Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 7th June 2021

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Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Intune, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (4)
  • In development (31)


  • Microsoft Compliance center: Data loss prevention (DLP) solution overview page – The DLP solution overview page will appear in the Microsoft 365 compliance center and house policy recommendation widgets and other actions and guidance related to your available DLP solutions. Roadmap ID: 70814
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Outlook support for DisableMandatoryInOutlook and OutlookDefaultLabel settings – Outlook clients will now support the advanced Azure Information Protection (AIP) settings DisableMandatoryInOutlook and OutlookDefaultLabel. Roadmap ID: 72172


  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Third-party data connectors – Use data connectors to import and archive third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, document collaboration platforms and more, to mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 organization where you can then apply various Microsoft 365 compliance solutions to the imported data. Roadmap ID: 68896
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Granular conditional access policies via “Sensitivity Labels” for SharePoint Online sites – Admins will have the ability to use Azure AD conditional access policies to trigger multi-factor authentication (MFA), device and location policies on a specific SharePoint site collection based by simply attaching CA policies to a label. Then these labels can be applied to Sites and now users access these sites will have to go through the CA policies in order to gain access. Roadmap ID: 70594
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Data loss prevention for Microsoft Teams for DoD – Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities in Microsoft 365 government clouds will be extended to include Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages, including private channel messages. Roadmap ID: 80375
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Expanded limits for protected users within anti-phishing policies – Microsoft are expanding the limits for protected users in the anti-phishing policy to allow 350 users. Roadmap ID: 81981


Release – June 2021

  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Quarantine – Custom Policy and Folder – Previously, quarantine behaviour was configured through each individual filtering policy. To reduce complexity, we’ve moved new and existing quarantine parameters into a standalone Quarantine policy. Roadmap ID: 62450
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Safe Links Protection for Microsoft Teams – The power of Safe Links will now be available to protect users from malicious links sent via Microsoft Teams. Roadmap ID: 34298
  • Microsoft Intune: Management of user-installed apps on iOS – Microsoft Intune can assume management of previously installed applications on iOS without requiring the deletion and re-distribution of such apps on devices enrolled into Intune using Device Enrollment. Roadmap ID: 51715
  • Microsoft Compliance Center: Insider Risk Management solution available for DoD – Announcing the general availability of the Insider Risk Management solution within the Microsoft 365 compliance center for DoD cloud environments. Roadmap ID: 68710
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Web Content Filtering – Web content filtering is a feature in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint that enables security administrators to track and regulate access to websites based on specified content categories. Roadmap ID: 68851
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: “Watch-the-watchers” audit trail for Insider Risk Management – Audit and review activities of IRM Analyst, IRM Investigator, and IRM Admin roles within the Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management solution. Roadmap ID: 68921
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Increased set of first-party indicators for Insider Risk Management – The Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management solution will now recognize an increase set of first party indicators, including Endpoint (Windows 10), Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Cloud Access Security. Roadmap ID: 68924
  • Microsoft Information Protection: AIP client and scanner data available in Audit and Activity explorer – Azure Information Protection (AIP) customers can now access data in Microsoft 365 compliance center Audit logs and Activity explorer, in addition to the AIP Analytics portal. This means that all data logged via AIP client and AIP scanner can be witnessed along with the rest of the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) data sets from native Office apps and other cloud resources. Roadmap ID: 70600
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security: MFA step-up auth – This feature enables enforcing of conditional access policies during a user session. Roadmap ID: 70603
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Insider Risk Management recognizes sensitivity label downgrade – Insider Risk Management will now be able to identify documents where the user successfully downgrades the sensitivity label applied on it. Roadmap ID: 70630
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Enhanced support for domains in Insider Risk Management – Insider Risk Management now support enhanced classification of unallowed, allowed, and third-party domains leveraging wildcards. Roadmap ID: 70631
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Insider Risk Management analytics – The Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management solution will now provide aggregated and anonymized analytics to help identify potential insider risk activity within the organization. Roadmap ID: 70633
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Insider Risk Management supports fine-grained role-based access control – Insider Risk Management will now limit visibility of alerts and cases related to priority users to specific IRM Analysts or IRM Investigators. Roadmap ID: 70711
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Insider Risk Management supports native triggers – The Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management solution will now leverage native triggers for Data Leak or Departing Employee Data Theft policy templates. Roadmap ID: 70712
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Insider Risk Management supports sequencing – Insider Risk Management will improve fidelity of detections by looking for sequences of events over time. Roadmap ID: 70713
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Enhanced user management in Insider Risk Management solution – We’re improving the experience around manually adding or removing users from Insider Risk Management policy scoring scope. Roadmap ID: 70715
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Data loss prevention (DLP) data surfaced in Activity Explorer – DLP-related data sets which currently flow into Microsoft 365 Audit logs will now also surface within Activity Explorer under an activity called ‘DLP rule matched’. Roadmap ID: 70730Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Recommendation widget for Teams DLP – A new recommendation widget will appear within the Microsoft 365 compliance center to guide admins in creating a packaged Teams DLP policy if they currently have no policy related to Teams DLP in their policy portfolio. Roadmap ID: 70731
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Configure external sharing for sensitivity labels in Teams and SharePoint sites – With this update, you can set controls on external sharing while configuring a Team or site protection policy. For example you can set a very restrictive one for a Team or site labeled ‘confidential’—restricting sharing with people outside the organization or set a very relaxed one for a Team or site labeled ‘general’—allowing anyone with a link to access without requiring sign-in. Roadmap ID: 70735
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Migrate legacy exchange DLP policies to the M365 compliance center – The Exchange DLP migration wizard will enable you to seamlessly migrate the exchange DLP policies managed in the exchange admin center to the compliance center. M365 compliance center provides access to advanced classification capabilities like EDM, ML etc. along with rich alerts, incident management features and more. Roadmap ID: 70790
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Microsoft Information Protection & Governance now supports 7 languages for the Threat, Targeted Harassment and Profanities classifiers – Trainable classifiers in Information Protection & Governance can now detect threat, targeted harassment, and profanities in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Roadmap ID: 70798
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: New predictive coding module in Advanced eDiscovery – As part of this preview release, legal practitioners can organize content for review faster by going through training rounds of relevant and non-relevant content to iteratively train and tune the model performance by starting with as little as 50 items. This is an improvement from traditional models that require customers to train upwards of 10 times more documents to get started and see the output of the model. Roadmap ID: 70805
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center: Collection of Teams conversation as transcript in Advanced eDiscovery – eDiscovery managers will soon have the flexibility to collect Teams messages as transcript items. Transcripts will aggregate and thread messages in the same Teams conversations into a single HTML file that is available for review and export. Roadmap ID: 70812
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in SPO, EXO, OneDrive for DoD – Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online will soon be available in DoD environments. Roadmap ID: 72192
  • Microsoft Compliance center: New named entities SITs and enhanced unified policy authoring templates (Public Preview) – Named entities are sensitive information types (SITs) that can’t easily be identified by a regular expression or a function; these include person names, physical addresses, and medical terms & conditions. This update adds 52 new SITs representing named entities, and 10 enhanced policy templates that can be used in solutions such as DLP and auto-labeling, and cover important regulations, such as US HIPAA and EU GDPR. Roadmap ID: 72194
  • Microsoft Information Protection: New conditions for auto-labeling in Exchange Online – An auto-labeling policy can now apply a label to Exchange Online email based on sender, recipient, subject, or header matches without requiring a scan for sensitive content. Roadmap ID: 72225
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Email entity page for GCC and DoD environments – The email entity page will contain information in parity with existing email details flyout in from Threat Explorer, along with new information regarding authentication and detections, a revamped email preview capability for cloud mailbox emails, and detonation details for related files or URLs. Roadmap ID: 81992

Release – July 2021

  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Admin review and feedback – With the new admin review feature, your security team will be able to quickly review reported messages and choose appropriate responses, automatically sending predefined but customizable emails to your end users. Roadmap ID: 82025
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Microsoft 365 Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) for GCC – Endpoint DLP extends the activity monitoring and protection capabilities of DLP to sensitive items that are on Windows 10 devices. Once devices are onboarded into device management, the information about what users are doing with sensitive items is made visible in activity explorer and you can enforce protective actions on those items via DLP policies. Roadmap ID: 81973
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Microsoft 365 Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) for GCC-H and DoD – Endpoint DLP extends the activity monitoring and protection capabilities of DLP to sensitive items that are on Windows 10 devices. Roadmap ID: 81974

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