Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 6th February 2023

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Purview. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Use the links below to switch between each product’s roadmap updates:

Microsoft Purview


Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

  • Launched (6)
  • Rolling out (1)
  • In development (3)


  • SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Create fields from images in documents – With this feature you can create fields by selecting image from documents, while creating modern templates. Roadmap ID:98125
  • Microsoft Viva: New praise compose experience and praise trends – The praise composer – accessible through the messaging extension pinned to the Teams messaging bar or through the Viva Insights app in Teams – is being refreshed to replace praise badges with emojis and introduce the ability to select gradient backgrounds. Additionally, in the Viva Insights app in Teams, praise trends are being introduced, privately surfacing analytics such as counts of praise sent and received, your top fans and top praises received. Roadmap ID: 101161
  • SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Create fields from images in documents – With this feature you can create fields by selecting image from documents, while creating modern templates. Roadmap ID:98125


  • SharePoint: External File Request in SharePoint Document Library – With the file request feature in SharePoint Document Library, you can choose a folder where others can upload files using a link that you send them. People you request files from can only upload files; they can’t see the content of the folder, edit, delete, or download files, or even see who else has uploaded files. Roadmap ID:103625
  • SharePoint admin center: Streamlining management of site related information across Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups – SharePoint is updating the site detail panel to include Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups information. Admins that have permissions to SharePoint, Teams and Groups admin centers can now manage all related attributes (membership, group name, description, etc.) from a single site detail panel in the SharePoint admin center ‘Active Sites’ tab. SharePoint admins with SharePoint only permissions will have read-only access to the new attributes. Roadmap ID: 100053


Release – February 2023

  • 🆕 SharePoint: Improvements to SharePoint pages authoring – Updates include two changes to the text web part from multilingual proofing to better control over line spacing. Roadmap ID: 117365
  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Take action after reflecting on meeting category insights in Viva Insights – Viva Insights customers will be able to take actions such as editing meeting invites or responses directly from the Viva Insights app after reflecting on their meeting category insights to align their time spent in meetings with their goals. Roadmap ID: 117374
  • Microsoft Viva: Schedule send suggestions from Viva Insights in Teams chat – To encourage adoption of healthy collaboration habits, Viva Insights will display actionable recommendations to align message delivery in Teams chat to recipient work hours. Schedule send suggestions will be automatically displayed for those who compose 1:1 chats in Teams desktop and web after-hours. With just one click, users can schedule chat message delivery to be at the start of recipient work hours and minimize work-related interruptions during personal time. Roadmap ID: 98159
  • Outlook: View and navigate the organization chart with Org Explorer – Org Explorer for Outlook helps you to visualize and explore your company’s internal structure, work teams, and individual roles. Roadmap ID: 103605

Release – March 2023

  • 🆕 SharePoint: New site theme options – We are adding two new SharePoint themes to our Change the Look menu. The addition of Black and Cerulean will enhance your site customization options for how you want your sites to look. Roadmap ID: 117368
  • SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Choose fields in modern templates to create document library columns – While publishing modern templates, you can now choose fields that you want to map to document library columns. When documents will get generated, the fields chosen to be library columns will get auto filled by the value entered by the users. Roadmap ID: 98126

Release – April 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Topic engagement analytics – This update will introduce usage and engagement analytics on topics (views, edits, etc.) to the Microsoft Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 88699

Release – November 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft 365: Information Barriers (IB) upgrading from IB v1 to IB v2 with new capabilities – Information Barriers (IB) V2 brings new capabilities including larger segment scale support, multi-segment support, and flexible people discoverability etc. Existing IB v1 tenants require an upgrade to IB v2 to take advantage of these new capabilities. This roadmap item is intended only for all IB v1 customers. All other customers will get IB v2 capabilities when they enable IB in their tenants. Roadmap ID: 115482

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