Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 12th December 2022

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (1)
  • Rolling out (8)
  • In development (7)


  • Microsoft Teams: Call Merge for Teams on VDI – Call Merge for Teams on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) gives users the capability to merge an active 1-1 call into another 1-1 call or another group call. This applies to both Teams VOIP calls and PSTN calls. Roadmap ID:99863


  • Microsoft Teams: Webinar – Updated template with enhanced setup experience – Updated webinar template with a new layout and expanded options to customize registration details and settings specific to the event.  Roadmap ID:86826
  • Microsoft Teams: Expanded Reactions – Expanded reactions allows users to apply any emoji as a reaction to chat messages! Pick from over 800 Teams emojis to react the way you want. Roadmap ID:88080
  • Microsoft Teams: Sign Language View and always-on captions in meetings – Prioritize up to two other participants’ videos for sign language in meetings so they stay visible even while content is shared and set captions to stay on across all meetings. Roadmap ID: 99452
  • Microsoft Teams: Hardware Occupancy Sensor Integration – With supported occupancy sensor hardware, a notification banner is displayed on the Teams panel if the room is occupied when it is available or if the room is not occupied when it is reserved. The room will also be auto checked in when the sensor detects occupancy if check in is enabled. Roadmap ID: 101993
  • Microsoft Teams: View attendance report on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS for Gov – You can now check the attendance information for regular meetings or webinars and also the registration information before webinars on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS. Roadmap ID:102387
  • Microsoft Teams: View meeting transcripts on Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS for Gov – Microsoft Teams: View meeting transcripts on Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS. Roadmap ID:102390
  • Microsoft Teams: Language Interpretation for GCCH and DoD – Language interpretation will allow language interpreters to translate what the speaker says into another language in real time without disrupting the original flow of delivery of the speaker. This will allow more inclusive meetings, where participants who may not speak the same language can fully collaborate with each other. Roadmap ID:102411
  • Microsoft Teams: Cameo in PowerPoint Live  – Cameo is a new PowerPoint experience that seamlessly integrates your Teams camera feed into your presentation, letting you customize how and where you want to appear on your slides and offering layout recommendations for optimal viewing. Roadmap ID:87725


Release – January 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: ISV App Subscriptions instead of 3P app subscriptions. – Ability for Teams users to view and manage in single place all third-party app subscriptions they’ve purchased in the Teams app store, without leaving the Teams client. Easily adding more licenses for the purchased subscriptions, cancel, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and access invoices. Roadmap ID:92484
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for Co-organizer to manage Breakout Rooms – Co-organizers can create, manage and move between Breakout Rooms like meeting Organizers. Roadmap ID: 105014

Release – February 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Expanding up to 10,000 users in Distribution Lists for lobby policy in Teams meeting – Currently, if you change your lobby policy in a Teams Meeting to “Invited Users Only” and invite a Distribution List (DL), only the first 1,000 users of that DL will be recognized and let through the lobby. All other users a part of the DL will not be recognized and will be placed in the lobby. With this update, up to 10,000 users of that given DL will be recognized and let through the lobby if the lobby policy is set to “Invited Users Only.” Roadmap ID:93585

Release – February 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Expanded view for profile card available in Teams – The expanded view of the profile card is now available in Teams. On the profile card expanded view you can see richer persona info, such as contact data and LinkedIn info. It also gives you easy access to view organization chart information without having to leave the context, meaning, you no longer no longer have to go to 1:1 chat in order to see organization chart information. Roadmap ID: 109526

Release – March 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Automatic lowering of a user’s Raised Hand after speaking – To reduce the number of stale raised hands in meetings, we will now suggest users to lower their raised hand after we detect they spoke in the meeting. They will be able to choose to keep their hand raised. If the user doesn’t take any action on the suggestion notification, we’ll automatically lower their hand. This should ensure smoother meeting facilitation for organizers and presenters. Roadmap ID: 90022
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Bots and Message Extensions in DOD – DOD customers are able to build and deploy Bots and Message Extensions in their Microsoft Teams environment. This release supports custom, line-of-business bots. Roadmap ID: 96076

Release – June 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Support for breakout rooms for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Ability to consume breakout rooms feature in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID:68745
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