – January 2021

  • Microsoft Compliance center: Compliance capabilities for card content generated through apps in Teams messages – Extended Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities to content generated through Teams apps. Roadmap ID: 68875
  • Microsoft Teams: Give feedback improvements – Teams will automatically review the feedback submitted by users and provide help documentation related to the topic if available. Roadmap ID: 68880
  • Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint for GCC – Ability to save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint for improved sharing capabilities, basic governance, automatic retention labels, go local, bring your own keys and, more that comes from recording video files and storing them in SharePoint and OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 76074

Release – February 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Live Event Presenters can now present from their iPad to the audience – Live Event Presenters can now present from their iPad to the audience. Roadmap ID: 68867


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