Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 18 May 2020



  • Targeted communications – This feature allows team members to message everyone in a specific role at the same time by @mentioning the role name in a post. Roadmap ID: 57651
  • Teams meeting recording changes – The “allow cloud recording” setting for teams meetings recordings stored in Stream will now be switched on by default. Roadmap ID: 59665
Allow cloud recording setting for teams meetings recordings is now on by default.
  • New capabilities in Shifts – New filtering capabilities are coming to the Shifts app, including filter by team member or schedule groups to manage schedules. A new ‘Your shifts’ view allows users to access their shift information without reviewing the whole schedule. Roadmap ID: 61026
  • Pin apps to the left rail – Users can now customise the apps most useful to them in the left rail, including those that are pre-pinned via app setup policies. Roadmap ID: 56783
Pin apps to left rail in Teams.
  • Share system audio in live events – in live events, attendees will be able to hear all the audio playing on the presenters machine using the desktop client. Roadmap ID: 63276
  • Local media optimisation – This feature selects the optimal IP address of the SBC, based on the Teams client location and provides it to the client in Session Description Protocol (SDP). Roadmap ID: 63259
  • Class insights (Education) – Class Insights is an analytics experience for educators who are using Teams as a digital classroom experience. Roadmap ID: 58277
  • Gradebook (Education) – Now teachers can view and grade all assignments for a class directly from the channel Assignments tab. Roadmap ID: 51723
  • Improved SharePoint tab in channels – Improvements to the SharePoint tab in Teams to help users easily find the pages & lists that you want to tab. Now, you can also paste a link to a page or list from any team-site to tab it in your channels. Roadmap ID: 60614
Paste direct links to pages or lists from the improved SharePoint tab in Teams.
  • App catalog – The Manage apps page provides administrators with a view into all available apps in the tenant catalog and includes information to help them decide which apps to allow or block across the organisation. Roadmap ID: 61403
  • Device Management support for Collaboration Bars – Microsoft are adding support for managing Collaboration Bars in Teams Admin Center. Admin users will have the capability to manage “Collaboration Bar” devices from Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 62446


  • Multi-chat window – Users will be able to pop out individual Teams chat conversations into a separate window. Roadmap ID: 57292
  • Meet Now – The Meet Now buttons are moving into the channel header to easily find and launch instant channel meetings. Roadmap ID: 62904
  • Change to meeting join experience – Soon, only users who are assigned a policy to create a meeting will be able to do so. Attendees without the policy will see a pre-join screen (lobby) indicating the meeting hasn’t started. Roadmap ID: 63355
  • Flow notifications – Users can now use Microsoft Flow to create flows that notify individual users within Teams. Roadmap ID: 49149
  • Add distribution lists and modern groups to scheduled meetings – The ability to add distribution lists and modern groups to scheduled meetings in Teams. Roadmap ID: 63987
  • Egnyte as cloud storage provider – Additional support for Egntye as a third-party cloud storage provider. Roadmap ID: 63706
  • Microsoft teams for Firstline Worker: Shifts in GCC – Shifts (1st party schedule management app within Teams) is available for GCC. Roadmap ID: 64190


  • Tasks in Teams –  A new, unified view of personal and assigned tasks within Teams, consolidating tasks across Microsoft To Do, Teams channels, Planner and Outlook. Roadmap ID: 57213
  • Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences – Ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help users optimize their workflow. Roadmap ID: 57294
  • Contextual Search – Ability to search for content in a specific channel or chat by pressing CTRL + F. Search results will only contain messages and files found in the selected chat or channel. Roadmap ID: 64017
  • Suggested replies – This feature shows an option of 3 different responses for a user to choose from for select messages. Roadmap ID: 63671
  • Rooms management – Remotely update the settings for any Teams room device, inspect the health status of the device as well as peripherals like camera and microphone, or troubleshoot issues using restart or download logs functionality. Roadmap ID: 64022
  • Teams/Skype Consumer chat and calling interop – Enable Teams and Skype for Consumers users to chat and make VoIP calls to each other. Roadmap ID: 53935
  • Auto-update for Teams Phones – Teams phones can be managed via the Teams admin center, allowing admins to manually push updates to devices deployed in their tenants. Roadmap ID: 63775
  • Custom background effects in meetings – this feature allows meeting attendees to customise their background by uploading their own photo. Roadmap ID: 63666
  • Background effects policy for admins – tenant admins will be able to assign a user-level policy to control how users engage with background effects in meetings. Roadmap ID: 63670
  • Raise hands in Teams meetings (GCC) – Raise hands feature is now rolling out to GCC customers. Roadmap ID: 64044
  • Enable organizers to change lobby settings for PSTN meeting participants (GCC) – Meeting organizers will now see a separate setting to control the lobby for PSTN participants in the Meeting Options page of a given meeting. Roadmap ID: 63833
  • Announce when PSTN participants join/leave the meeting (GCC) – Meeting organizers will now see a new setting in Meeting Options page of a meeting to control the announcement sound when a PSTN/dial-in participant joins or leaves the meeting. Roadmap ID: 63884
  • Inline message translation in Office 365 (GCC and GCC High) – Inline message translation will ensure that every worker in the team has a voice and facilitate global collaboration. Roadmap ID: 61637

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