Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 15th May 2023

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (13)
  • Rolling out (4)
  • In development (9)


  • Microsoft Teams: Geo filtering for Teams apps – ISV’s can now target applications to select geographies (countries/regions) via partner center. Thus, users will only see apps relevant for them given their country and region. Roadmap ID:100974
  • Microsoft Teams: Front Row layout in Teams Rooms on Android – Additional functionality with the Front Row experience, a layout for hybrid meetings that enables users to see remote attendees at eye level and on dual screens. Users can see Chat in the right panel and participants with raised hands on the left panel. And, Meeting Chat is added in the Gallery, Large Gallery, and Together Mode layouts. Roadmap ID:119620
  • Microsoft Teams: Content sharing and Admin controls for Teams Rooms on Android – Enhanced content sharing capabilities with PC audio shared via HDMI and IT Admin controls on automatic sharing of HDMI content. Users can view and add annotations to shared content when a desktop user starts a session in a meeting. And, for Teams Premium users, there is support for watermark-enabled meetings to safeguard confidential information. Roadmap ID:119622
  • Microsoft Teams: View switcher improvement for Teams Rooms on Windows – Teams Rooms on Windows’ view switcher now has an updated interface where you can easily control views in a meeting. Customize your view such as turning on and off meeting chat or choosing what to see on the front row’s left and right panels. IT admins can configure default number of panels and default component on panel(s). Roadmap ID:98422
  • Microsoft Teams: Expanded Reactions – Expanded reactions allows users to apply any emoji as a reaction to chat messages! Pick from over 800 Teams emojis to react the way you want.  Roadmap ID:88080
  • Microsoft Teams: Start Whiteboard from Teams meeting from Teams Rooms on Windows – Teams Rooms users can now start a Microsoft Whiteboard in a Teams meetings using the in-meeting share content function. With the new patterns of work, whiteboarding is a key feature to enable collaboration between in room and remote users. When Whiteboard is started from the room, it is attributed to the meeting organizer so that they can manage access to the artifact.  Roadmap ID:95260
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting chat on Gallery, Large gallery, and Together mode for Teams Rooms on Windows – Always know the context by brining chat pane on front of room display on Teams Rooms (Windows). Room users can use a touch console in the room to show/ hide chat on front of room display alongside meeting participants and/or content. Ability to show/ hide chat is available through view switcher. IT admins can configure to hide a meeting chat for a room if needed. Roadmap ID:98423
  • Microsoft Teams: In-meeting notification improvement for Teams Rooms on Windows – This update delivers improvements to in-meeting notifications on Teams Rooms on Windows and aligns them with Desktop’s framework. All critical notifications that require a user action will be shown on console.  Roadmap ID:103659
  • Microsoft Teams: Unread Toggle on Activity Feed – Unread Toggle will help the user review only unread items on the activity feed easily and efficiently. Roadmap ID:88389
  • Microsoft Teams: Delete or rename files in a channel and in your OneDrive folder in Teams – To rename or delete a file in a channel, go to the files tab and find the file you want. Then select More options (the three dots) on the file.  To rename or delete a file from your OneDrive, select More at the bottom of the app, then select Files. Once you find the file you want, select the three dots and choose to rename or delete it. Roadmap ID:98073
  • Microsoft Teams: Delete or rename files in a channel and in your OneDrive folder in Teams – To rename or delete a file in a channel, go to the files tab and find the file you want. Then select More options (the three dots) on the file.   To rename or delete a file from your OneDrive, select More at the bottom of the app, then select Files. Once you find the file you want, select the three dots and choose to rename or delete it. Roadmap ID:98074
  • Microsoft Viva: Effective meetings in Viva Insights – A new “Effective meetings” experience is being introduced in the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams. Meeting organizers will be able to view personalized insights and suggestions to help improve their meeting habits. Users will also be able to create and share meeting plans to set team meeting norms such as shorter meetings by default and always including Teams links.  Roadmap ID:85660
  • Teams admin center: View users and groups assigned to a policy – Admins can view the list of assigned users and groups for a policy. Roadmap ID:97253


  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: End user reporting for suspicious messages in Microsoft Teams  – End users will be able to report suspicious Microsoft Teams messages as a security threat just like they do for emails – to help the organization to protect itself from attacks via Microsoft Teams.  Roadmap ID:100160
  • Microsoft Teams: Change call queue and auto attendant greetings and announcements by authorized users – To adapt to changing environments, Teams users need to make adjustments to their call queue/auto attendant greetings and announcements. This is required more frequently than what the IT helpdesk can typically handle. Introducing user managed CQ/AA greetings for Teams end users. Now, authorized users, as identified by Teams tenant admins, can change greetings and announcements for their respective call queues and auto attendant without leaving Teams. Roadmap ID:116739
  • Microsoft Teams: Together Mode Usability Improvements – We are bringing new usability improvements to Together Mode. Participants in Together Mode will now have name labels attached to their videos. Name labels will also support status icons that indicate microphone, active speaker, spotlight or pin within the meeting. Second, your own video in the gallery will now be removed while Together Mode is active to avoid duplication of the self preview. Lastly, Together Mode will now display raised hands and reactions within the view.   Roadmap ID:122127
  • Microsoft Teams: Create offline meetings in Teams – Create a meeting in Teams and turn off the online toggle when setting up calendar events for personal appointments, lunch break slots and more. These offline events will not have chat thread or other Teams online meeting artifacts. Roadmap ID:122483


Rollout starts – May 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: work hours and location – Set your work location for the day so your team can learn about your availability for in-office and remote collaboration. Click on a user’s avatar or profile photo anywhere in Teams and get an overview of their online status, the next available calendar slot in Outlook, work hours, local time, and work location (remote or office).   Roadmap ID:125375
  • Microsoft Teams: Virtual front desk on certified Teams displays – Virtual front desk is a feature that enables IT admins to interact with and provide personalized assistance to customers, colleagues, or guests who are on-site via video call on a Microsoft Teams display. Roadmap ID:123154
  • Microsoft Teams: Block anonymous users’ meeting chat read access in addition to current write access – This feature enables IT admins to block anonymous users from accessing the chat in internally hosted meetings by disabling the read access on top of the existing disabled write access. Roadmap ID:123974
  • Microsoft Teams: Two-way lobby chat in Virtual appointments – Provide a seamless client experience with an interactive lobby that allows facilitators to send messages to customers prior to the meeting. Roadmap ID:122395

Rollout starts – June 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Manage Surface Hubs as Teams devices from Teams admin center (GCCH) – Admins can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their Surface Hubs as Teams devices from Teams admin center, available in GCC High.   Roadmap ID:127471
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Compact chat list – A new chat density setting will enable users to condense their chat list and have more chats visible on the screen. This setting does so by hiding message previews.   Roadmap ID:126428
  • Microsoft Teams:  Windows 11 support for Teams Rooms on Windows devices – Teams Rooms devices that are eligible for Windows 11, will receive the Windows 11 release. Devices that are not eligible, due to an incompatible processor, will continue on Windows 10 per hardware support policy. Roadmap ID:122148
  • Microsoft Teams: Share the system audio from Teams meetings on AVD VDI – Users in a Teams meeting on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can now share audio while screen sharing. Roadmap ID:99189

Rollout starts – October 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Approvals Graph API’s – The Approvals Graph APIs allows developers to create and manager Approvals from any application. This set of APIs allows users to integrate Approvals with line of business application and automate creation and updates of approvals. Approvals Graph APIs are currently in Private Preview. Roadmap ID:94653
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