Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 24th January 2022

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  • Launched (14)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (13)


  • Microsoft Teams: Introducing background effects on web – When you use Teams on the web, you can either blur your background or replace it entirely with the images provided in your video meeting or call. Note: Blurring or replacing your background might not prevent sensitive information from being visible to other people in the call or meeting. Roadmap ID: 85738
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams admin center – Sensitivity label support in Government clouds – Teams administrators can leverage existing sensitivity labels and assign them when creating new teams. Sensitivity labels assigned to teams help provide stricter security and compliance controls. Roadmap ID: 87968
  • Microsoft Teams: End-to-end encryption option for Teams 1:1 VoIP Calls – Teams will support an option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls, providing an additional option for conducting sensitive online conversations. Roadmap ID: 70780
  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic Emergency Calling for Work From Home – This feature enables users to validate (and if necessary, edit) the address that will be communicated to emergency responders in the event that an emergency call is placed by an individual working from home. Roadmap ID: 82956
  • Microsoft Teams: Redesigned Teams Store – With the redesigned Teams Store, you’ll find a landing page optimized for ease of discoverability with rotating banners at the top that spotlight interesting apps and scenarios. You’ll also get intelligent recommendations – like featured apps and those popular amongst your colleagues. And editorial articles that surface collections of apps that address common scenarios from apps to get you started in Teams to those best for educators.  Updated app categories to make it easier to find the apps you’re searching for – from those built by your org and colleagues to those built for certain functions and industries. Roadmap ID: 86186
  • Microsoft Teams: Approvals eSignature DocuSign integration – To complement our existing Adobe Sign integration, users will now be able to choose DocuSign as their e-Sign provider when creating an eSignature request within Approvals. Admins will have the ability to turn off this connector within the Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 81674
  • Microsoft Teams: Left navigation updates in Teams Admin Center – To make it easier to find Team’s features and navigate your Teams organization, we reorganized the left navigation based on user studies and customer feedback. Roadmap ID: 83320
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Device Management in GCC-High – Customers who have tenants in the GCCH environment can also manage their Teams devices from the Teams Admin Centre. Admins can now control the entire lifecycle of their Teams devices which include an increasing variety of supported device types – IP Phones, Collaboration bars, Teams displays, Teams Meeting Room devices. Roadmap ID: 81503
  • Microsoft Teams: Real-time telemetry for meetings – New real-time telemetry for meetings enables IT Admins and helpdesk to troubleshoot problems during meetings or events for quick resolution. Roadmap ID: 70777
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Multi-Geo Support – To help customers meet data residency requirements, Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo has been extended to include Microsoft Teams, allowing organizations to specify where their Teams customer data sits, down to the team and end user. Roadmap ID: 70783
  • Microsoft Teams: Templates for creation of a new Team – With templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team, helping them get started quickly. IT Admins can also create custom templates for their organization, allowing them to standardize team structures, preinstall relevant apps, and scale best practices. Roadmap ID: 71635
  • Microsoft Compliance center: Compliance capabilities for card content generated through apps in Teams messages – We are extending Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities to content generated through Teams apps. Roadmap ID: 68875
  • Microsoft Teams: Nokia Session Border Controller certification for Direct Routing – Microsoft has partnered with Nokia to certify that their SBCs work with Direct Routing. Roadmap ID: 68768
  • New channel files tab (GCC, GCC-High and DoD) – Microsoft are rolling out the new channel files tab experience to the government clouds. Roadmap ID: 65350


  • Microsoft Teams: Music Mode for Teams – In music mode, we support up to 32 kHz sampling rate mono audio at 128 kbps, and optimize our internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with high fidelity. Teams will automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth, going down to 48 kbps while still delivering good music quality. Feature ID:83520


Release – January 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Enable Cortana voice activation by default in out-of-box-experience of newly imaged Microsoft Teams Rooms – Cortana voice activation will be enabled by default on newly imaged Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. If desired, IT Admins can adjust the setting to turn off voice activation at that time. Roadmap ID: 89161
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Cortana support expansion to additional languages in Microsoft Teams Rooms – Cortana will support additional languages on Teams devices that are set to different locale languages. The locale supported today are: en-us, en-ca, en-au, en-in, en-gb (US, Canada, Australia, India, Great Britain). Roadmap ID: 89162
  • Microsoft Teams: App lists and banners in the app management page – The Manage Apps page today allows admins to manage apps in the tenant. Lists of apps and editorial banners aid the admin to find relevant apps for the tenant. Roadmap ID: 88305

Release – February 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Updated Cortana iconography on front of room display and console in a Microsoft Teams Room – Update to the Cortana iconography that appears on the front of room display and console UI in a Microsoft Teams Room. Roadmap ID: 89102
  • Microsoft Teams: Pin chat messages – Pin a Teams chat message to drive awareness and provide the chat members with quick access to important content. Pinning will help your team stay in sync on what’s and relevant in a timely manner. Roadmap ID:82584
  • Microsoft Teams: Search in Teams Admin Center (Preview) – Admins can search for users, teams, pages and settings using a common search box in Teams admin center.  Roadmap ID:83671
  • Microsoft Teams: Sensitivity labels for Teams templates – Sensitivity labels will be supported when creating teams with templates. This feature is no longer rolling out. Roadmap ID: 84232
  • Microsoft Teams: Enable third-party Teams app developers to test the in-product purchase experience within the Teams client – Third-party Teams app developers can now test the purchase experience of their Teams app directly from within the Teams client before making either app or offer available to the public. Roadmap ID: 87354

Release – March 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams panels Check in notifications to Microsoft Teams Rooms – For Teams panels deployment with Microsoft Teams Rooms, when this feature is enabled, checking in on Teams panels will send a notification to the Teams Rooms front of room display to inform the people in the room that their meeting room reservation is over and others are waiting for the room outside. Roadmap ID: 86719
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Notification that appears on the front of room display alerting in-room meeting participants if the room is over-capacity based on the capacity defined in a room account. Only cameras that support people counting will support this feature. When a Teams panel is deployed outside a Teams Room that supports this feature, an alert will also be visible on the Teams panel, notifying people outside the room that it has reached capacity. Roadmap ID: 86730
  • Microsoft Teams: Expanded Reactions – Expanded reactions allows users to apply any emoji as a reaction to chat messages! Pick from 800 plus Teams emojis to react the way you want. Feature ID:88080

Release – April 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: User request flows for blocked apps – Enable users to discover Teams apps in the store and request approval from administrators. Roadmap ID: 84469
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat with self – Users can send themselves notes, messages, files and images/videos; helping them stay organized.  Roadmap ID:88066

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