Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 7 September 2020

Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (26)
  • Rolling out (3)
  • In development (9)


  • AIP scanner for on-premises available for Government clouds – Azure Information Protection Scanner can be configured to periodically scan your on premises repositories such as File Servers and on-premises SharePoint servers to discover, label and protect sensitive data based on company policies. Roadmap ID: 63657
  • Advanced eDiscovery: New feature to bulk-import custodians to a case – Microsoft have announced a new feature that lets eDiscovery admins bulk-import custodians to an Advanced eDiscovery case. Roadmap ID: 64035
  • Advanced eDiscovery: Non Custodial Data Sources – Microsoft have launched a new feature that lets eDiscovery admins add data sources to a case (and place them on hold) without having to associate a data source with a custodian. Roadmap ID: 64036
  • Advanced eDiscovery dashboard – The Search Profile View within the Advanced eDiscovery dashboard will help you quickly analyze your corpus. Roadmap ID: 60438
  • Advanced eDiscovery: Direct download export – Instead of using Azure Storage Explorer, we’re moving to a model where content is downloaded directly through a web browser. Roadmap ID: 65004
  • Custom Mailbox Submissions and improvements to the Admin Submissions – You’ll now be able to submit .msg files, plus view more details about submitted content and policies or settings that may have allowed the message to bypass our filters. Roadmap ID: 60407
  • Usage Analytics Report for Office 365 ProPlus and Forms – Usage analytics in Microsoft 365 will add a new report that will help you better understand how Office 365 Pro Plus and Forms is be used in your organization. Roadmap ID: 59845
  • Safe Links for Office Online – When a user clicks a link in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote in Office Online, Advanced Threat Protection will inspect the link to see if it is malicious. If the link is malicious, the user will be redirected to a warning page instead of the original target URL. Roadmap ID: 55394
  • Introducing the Quarantine Administrator Role – With this introduction, users can now add a role for Quarantine to role groups within the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. Roadmap ID: 55471
  • Automated Incident Response for compromised user accounts – Microsoft are adding a new playbook for automated investigation and remediation of compromised user accounts. Roadmap ID: 55742
  • Adding Campaign Views to Office 365 ATP – Microsoft have added the ability to see details of phishing campaigns, how they progressed over a period of time and the impact they had on your organization. Roadmap ID: 53661
  • Microsoft Information Protection API on Graph – This will make the Microsoft Information Protection API available on Graph. As a REST-based API, this will help enable new future functionality. Roadmap ID: 49442
  • View labeled & protected Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business using Office Online apps – Ability to open labeled and protected documents stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business using the Office Online apps. Roadmap ID: 49448
  • URL Threat Protection report and Compromised Users report – Two new reports for the Security & Compliance center – URL Threat Protection report and the Compromised Users Report. Roadmap ID: 60486
  • Updates to the Threat Protection Status Report – Several changes to the Threat Protection Status report including new ways to breakdown threats by policy type, delivery status and additional filters. Roadmap ID: 60590
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention treats files as sensitive by default until fully scanned – Office 365 Data Loss Prevention will be able to treat files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business as sensitive (by default) and therefore block external access until the file has been fully scanned for sensitive information. Roadmap ID: 34247
  • Updates to Office 365 Quarantine Notifications and Alerts: Shared Mailboxes – With this change, end-user-spam notification will be integrated with shared mailboxes. Roadmap ID: 63553
  • Information Protection: Manual classification with sensitivity labels for Office on the web – Before this release, you couldn’t apply your sensitivity labels in Office on the web. You didn’t see the Sensitivity option on the ribbon, or the applied label name on the status bar. In addition, if you used desktop apps to label your files and then save them on SharePoint or OneDrive, the service couldn’t process the content of these files if the label applied encryption. Coauthoring, eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention, Search, Delve, and other collaborative features didn’t work under these circumstances. This release enables all these capabilities. In addition to displaying sensitivity labels to users, for new and changed files that have a sensitivity label applied that includes encryption with a cloud-based key. Roadmap ID: 63575
  • Microsoft Compliance Score and Microsoft Compliance Manager changes in public preview – Improved template import/export function in Compliance Manager. Roadmap ID: 62656
  • Enhancements to guided hunting experience – Improvements to the guided hunting experience: – Addition of details, filter and export capability for: delivery location, special action, directionality, overrides, URL threat – NOT filter for a recipient, sender, sender domain – Time filter modified to allow filtering by hours – Incident widget renamed to Action center in Threat Management Review. Roadmap ID: 60797
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Data classification analytics – The data classification capabilities in Microsoft 365 compliance center enable you get a holistic understanding of sensitive data in your digital estate and take the next step towards establishing appropriate policies to better protect your sensitive data (e.g., by applying sensitivity labels and policies). Roadmap ID: 49443
  • Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) is now enabled for Office 365 hosted mailboxes – All hosted mailboxes in Office 365 will now gain the benefit of ARC with improved deliverability of messages and enhanced anti-spoofing detection. Roadmap ID: 57057
  • Processed audit insights in Advanced Audit – Insights and correlations that signal key patterns to help identify quick answers to typical queries during investigations. Roadmap ID: 56792
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance center: Remove a Teams message from the Teams chat or channel (Communication compliance) – Communication Compliance can now remove a message from the Teams chat or channel, so that recipients do not have to see or be offended by the message. Roadmap ID: 66100
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match will support data files containing up to 100 Million rows – The size of the data tables that can be uploaded into the Exact Data Match service will increase to 100 M rows. Roadmap ID: 65208
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Support for Exact Data Match (EDM) for the government clouds – With EDM-based classification, you can create a custom sensitive information type that is designed to: be dynamic and refreshable,  be more scalable, result in fewer false-positives, work with structured sensitive data, handle sensitive information more securely and be used with several Microsoft cloud services. Roadmap ID: 65150


  • Microsoft Information Protection Labels: Classification Driven Policies with Office 365 Groups – Tenant administrators can now better govern groups created in their respective tenants by enforcing policies on those groups using classification labels in a streamlined and proactive manner. Roadmap ID: 50293
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Preset security policies for EOP and Office 365 ATP Security – Microsoft re introducing two recommended security levels in Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: standard and strict. Roadmap ID: 59220
  • Enhanced Threat Explorer – Guided hunting enhancements with delivery status, location, policy override data supporting email investigations. Also, added remediation actions from Threat Explorer and advanced malware and phish detonation details. Roadmap ID: 34297


Release – September 2020

  • Office 365 ATP Request Release workflow – Microsoft have introduced an option to grant end users read-only access to the quarantine to view quarantined messages and request that an admin release messages to the inbox. Roadmap ID: 62449
  • Quarantine: Custom Policy and Folder – Previously, quarantine behaviour was configured through each individual filtering policy. To reduce complexity, we’ve moved new and existing quarantine parameters into a standalone Quarantine policy. Roadmap ID: 62450
  • CJK/Double Byte support for Advanced eDiscovery – CJK/Double Byte support for Advanced eDiscovery – adding CJK/Double Byte characters to review set. Roadmap ID: 62593
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Configuration Analyzer – Configuration Analyzer will be a place for you to compare your policies settings against the Recommended settings for EOP and Office 365 ATP security. Roadmap ID: 66362

Release – October 2020

  • Microsoft Information Protection: Double Key Encryption – Currently available in preview to Commercial tenants, Double Key Encryption from Microsoft allows you to protect your highly sensitive data while maintaining full control of your key. Roadmap ID: 64646
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Double Key Encryption for GCC-High and DoD – Coming soon to government clouds, Double Key Encryption from Microsoft allows you to protect your highly sensitive data while maintaining full control of your key. Roadmap ID: 67105

Release – later in 2020

  • Auto-remediation with enhanced playbooks – Auto-remediation of threats with additional playbooks and deeper integration with Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory. Roadmap ID: 34296
  • Advanced eDiscovery delegated access – Now add external counsel to a specific case within Advanced eDiscovery. This feature will help organizations ensure their partners of choice are able to execute eDiscovery related tasks within Microsoft 365 directly. Roadmap ID: 50754
  • Advanced eDiscovery: support Teams reactions – Discover Teams reactions (heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, surprised, angry) in Advanced eDiscovery. Roadmap ID: 65130

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