Microsoft 365 monthly update – October 2022

The Microsoft 365 monthly update includes updates and recently recent features across all of Microsoft 365. Press a button to read about an individual technology or continue reading for more. You can take a look back at previous monthly updates here, plus take a look at our weekly roadmap roundup.


In SharePoint: Stream (on SharePoint), Storyline for Viva Engage/ Yammer, OneDrive folder backup for macOS, Conditional Access Improvements for Lists app on Android, Lists support for Android tablet, rules in custom List templates, create list from CSV, RAC policy for OneDrive GA, Conditional access policies for SharePoint sites, default sensitivity label for libraries (preview), anti-malware scan on file download, Forensic malware identification and extraction, migration manager updates, SPMT improvements, SharePoint data access governance (DAG) insights V1, Tenant rename, OneDrive Cross-tenant User Data Migration

Stream (on SharePoint) is now generally available

Stream (on SharePoint) is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365. Now, video can be a part of your everyday work and school apps: you can search, discover, play, share, embed, and record videos directly in Microsoft Office.

Find out more: Stream (on SharePoint) is now generally available | Do more with video in Microsoft 365

Storyline for Microsoft Viva Engage and Yammer generally available

Storyline is a new way for people to share, connect, and contribute to their organization through Yammer and the Viva Engage app. Previously, the only way to share broadly through Yammer was through communities, but communities aren’t always a perfect fit for what people want to share. In some cases, there may not be a community that matches the subject the person wants to discuss.

Note: Storyline is supported only in Microsoft Viva Engage and Yammer enterprise networks that enforce Office 365 identity.

Find out more: Overview of storyline for Yammer and Viva Engage

OneDrive: Folder Backup for macOS

older Backup enables an admin and/or end-user to redirect the local macOS Desktop and Documents folder to OneDrive. This allows you to keep using those folders to save their content while delivering the protection and access anywhere promise that OneDrive offers. The feature and relative list entries are very similar to the Folder Backup experience that has been on Windows for a while.

Find out more: Redirect and move macOS Desktop and Documents folders to OneDrive

Conditional Access Improvements for the Microsoft Lists App for Android

Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Microsoft Lists app for Android. The app was launched with App Protection Policy (APP, also known as MAM) and its support for the Require app protection policy grant control. Microsoft Lists will now also support the Conditional Access (CA) grant control, like other Microsoft 365 apps, such as SharePoint.

Find out more: How to create and assign app protection policies

List rules packaged into out-of-the-box templates

You can create rules to automate tasks such as sending someone a notification when data changes in the list or a new file is created in the library. You’ll choose a condition that triggers the rule and the action that the rule will take. Some list templates will soon come with rules pre-packaged into them to help you keep you and your team members notified of changes to data in the list. This is just another way to help keep data in Lists complete, accurate, and up to date.

Find out more: Create a rule to automate a list or library

Create a list from comma-separated values (CSV) files

You can now create new lists from data inside CSV files –often used for exchanging complex data between different applications. In Lists, select the “From CSV” option when creating a new list. When you use the Export to CSV command in a list, you get a special CSV file that includes information about the list you exported. That means if you import that same CSV into another site, you get a list that has the same column types, formatting, and data as your original list.

Find out more: Create a list from Microsoft Excel

Restricted access control (RAC) policy for OneDrive in your organization – General Availability

The OneDrive team have announced that restricted access control (RAC) policy for OneDrives is now generally available. With this policy, you can now restrict access to all OneDrives in your organization to a set of users, say all your employees only and no one else. You simply create security groups in Azure Active Directory that contains all your employees, then in SharePoint admin center configure the Limit OneDrive Access to those groups.

Find out more: Limit OneDrive access by security group

Conditional access policies for SharePoint sites, OneDrives, and Teams – General availability

Microsoft have announced the general availability of conditional access policies for SharePoint sites, OneDrives, and Teams. Simply use the SharePoint Online PowerShell to set appropriate access policy for a site, which dictates the conditions required for accessing that site. For example, for your 2025 Strategy site that is expected to have business critical content you can configure the policy to require MFA (multi-factor-authentication) for all users.

The key benefit of this capability is that users need to go through additional credential gates only when they try accessing sites or teams that contain business critical information. If your organization already has sensitivity labels deployed, then you can also associate this policy with the sensitivity labels and simply label the sites or teams appropriately.

Find out more: Conditional access policies for SharePoint sites

Default sensitivity label for document libraries (Public Preview)

The SharePoint team have announced default sensitivity label for SharePoint Document Libraries comes to public preview. With this new capability you can now protect your Office documents from the day they are created or uploaded to SharePoint document libraries. Simply set the appropriate sensitivity label for your document libraries using the Library Settings in the information panel. From that point onwards all documents, newly created or modified, in that library will be automatically labelled.

Find out more: Configure a default sensitivity label for a SharePoint document library

Forensic malware identification and extraction – General availability

Microsoft have anounced the general availability of malware identification and extraction capability. With this capability, using simple SharePoint PowerShell cmdlet administrators can find out what type of malware is present in a file that was marked as infected and extract that file from the site to perform further analysis. All this is possible without needing to elevate their access to the SharePoint or OneDrive site where the content is present.

Find out more: Built-in virus protection in SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

Migration Manager updates

Migration Manager was made generally available in 2019 and now enables you to migrate content from file shares, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Egnyte. Several new features were announced during Microsoft Ignite 2022 and include: Bulk download reports, Migration filters, and Estimated time to migrate. All these new features are planned to be made generally available by the beginning of the calendar year 2023.

Find out more: What’s new in Migration Manager

SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) improvements

The SharePoint Migration Tool can help you migrate from on-premise server sources including SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016. Now you can streamline scan and migration jobs within one tool. Secondly, the page navigation flow is revamped to make it intuitive for you to manage your migration jobs and create migration-by scenarios.

Find out more: Release Notes: SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)

SharePoint data access governance (DAG) insights V1 – General Availability

The SharePoint team have announced that V1 of data access governance (DAG) insights feature is generally available. DAG insights empower you to discover top-100 and top-10,000 sites that matter the most among millions of sites you may have and monitor/validate/tailor sharing and access policies for those sites.

Find out more: Data access governance reports

SharePoint Tenant Rename – General Availability

The SharePoint team have announced the general availability of SharePoint Tenant Rename, for tenants with less than 10K sites. This allows you to rename your tenant’s SharePoint URL let’s say from to In future, we are looking to expand this support to large tenants that have more than 10K sites.

Find out more: Change your SharePoint domain name

OneDrive Cross-tenant User Data Migration – General Availability

The OneDrive team have nnounced the general availability of OneDrive cross-tenant user data migration. With this capability you can now move users’ OneDrives across two tenants using a simple set of SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets. You can also move users’ mailboxes across tenants.

One another notable capability is, upon OneDrive move although the URL of the OneDrive has changed the sharing links to old URLs will continue to work! This is made possible by the cross-tenant redirect capability that ensures any hit to old URLs is redirected to new URL.

Find out more: Cross-tenant OneDrive migration


In Teams: Assign seats in together mode, pop out shared content, live translated captions, updated companion mode, call history, contact groups in calls app, M365 connected templates, PDF experience, suggested replies in group chat, video clip, delete/ rename files in a channel or OneDrive folder, calendar includes scheduling form, upgraded usage analytics for admins, app usage report update


Assign seats in Together mode

Together mode makes meeting participants feel more like they’re in the same room during virtual meetings. With this latest innovation, meeting organizers and presenters can now assign seats to participants in Together mode.

Find out more: Now in public preview: Assign Seats in Together Mode

Pop out shared content into a separate window

Previously, you could pop out individual Teams chat conversation, meeting, and calling experiences into a separate in window to help streamline the workflow. We are now bringing the ability for users to also pop out shared meeting content in a separate window so you can see both shared content and meeting participants with ease.

Find out more: Now in public preview: Pop out shared content into a separate window

Live Translated Captions in Teams Premium

Live translated captions for Microsoft Teams delivers AI-powered, real-time translations from 40 spoken languages so meeting participants can read captions in their own language. This helps break down language barriers for your global meetings and calls to be productive and effortless.

Find out more: Use live captions in a Teams meeting

Updated companion mode for Android users

Microsoft have updated companion mode in Teams mobile to give in-room attendees quick access to engagement features like chat, live reactions, and Microsoft Whiteboard. We are making it easier to access meeting and device controls, like the ability to join a meeting, cast a PowerPoint, mute the room, turn room cameras on and off, and more. Here are some areas companion mode in Teams mobile makes hybrid meetings better:

  1. Users can use a single tap to join a meeting on both their device and Microsoft Teams Room.
  2. Users can easily access chat, participant list (see who’s in the meeting), live reactions, and raise hands to easily participate from the room
  3. Audio on the mobile device will automatically turn off to ensure echo doesn’t happen.

Find out more: Mobile Sharing and Companion Experiences for Microsoft Teams Meetings

Detailed call history

Get a more comprehensive view of your call history to see how calls arrived, whether calls were transferred or forwarded, and how they were controlled once received. This detailed call history, combined with the ability to access call recordings and transcriptions from within call details, gives you the context you need to be efficient and productive.

Find out more: View your call history in Teams

Creation of Contact Groups in Calls App

Creation of Contact Groups is now available in the right rail pane of the Calls App. Users can now create new groups, and edit the membership of existing groups via the Calls App.

Find out more: Create, edit, or delete a contact group in Teams

Microsoft 365 connected templates

We are combining the best of Microsoft Teams templates with SharePoint site templates – into the same flow of creation. When you create a new team using a default template – for example the Manage a Project template, the project management channels and apps, and the connected SharePoint template gets applied automatically.

Find out more: Create a custom team template in Microsoft Teams

Adobe PDF experience

Tenant admins can set Adobe Acrobat as the default app in Teams admin center to view and edit PDF files in the Microsoft Teams. End-users can view, search, comment and annotate PDF files without an Adobe Acrobat subscription or an Adobe ID. This feature is in public preview.

Find out more: Adobe Acrobat as the default app

Suggested Replies in Group Chat

Instead of spending time typing a routine response to an incoming message, simply reply with one click by choosing a suggested response to your group chat. Suggested replies uses machine learning to generate responses that are most relevant to the conversation.

Find out more: Use suggested replies to respond to messages without typing in Teams

Video clip

You can now create short, lightweight, rich video clips allow you to express yourself, deliver a more personal touch and strengthen your connections. Simply record, send and view a video clip in chat. The recipient of the video clip can easily reply with a chat message or a video clip of their own. Generally available in desktop and will be in public preview in mobile by end of the year.

Find out more: Record a video clip in Teams

Delete or rename files in a channel and in your OneDrive folder in Teams

To rename or delete a file in a channel, go to the files tab and find the file you want. Then select More options (the three dots) on the file. To rename or delete a file from your OneDrive, select More at the bottom of the app, then select Files. Once you find the file you want, select the three dots and choose to rename or delete it.

Teams calendar now includes scheduling form pop-outs

In a Teams calendar, users will now be able to pop-out an existing meeting using the pop-up icon in a Teams calendar scheduling form. Users will be able to pop out the meeting and have it visible while creating a new meeting. This feature will allow users to view multiple meetings in separate windows while also being able to check their chats or edit their files without the need to switch apps.

Find out more: Manage your Teams calendar

Upgraded usage analytics for Teams administrators and users

Updates and improvements were made to Teams related usage report in the Microsoft 365 admin center (and corresponding graph APIs) to be more accurate and upgraded. Microsoft are bringing consistency across different reporting surfaces, updating the Teams admin center usage reports and end user analytics in Teams with same underlying data source as Microsoft 365 Admin Center Teams usage reports.

Find out more: Microsoft 365 admin center activity reports – Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn , Microsoft Teams analytics and reporting – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft LearnView analytics for your teams (, Microsoft 365 usage reports in Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn 

Enhancement to app usage report - support for Line of Business apps

An updated version of Teams app usage report with support for Line of Business (LoB) apps in alignment with Teams app usage in M365 admin center. The new enhancements includes the support for usage of Line of Business apps, Tenant level install trend, enhanced quality of metrics reported, tenant wide usage of Microsoft, 3rd party and LoB apps etc. These enhancements will help the admin measure the usage of the Teams app across their organization and to categorize them.

Find out more: Microsoft Teams app usage report


These features are currently available for Teams for Education customers:

  • Education Insights – Student Support Card – New AI-based Student Support spotlight in Education Insights helps educators better support students before they fall behind.

Frontline workers

These features are currently available for frontline worker customers:

  • Approvals as a PDFs can be saved, printed and transferred – Approval creators will be able to save a completed approval request to a PDF file and have the option to print it. This feature will also allow customers to easily transfer their proof of approval as a PDF to another system or store as a file.
  • Approvals in integrated SharePoint Lists – List users will now be able to create and manage simple approval requests directly within integrated SharePoint Lists.
  • Assign Approvals to a Tag in Teams – For an approval assigned to a tag, the tag will expand and send to the correct members when the approval requestor hits submit.
  • Rich notes in Tasks field – Tasks will also support rich text support in the notes field, so you can include more detailed instructions with the help of rich formatting such as bold, italic, and underlined text, bulleted and number lists, and hyperlinks. Learn more about how to get started with Tasks in Teams.


These features currently available to Microsoft’s commercial customers in multi-tenant cloud environments are now rolling out to our customers in US Government Community Cloud (GCC), US Government Community Cloud High (GCC-High), and/or United States Department of Defense (DoD):

  • Enhancement to app usage report – support for Line of Business apps – An updated version of Teams app usage report with support for Line of Business (LoB) apps in alignment with Teams app usage in M365 admin center. This will help admins track all app usage metrics over time.
  • Music on hold for Voice over IP calls, consultative transfer, and call transfer for GCCH and DOD – Music on hold is available for Voice over IP (VoIP) calls placed on hold, as well as VoIP and PSTN placed on hold for a call transfer and consultative transfer.
  • Live Share SDK support for meeting extensions – Live Share is a new developer capability designed to transform Teams meeting apps into collaborative multi-user experiences without writing any dedicated back-end code. Support for meeting extensions in the Live Share SDK enables general-purpose collaboration features, including turn-key media synchronization to co-watch videos, inking, cursors and annotations in meetings.
  • Text prediction for Teams mobile in GCC-High and DoD – When you compose or reply to a message in Teams, Editor Text Predictions anticipates your writing and suggests a suitable word or phrase inline. This saves time and helps you reduce typos.
  • Connectors in GCC – Teams Connectors, which support webhook integrations, will be made available in GCC.
  • Firefox Meeting Support for Outgoing Screen Sharing – Extend outgoing screen sharing capabilities for Teams Meetings from the Firefox browser.
  • Updated companion mode for Android users for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – For a better hybrid meeting experience, we have updated companion mode in Teams mobile to give in-room attendees quick access to engagement features like chat, live reactions, and Microsoft Whiteboard. We are making it easier to access meeting and device controls, like the ability to join a meeting, cast a PowerPoint, mute the room, turn room cameras on and off, and more.

Power Apps

In Power Apps: Test engine, dynamic group members in Dataverse, content security policy GA, ESLint rules GA, modernized business units, coauthoring public preview, maker matching public preview, communication site template, Ideas GA, modern command bar, PDF function, Teams link unfurling, read barcodes, model-driven UI updates, mobile commanding updates, Power Platform Tools, Managed Environments GA

Test Engine: An open platform for automated testing of canvas apps

Test Engine is an evolution of Power Apps testing tools. Test Engine builds upon the key use cases of Test Studio, but takes it in a new, powerful direction through open source collaboration and use of the Playwright browser testing platform. The goals of Test Engine are to provide customers with a robust testing platform for all types of Power Apps, and to make it super easy to integrate automated testing into your app development processes. 

This initial release supports the ability to author tests for Power Apps canvas applications, with plans to add support for model-driven apps, as well as enhanced tooling to facilitate integration into your CI/CD systems like GitHub and Azure DevOps. We welcome you to exercise this tool and give us feedback as we continue to build out the platform. 

Find out more: Power Apps test Engine

Azure AD Dynamic user membership group in Dataverse group teams support

Microsoft Dataverse supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) security and office groups, including the ability to differentiate Owners, Members, and Guests. To complete the full Azure AD group functionality, Microsoft have extended the Azure AD group support to include dynamic user membership group type.

The dynamic user membership type leverages business rules to manage the group membership. Group members are added/removed dynamically based on the business rules, eg where Department = “Sales” for all users from the Sales department.  Power Platform Dataverse authentication and authorization were extended to support this Azure AD group type. 

Find out more: Manage group teams

Content Security Policy for Power Apps now generally available

In September this year, Microsoft announced the public preview of Content Security Policy. When you turn on Content Security Policy for an environment, you can enable protection for clickjacking attacks for apps in that environment and receive policy violation reports to your custom reporting endpoint. You can control the Content Security Policy for Model-driven apps and Canvas apps separately.  

Content Security Policy for Power Apps is now generally available. It is recommended you turn on the Content Security Policy in production environments after testing your apps in a sandbox environment with this setting turned on. 

Find out more: Content security policy

ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 now generally available

In July this year, Microsoft announced the public preview of ESlint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365. This brought the solution checker rules to your development environment, which helped you find and address issues in your JavaScript and TypeScript code directly in your VSCode before packing them into the solution file.

ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 is now generally available. It is strongly recommended you include the ESLint for Power Apps npm package in your development environment to improve the quality of your customizations and avoid packaging unsafe customizations to the solution.

Find out more: Use solution checker to validate your model-driven apps in Power Apps

Modernized Business Units

Microsoft have extended the business unit security model by allowing security roles from different business units to be assigned to a user/team. This allows a user/team to access data from different business units based on their security roles to support the Matrix data access structure vs the traditional hierarchical data access structure. 

User can update the Owning Business unit column to set the record’s ownership, and other users who are assigned with a security role from this Owning Business unit can access the record. User can also change the record ownership to another user without the need for the new record owner to have a security role from the record’s Owning Business unit. This reduces the operation overhead to manage and assign security role from different business units for easier collaboration while maintaining the high level of security compliance.  

Find out more: Matrix data access structure (Modernized Business Units)

Coauthoring in Modern app designer (Public Preview)

The Power Apps team have announced that Coauthoring is now available in most of the regions allowing fusion teams to build better apps faster. With coauthoring you can see who is working on the same app at the same time, and you can see their applied changes in real-time. You don’t need to worry anymore about your changes, because coauthoring helps you avoid the unintentional overwrite of each other’s changes.

Find out more: Announcing public preview of coauthoring in Modern app designer

Maker matching (Public Preview)

Connect with experienced makers in your organization to help you during app development! The virtual agent will also surface your organizations internal community channels and resources to help you stay connected. 

Find out more: Connect with other makers in your organization via maker matching, now in public preview!

Power Platform communication site template

The Power Platform team launched the Power Platform communication site template this month. The Power Platform communication site template is a SharePoint communication site that provides you with a starting point of content and page templates as you’re setting up your internal Power Platform wiki and hub site.

This communication site is designed to be the place where the Power Platform maker and user community within your organization can find the news and resources they need, including digital governance and compliance guardrails, upcoming events, success stories and more. 

Find out more: Create an internal Microsoft Power Platform hub

Power Apps Ideas now generally available

Power Apps Ideas are now generally available. Now you can easily write a Power Fx formula using natural language or examples.  

We know that Power Fx is a low code programming language, makes it possible for hundreds of millions of people with the Excel-like skills to add advanced logic to their apps. However sometimes it’s not easy to write a formula, even for the most experienced Power Fx users, as it may sometimes take a lot of time searching for, learning about and debugging complex formulas.  

Find out more: Announcing general availability of Power Apps Ideas

Modern command bar is on by default for existing apps in Canvas

The modern command bar will be enabled by default for all existing apps in Canvas in North America on 11/07/22. The new command bar not only has a modern look and feel, but is also designed to improve your authoring experience. It allows a seamless customization experience of editing common controls by dynamically displaying the common properties directly within the command bar. 

Find out more: Understand Power Apps Studio

Introducing the PDF function

In 2021, the Print function was released to accommodate scenarios where app users needed to print physical copies of a screen’s contents. We’re taking that concept a step further this month with our release of the PDF function.   

This experimental release unlocks many scenarios where app users need to send screen content. The PDF can be configured to include an entire screen’s contents or a specific part, and they can expand to include tabular data that extends beyond the visible area of the screen, extending onto multiple pages.   

Find out more: PDF function in Power Apps (experimental)

Teams link unfurling for canvas apps

The Power Platform team have announced the launch of link unfurling in Teams for canvas apps. Previously, when a user copied an app URL & pasted the link into a Teams message to send to colleagues, users would only receive the app’s full link or a shortened vanity URL. Additionally, a click on the app’s link would launch the app in a browser, forcing the user to leave Teams to view and use the app. Now, starting with canvas apps, the Power Apps app link will unfurl into an adaptive card from which recipients can directly add the app to Teams or open the app in a browser.

Find out more: Share apps using Teams

Read selected barcodes using your device’s camera

Scan barcodes – include QR, data-matrix, CODABAR, and more – on Android and iOS devices using the new experimental Barcode Reader control. This new control supports more types of barcodes and enables users to select which barcode in view to read instead of automatically reading the first detected barcode.  

Find out more: Barcode reader control in Power Apps (experimental)

Model-driven app form UI enhancements

Form UX enhancements target improvised data presentation. These include set of multiple small changes:

  • Light grey form-background and shadows are added to form sections to make it easier to visually navigate the page.
  • Forms now have consistent use of fonts and higher data density via reduced white space and removal of field dividers.
  • Also, quick view form labels are displayed on top instead of icons.

Find out more: Create and design model-driven app forms

Mobile commanding improvements

Mobile commanding improvements provide easy access to contextual commands when you’re using Power Apps mobile via opt-in settings. Delete and process commands are only displayed when they are relevant. Global injected commands such as Edit columns, Edit filters, and Show Chart have been moved from the main set of commands to overflow menu.

The command bar on Power Apps mobile for tablets is now located at the top like to the web app. This helps with more commands available to user utilizing the larger tablet viewport.

Find out more: Use model-driven apps on Power Apps mobile

Power Platform Developer Tools monthly release (September Refresh)

The Power Platform team have announced a new update for the month of October i.e., “September Refresh”. Those of you who have been following us already know of this trend, because the work our team does in the prior month gets released in the following month. Hence in October, we release the September Refresh. With that statement aside, here is what’s included in this release:

  • Integrating PRT, CMT, PD into the Power Platform CLI
  • solution export with “_managed” added to the name
  • Package deploy defaults to async for solution import
  • Admin commands update

Find out more: Power Platform Developer Tools monthly release (September Refresh)

Managed Environments now generally available

Managed Environments are now generally available. Enabling people with diverse technical and nontechnical skills to contribute to the development process through low-code tools has unlocked an explosion of apps. While low-code has accelerated companies’ abilities to innovate, it has also introduced new dimensions to scaling and managing your developer community.

Find out more: The future of low-code governance with Managed Environments for Power Platform

Power Automate

In Power Automate: 14 new verified, 10 independent publisher connectors, Power Automate Desktop update, automate document processing, Ignite 2022 updates

14 new verified, 10 independent publisher connectors released in September 2022

There were 14 new verified and 10 new independent publisher connectors released through September 2022 for Power Automate. Let’s take a look:

Verified connectors

  • Centrical – Brings together real-time performance management, personalized micro-learning, augmented coaching, and advanced gamification to personally guide employees and their managers to success.
  • ConsenSys Ethereum – A fully-managed proxy service that allows power apps and flows to integrate with the Ethereum blockchain and the Quorum Blockchain Services (QBS).
  • DQ on Demand  – A complete suite of functions providing you with easy access to a data quality marketplace through the Microsoft Power Platform. 
  • FactSet – Delivers superior content, analytics, and flexible technology to help more than 170,000 users globally and is continuing to open up its powerful workstation content and analytics with API access.
  • iManage Work – Industry-leading provider of document and email management solutions for knowledge workers.
  • IN-D Invoice Data Capture – IN-D Invoice Data Capture connector converts static documents (scanned, PDFs, screenshots, etc.) into usable information to fuel your business processes.
  • Power Assist – Elevate Digital’s Power Assist connector offers actions to manipulate data in familiar ways that are currently difficult or unsupported within Power Automate and Power Apps.
  • SmartCOMM Doc-Gen ap10-sb – Allows businesses more control over their business-critical customer communications. 
  • Talkdesk – Global cloud contact center leader for customer-obsessed companies. 
  • Tesseron ASM Ticket – This connector allows you to create, edit and search Tickets in your Tesseron ASM Instance.
  • Text Request – Text Request is a service to help businesses reach customers through texting and conversation management. Use
  • Tikit – Tikit is a Microsoft 365 Service Desk that matures with your Microsoft 365 technology adoption and revolves around the center of where you work every day – Microsoft Teams.
  • Vocean – Retrieve the insights gathered within Vocean for further use with programs already tightly involved in your organization. 
  • Yarado – Helps Power Automate users increase productivity, using RPA to connect users to processes outside the Power Automate environment

Independent Publisher connectors

  • Connpass by Miyake Hideo – Using the connpass, you can search and collect information about IT workshops and events.
  • Fantasy Premier League by Joe Unwin – Fantasy Premier League stats, events and league information.
  • HTTP Garden by Troy Taylor – Gardening for every Hyper Text Transfer Protocol response status code. Provides an image for each status code.
  • Mapbox by Simone Lin – Mapbox allows you to access its navigation, location search and static map generation services to create interactive/static maps in your application.
  • Mockaroo by Rick Wilson – Mockaroo can be used to generate realistic sample data to help test applications.
  • Near Earth Object Web Service by Troy Taylor Near Earth Object Web Service (NeoWs) is a service for near earth asteroid information.
  • Owlbot by Troy Taylor – Owlbot searches the internet to index information and making them accessible. 
  • PrexView by Troy Taylor – PrexView makes it simple to convert your data to different formats. 
  • USGS Earthquake Hazards by Troy Taylor – The United States Geological Survey (USGS) monitors and reports on earthquakes, assesses earthquake impacts and hazards, and conducts targeted research on the causes and effects of earthquakes. 
  • You Need A Budget by Troy Taylor – You Need A Budget (YNAB) allows you to build a personal application to interact with your own budget or build an application that any other YNABer can authorize and use.

Find out more: New ways to innovate with AI and Microsoft Power Automate | 10 New Independent Publisher Connectors in September 2022

Power Automate for desktop – October 2022 update

Automate for desktop (version 2.25) has been released. Let’s take a look at some of the updates:

  • Multiple selection of flows is now available in the console
  • GA of UI automation for desktop apps in a Citrix or Microsoft RDP virtual desktop

Find out more: Power Automate for desktop – October 2022 update

Automate Document Processing end-to-end with AI Builder

At Ignite 2022, the Power Automate team shared advances in Intelligent Document Processing as well as new AI capabilities that will allow you to automate more scenarios with better performance, using Power Automate and AI Builder:

  • Unstructured Document Processing
  • Improved accuracy and language support with Azure Form Recognizer 3.0
  • Multi-page Tables
  • Multi-Line Tagging
  • Feedback Loop
  • Governing and sharing models
Multi-Line Tagging with AI Builder

Find out more: Automate Document Processing end-to-end with AI Builder

AI and Power Automate updates from Microsoft Ignite 2022

At Ignite 2022, the Power Automate team shared some exciting innovations for Microsoft Power Automate, empowering makers and pro-coders with new ways to automate and scale enterprise-wide with AI, including:

Describe it and let AI build it – Creating flows is the foundation of Power Automate, and now you can describe what you want to automate in a sentence, and an AI-based copilot will build your flow in seconds.

Format data by examples – Now, we’ve made this super simple for users by allowing them to format data by examples. Like what we’ve done with Power Apps Ideas (preview), we’re bringing this similar experience to Power Automate, powered by PROSE.

Advancements in AI Builder – Document processing has been the most frequently used feature in AI Builder due to how mundane and time consuming the nature of processing documents can be. We are pleased to share that we are improving the experience even further with our newest feature updates to Intelligent Document Processing.

Automate through conversation with Power Virtual Agents – Starting November 10, 2022, a new bot authoring experience will automatically turn on in preview for users. This new experience unifies the sophistication of low-code and pro-code capabilities, which is a fusion of the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework Composer and Power Virtual Agents’ bot building experience. Pro-code and low-code users can build together with multi-authoring and commenting capabilities, while taking advantage of the latest functionalities, such as Power Fx and code views.

Automate SAP with reimagined connect and new solution – Microsoft announced details about the enhancements that have been made to the SAP ERP connector that support SAP system connectivity to Power Platform and the ability for a flow maker to work with SAP’s complex application program interfaces (APIs) within Power Automate flows.

Automate natively in Excel Online – The Power Automate team are integrating Power Automate natively into Excel Online, letting you create custom flows using pre-built templates, tailored to what you can accomplish with Excel. Excel Online now has an “Automate” tab in the ribbon. 

Automate with embedded experiences – WorkFusion and DocuSign are joining the Cloud Embed program for Power Automate. Cloud Embed allows independent software vendors (ISV) to embed Power Automate directly into their user experience (UX).

Scale with the hosted RPA bots – Hosted RPA bots allow you to run unattended RPA at scale and is fully hosted in the cloud. It’s easy to setup your hosted RPA bots, just provide a few parameters: Just give it a name, the maximum number of parallel bots allocated to this group, which base image and account to be used and you’re all set.

Power BI

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Power BI October 2022 Feature Summary

This month’s update includes updates to features like Power BI metrics, Modeling, Deployment pipelines, and more.

Find out more: Power BI October 2022 Feature Summary

Power BI Ideas site improvement updates

Several enhancements have been made to the Power BI Ideas site, including:

  • Search for related ideas during new idea creation
  • Enable personal MSA accounts

Find out more: Power BI Ideas site improvement updates

On-premises data gateway October release

The Power BI team have announced that we have just released the October update for the on-premises data gateway (version 3000.146.10).

Find out more: On-premises data gateway October release

Submetric roll ups in Power BI Metrics

The Power BI team have announced a much anticipated release in the Metrics experience: With submetric roll ups, it’s easier than ever to aggregate your metric values so you can spend less time crafting multiple scorecards and connections, and more time analyzing your performance.

With the release of current and target roll ups, you can set automatic aggregations of your submetric values to show in your parent metric. You can select from aggregation types of sum, average, min and max values.

Find out more: Announcing submetric roll ups in Power BI Metrics


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