Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 20 July 2020



  • Update to sharing links that block download – We are expanding the list of supported file types that users can create block download links for. This update includes support for PDF files, Images, Audio, and other non-text and non-video file types. Roadmap ID: 64278


  • Conditional access for macOS – OneDrive for Mac now respects conditional access for policies such as forced MFA, location based IP range filtering, and device compliance (as managed by Azure intune). Roadmap ID: 16636


Release – July 2020

  • OneDrive: Improved Sync Warning for Locked Office Files – New warning experience in OneDrive sync app when there are local changes to an Office file that cannot be uploaded because someone else has the document open in edit mode in Office on the web. Roadmap ID: 66099


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