Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 20th March 2023

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Microsoft Purview


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  • Microsoft Teams: Org wide backgrounds (Preview) – Organization-wide backgrounds will now be available in preview. This feature will require an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available. Roadmap ID:80193
  • Microsoft Teams: Virtual Appointments App – Provides a single location where professionals and administrators can schedule and manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in Microsoft Teams, view valuable appointment insights and analytics, get real-time status updates in a queue view, and send appointment reminders. Roadmap ID:98188
  • Microsoft Teams: Parent Teacher Meeting – Enable teachers to schedule virtual meetings with parents/guardians of students through Teams. Roadmap ID:100951
  • Microsoft Teams: Notification Granularity – Admins can use Intune to determine the types of content a user can see in a notification on their mobile lock screen. Roadmap ID:102651
  • Microsoft Teams: Modern meeting experience on the web – The modern meeting and calling experience will be available for Teams on the web in Chrome and Edge browsers – including improved pre-join, dynamic view, and the updated control bar.  Roadmap ID:92928
  • Microsoft Teams: Viewing the Full Chat conversation thread after clicking on search message results – When users search for a chat message in Teams and click on a message result, they are taken to a view that contains only the selected message, rather than the entire chat thread. This fix will now land the users on the full chat thread once the message search result is clicked, thereby providing full context of the conversation around the message result. Roadmap ID:97510
  • Microsoft Teams: User request configuration to external systems (URL redirect) – Customize the instructions users receive when they request apps and configure the external systems where requests should be placed. Roadmap ID:89288
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams app in Microsoft store – Microsoft Teams app for work, school and life will soon be available to download from Microsoft store. This app will support work, school and consumer accounts on Windows 10 and Work or school accounts on Windows 11.   Roadmap ID:94577
  • Microsoft Teams: Share the system audio from meetings on web – Users in a Teams meeting on web can now share audio while screen sharing. Roadmap ID:84175
  • Microsoft Teams: 1:1 VOIP and PSTN Call Recording and Transcription In Call App V2 – 1:1 VOIP and PSTN Call Recording and Transcription will now show in the Calls App, in the “call details” panel.  This feature permits users to view call recordings and transcriptions for both PSTN and VoIP calls.  Users have the option to delete call recordings, removing them from the call history in “call details” panel. If there are multiple recordings of a call, each call recording will appear in a list in call history, in the “call details” panel. Roadmap ID:83497


  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Admin Center: Simplified navigation – Simplified Left Navigation for TAC feature aims to improve the administrator experience by reducing clutter and simplifying the navigation process. The feature will hide less used left navigation menu items by default and provide an option for administrators to pin them to the default view if they choose. This way the navigation will be tailored to the specific needs of each administrator, making it faster and easier for them to find the information they need. Roadmap ID:98394
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Targeted Release – Microsoft Teams will support Targeted Release.  When an admin sets release preferences to one of the Targeted Release options, those users will be first to see the latest updates and help shape the product by providing early feedback. You can choose to have individuals, or the entire organization receive updates early.   Roadmap ID:117577


Release starts – March 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Invoke Content Camera on Desktop feature  – Currently, users must turn on sharing from a content camera in Microsoft Teams via the Share tray on the Teams Meeting stage. Moving forward, users will be able to start and stop sharing content directly from a certified Teams device. This feature enables presenters to share a Whiteboard, document, or video more quickly during a meeting.   Roadmap ID:118587

Release starts – April 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Federated group calling for GCCH and DoD – Easily start a group Teams call with federated colleagues outside your organization, including video and screensharing, all over an internet connection without any PSTN usage charges. Roadmap ID:117566
  • Microsoft Teams: GCC-H support for Teams Panels – Teams Panels already support Government Community Cloud (GCC) tenants and now will meet Government Community Cloud High (GCC-H) account requirements.   Roadmap ID:119618
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Button to bring Meeting Stage to foreground during meeting – With this feature, users can bring up the meeting stage to the foreground by pressing their Teams Button during a meeting. This allows users to more quickly return to the meeting stage to review chat discussions or the content being shared, especially if the meeting stage was hidden behind other windows. Note: This feature only applies to devices with dedicated Teams Buttons. If the device has a dual-purpose button (both hookswitch and Teams Button), pressing the button will end the call. Roadmap ID:98496

    Release starts – May 2023

    • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Virtual Appointments app for GCC – The Virtual Appointments app provides a single location where professionals and administrators can create and manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in Microsoft Teams, view valuable appointment insights and analytics, get real-time status updates in a queue view, and send appointment reminders. Roadmap ID:121360
    • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Automatically view up to 9 videos (3×3) in Teams meetings in Chrome and Edge – Microsoft Teams Meetings currently supports a maximum of 4 videos (2×2) on the screen by default (i.e., Gallery view) on web browsers. With this update, users will be able to automatically see up to 9 videos (3×3) on Chrome and Edge on their screen by default without an explicit action. Roadmap ID:122139
    • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Avatars for Microsoft Teams  – Avatars for Microsoft Teams gives you that much-needed camera break, while still allowing you to collaborate effectively. You can add a new layer of choice to your meetings and represent yourself the way you want with customizable avatars and reactions. Roadmap ID:107969
    • Microsoft Teams: Front row gallery improvements for Teams Rooms on Windows – Improvements to the front row experience for Teams Rooms on Windows using Microsoft AI to remove individual backgrounds, adjust video participant size, and apply a unified background design so remote participants appear as if they are in the same room. Roadmap ID:95267

    Release starts – June 2023

    • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Mixed grid view in meetings – Mixed grid eases the transition from video on to video off and places everybody in a 16:9 ratio. Users can also change their grid size by choosing one of the predefined options. As the new version of Gallery, this is the default view users will have upon joining meetings. Users can choose to go back to this view through the view switcher as desired. Roadmap ID:118467

    Release starts – October 2023

    • Microsoft Teams: Teams devices dashboard for device analytics providing health and usage metrics – Health and usage insights surfaced on a dashboard for Teams devices being managed through the Teams admin center including the ability to export and auto share the insights and set alerts on key metrics to be  notified when attention is required. Roadmap ID:84533
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