Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 6th February 2023

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (9)
  • Rolling out (5)
  • In development (20)


  • Microsoft Viva: Elevated Teams Integration – Fully featured Viva Goals app in Team, complete with check-ins within the app. Roadmap ID:106126
  • Microsoft Teams: New Class & Lecture Meeting Templates – Class and Lecture Meeting Templates help Educators easily set-up highly secure meetings for their classes and lectures! Roadmap ID:109578
  • Microsoft Teams: Unread Toggle on Activity Feed – Unread Toggle will help the user review only unread items on the activity feed easily and efficiently. Roadmap ID:88389
  • Microsoft Teams: Adobe PDF experience – Tenant admins can set Adobe Acrobat as the default app in Teams admin center to view and edit PDF files in the Microsoft Teams.   Roadmap ID:95128
  • Microsoft Teams: Music on hold for call transfer – Music can be played to callers on hold when a call transfer is initiated.  Roadmap ID:98431
  • Microsoft Teams: Detailed call history – Get a more comprehensive view into whether calls were transferred or forwarded, how group calls arrived and were controlled once received.  Roadmap ID:98455
  • Microsoft Teams: Transcription for calls on Microsoft Teams for Android – Transcription for 1:1 calls and group calls will be available on the Microsoft Teams app for Android. Roadmap ID:98510
  • Microsoft Teams: Live Translated Captions in Meetings – Users will now be able to choose the live captions in the language they prefer, with the help of Microsoft Cognitive Service Speech Translation Capabilities. This will help users fully participate in meetings where the spoken language may not be their most comfortable language to use. Roadmap ID:94843
  • Microsoft Teams: User request configuration to external systems (URL redirect) – Customize the instructions users receive when they request apps and configure the external systems where requests should be placed. Roadmap ID:89288


  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Premium – Microsoft Teams Premium makes Teams meetings more personalized, intelligent, and secure, with branded meetings, intelligent recap and search, live translated captions, advanced meeting protection, and it provides advanced webinar and advanced Virtual Appointment experiences.  Roadmap ID:100654
  • Microsoft Teams: Ability for Teams users to manage their Teams third-party app subscriptions from within Teams Client – Ability for Teams users to view and manage in single place all third-party app subscriptions they’ve purchased in the Teams app store, without leaving the Teams client. Easily adding more licenses for the purchased subscriptions, cancel, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and access invoices. Roadmap ID:92484
  • Visio: Visio personal app in Microsoft Teams – Visio will be available as a personal app, or private workspace, in Microsoft Teams. With a private workspace, users will be able to view and edit Visio files in a central location without leaving Teams. When using the Teams desktop app, users will be able to use the Pop out app option to open Visio in a separate window, allowing users to continue using Teams chat, call, collaboration, and meeting capabilities. Roadmap ID:109596
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage Surface Hubs as Teams devices from Teams admin center – Administrators can manage the entire lifecycle of Surface Hubs as Teams devices from the Teams admin center. Available features include remote restart, download of logs, configuration of settings, and detailed device information. Roadmap ID:97218
  • Microsoft Teams: Viewing the Full Chat conversation thread after clicking on search message results – When users search for a chat message in Teams and click on a message result, they are taken to a view that contains only the selected message, rather than the entire chat thread. This fix will now land the users on the full chat thread once the message search result is clicked, thereby providing full context of the conversation around the message result. Roadmap ID:97510


Release – February 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: License Management in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Admin Center for SaaS offers built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) – With Microsoft’s license management solution for SaaS offers built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), customers can easily assign, use, and track SaaS licenses in Teams and Teams admin center. This also provides ISVs with a ready-to-use solution without the need to develop their own license management and enforcement system. Roadmap ID:85418
  • Microsoft Teams: Room Remote on Desktop – The Room Remote feature users to control a nearby shared meeting room device from their Windows desktop/PC companion device via the Teams client. This feature first launched on mobile devices and will now be available on Windows PC form factors when joined to the meeting as a companion device.  Roadmap ID:95482
  • Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie Transmission Usage Report – Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay on the same page. Through this new capability, customers can download Walkie Talkie Usage and Transmission Quality related data to build insights for understanding product usage in stores and making investment decisions. Roadmap ID:96972
  • Microsoft Teams: Mention Everyone in chat – Similar to how users @ mention individuals in chat, users will now have the option to @ mention “Everyone’. All participants in the chat will receive a notification, removing the hassle of mentioning each person’s name one by one or missing someone. Roadmap ID:101573
  • Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream: Yammer Encoded Events powered by Microsoft Teams – Today in Yammer the video stream and production in a Live Event is powered by Stream. With this feature, all Live Events (production and the video stream itself, within Yammer) will be powered by Microsoft Teams. Roadmap ID:82054

Release – March 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams:  Pronouns available on the profile card – Users will have the ability to add pronouns to their profile card. By adding pronouns to their profile card, users can express who they are and help inform others how to address them. Roadmap ID:86382
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Video Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live – Closed Captions will now be supported for embedded videos in PowerPoint Live for Teams. If the video contains out-of-band closed captions, all viewers will automatically have the option to turn closed captions on for the video.   Roadmap ID:114494
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Support PSTN dial-in, dial-out, and call-me attendees in meetings to join Breakout Rooms for DoD and GCC High – Enabling dial-in, dial-out and call-me PSTN participants to join breakout rooms and come back to the main room when breakout rooms end. Roadmap ID:115504
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Targeted Release – Microsoft Teams will support Targeted Release.  When an admin sets release preferences to one of the Targeted Release options, those users will be first to see the latest updates and help shape the product by providing early feedback. You can choose to have individuals, or the entire organization receive updates early.   Roadmap ID:117577
  • Microsoft Teams: Ultrasound Howling Detection – When multiple people join a meeting in the same room then a feedback loop is created which causes echo and in most cases the echo quickly escalates to howling (like when a musician holds the mic too close to a loudspeaker). If multiple users on laptops join from the same location, we share with the user that another Teams Device is detected in the vicinity and is already joined with audio to the current meeting. We will automatically mute the mic and speakers of the person who has joined post a user who has joined with audio on. Roadmap ID:92391
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Admin Center: Simplified navigation – Simplified Left Navigation for TAC feature aims to improve the administrator experience by reducing clutter and simplifying the navigation process. The feature will hide less used left navigation menu items by default and provide an option for administrators to pin them to the default view if they choose. This way the navigation will be tailored to the specific needs of each administrator, making it faster and easier for them to find the information they need. Roadmap ID:98394
  • Microsoft Teams: Explicit Recording Consent for Teams meetings – Teams now supports an Explicit Recording Consent meeting policy. When the policy is applied, the Teams meeting window will request explicit consent of all participants to be recorded. Before a user gives consent, the user’s audio, video, and screenshare/consent-share won’t be captured in the meeting recording. Roadmap ID:107781
  • Microsoft Teams: Join meetings from calendar view on Apple CarPlay – You can now choose to join a meeting from the new calendar view on Apple CarPlay on your iPhone. Roadmap ID:114306
  • Microsoft Teams: Autosuggest location for Emergency location – Easily set your emergency location on Teams with location recommendations.  Roadmap ID:94692
  • Microsoft Teams: Busy-on-busy end user setting – Manage how incoming calls are routed when you are busy in an existing call or meeting directly from your Calls settings in the Teams app. Choose from the option to allow calls to come through, play a busy signal, or to redirect the call based on your unanswered call routing preference.  Roadmap ID:86991
  • Microsoft Teams: Video Filters in Microsoft Teams Meetings  – Video filters allow participants in Teams Meetings to augment their video stream with visual effects. The effects are provided by app developers on Teams Platform. Roadmap ID:86811

Release – April 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Active speaker view in meetings – Active speaker is a new view added to Microsoft Teams meetings. It highlights the active speaker while still showing the rest of the participants in the meeting. Users can use this new view through the view switcher in a meeting. Roadmap ID:116009
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Enable zooming while viewing screenshare – Users can now zoom in and out while viewing a screenshare in a Teams call and meeting. Roadmap ID:116010

Release – May 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Live Captions Usability Improvement – The new Caption Settings pane allows for better discovery and easier navigation. Users have the ability to customize the size and color of their font as well as the height and position of the caption window with the option to scroll to review captions of what has been said, up to one minute ago. Roadmap ID:107782
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