Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 22 June 2020

Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup

Here’s all the new and changed Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

From the Microsoft 365 message center

Here’s a look at some of the planned change notification messages that were sent out in the past 7 days.



  • Schedule SharePoint pages & news posts – You will be able to schedule a page or news post to be published at a specific date and time in the future. Roadmap ID: 62892
  • SharePoint and Teams: folder in site visibly connected to channel – It will be easier to tell which folders within your library have an associated Teams channel & chat associated to it – right from within the SharePoint user interface. Roadmap ID: 30686
  • Access a PowerApps custom form in SharePoint without a license – When users send invites for custom PowerApps forms in SharePoint to Office 365 guest users, the guests gain the same access as everyone else. Roadmap ID: 53219
  • Highlighted content with custom query filtering – Users can now add their own KQL or CAML code with the new advanced query option. Roadmap ID: 53229
  • Drag and drop files to the canvas to upload – Now if you drag and drop files to the canvas, they’ll be uploaded for you. Roadmap ID: 53194


Release – June 2020

  • Bulk edit list items and file properties in the form – Soon you will be able to select multiple items and edit their list items or documents properties all at once in the default form. Roadmap ID:64228
  • Quick Edit page size expanding from 30 items to 101 – People will now see up to 100 items per page on their document library or list when using Quick Edit. Roadmap ID: 64231
  • Create a new list item via a form in Quick Edit – Users will see the “New” button on their command bar in lists when they are in Quick Edit to create new items via the default form. Roadmap ID: 64232

Release – July 2020

  • SharePoint spaces 360° image annotations and tours – This web part in SharePoint spaces allows creation of immersive virtual tours for SharePoint sites. Roadmap ID: 65072
  • Auto-News Digest – SharePoint Auto-News Digest sends automated email to employees in you company about the latest News posts that they have not yet read. Roadmap ID: 64685
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: Rename title column – Users will be able to rename the title field column and see the name change appear consistently in grid view, when in Quick Edit and on the associated view and edit forms. Roadmap ID: 65146

Release – later in 2020

  • SharePoint lists: New hyperlink field editor in Quick Edit – Microsoft are replacing the legacy hyperlink editor when people use SharePoint lists in Quick Edit mode. Roadmap ID: 63275
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: New calendar picker – Microsoft are replacing the legacy calendar control with the latest Office Fabric calendar for Gregorian calendars. Roadmap ID: 63277

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