Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 4 January 2021

Use these buttons to switch between each product’s roadmap updates.

Microsoft Information Protection

Updates listed under this heading combines the following products: Azure Information Protection, 365 compliance center, Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Security and Compliance center.

  • Launched (0)
  • Rolling out (0)
  • In development (2)






Release – January 2021

  • Microsoft Information Protection: Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in SPO, EXO, OneDrive for gov clouds – Auto-classification with sensitivity labels in OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online will soon be available in GCC, GCC-High and, DoD environments. Roadmap ID: 67125
  • Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match to support Auto-labeling – Organizations will be able to configure new or existing Auto-labeling policies using Exact Data Match (EDM) Sensitive Information Types (SITs), enabling more fine-grained control over which sensitive content gets labeled. Roadmap ID: 68881

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