Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 18 May 2020



  • OneNote migration with KFM – This feature enables the OneDrive sync client to help migrate desktop OneNote files using Know Folder Move (KFM) to move your primary desktop folders (Documents, Pictures and Desktop) to the cloud. Roadmap ID: 49421
Migrate desktop OneNote files using Know Folder Move (KFM).
  • Smart upload management – This setting enables OneDrive sync client to upload data in the background by only consuming unused bandwidth. Roadmap ID: 61528
  • Update to sharing links for “people with existing access” – We are updating the “people with existing access” links that users can obtain when sharing to redirect recipients to the OneDrive file previewers instead of directly downloading the file. Roadmap ID: 62859
  • Differential sync for all file types – OneDrive will synchronize large files significantly faster and considerably reduce network utilization for all file types. Roadmap ID: 33412
Differential sync for all file types in OneDrive.
  • Updated Recent View on mobile – Improved recent files experience in the mobile app that you can see in all Office end points including Scans & PDFs. Roadmap ID: 49083
  • Cross-volume support for folder backups – OneDrive Known Folder Move support for migrations where the known folders are on a different volume than the OneDrive folder. Roadmap ID: 56383


  • File hover card: conversations – This new file hover card feature will show relevant emails, meetings and Teams conversations to the individual reviewing the file hover card information. Roadmap ID: 56183
  • Updates to @mentions email notifications – With this update you will be able to read through the comments you have been @mentioned in , directly in the email notification. Roadmap ID: 51538
  • Dark mode for Android – You will soon be able use Dark mode in OneDrive for Android. Roadmap ID: 61355
  • PDFs and scans included in “Recent View” – Now, in your “Recent list”, uploaded scans and recently viewed PDFs will automatically surface at the top. Roadmap ID: 61356
  • Updates to recipient experience for “specific people” links – When users receive a “specific people” link to files or folders in OneDrive or SharePoint they will no longer see a page telling them to click “Next” to sign in. Roadmap ID: 63220
  • Conditional access for macOS – OneDrive for Mac now respects conditional access for policies such as forced MFA, location based IP range filtering, and device compliance (as managed by Azure intune). Roadmap ID: 16636


  • Automated transcription services for video and audio files – Automated transcription services will be natively available for video and audio files in OneDrive and SharePoint. Roadmap ID: 33497
  • File upload limit up to 100GB – File upload limit is being increased in OneDrive and SharePoint to 100GB (up from 15GB). Roadmap ID: 49368
  • Expiring access for for external users – Admins and end users can expire shares to external users. Roadmap ID: 43797
  • Teams Sharing Integration with OneDrive – Users of Microsoft Teams will be able to see and configure OneDrive link settings right from within the Teams app. Roadmap ID: 27016
  • Open in Review mode in Word online – End users can now choose to share Word documents with the new Open in Review mode option. Roadmap ID: 27017
  • Shareable address bar links – Tenant admins can specify whether the link that shows up in address bar for files is sharable within organization or not. Roadmap ID: 61529
  • Tenant specific mailbox for sharing comms – With this update tenant emails will be segregated by domain removing the risk of emails being sorted into junk folders and segregating spam scores. Roadmap ID: 56361
  • Add to OneDrive – This feature is for customers to add shared folders alongside their own content which means that, users will be able to access the files they care about directly within their OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 56384
  • Full-fidelity shared libraries in OneDrive – You can now view shared libraries in OneDrive on the web with support for viewing file metadata. Roadmap ID: 49093
  • Save for later – This feature will allow you to bookmark files and folders from your OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 49095


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