Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 10th October 2022


  • Launched (4)
  • Rolling out (5)
  • In development (15)


  • Microsoft Teams: Intelligent translation in Teams Mobile – Teams Android will now prompt you to translate messages that are not in your language. Roadmap ID: 96481
  • Microsoft Teams: Intelligent translation in Teams Mobile – Teams iOS will now prompt you to translate messages that are not in your set language. Roadmap ID: 96545
  • Microsoft Teams: Shared templates between Teams and SharePoint – Team templates and SharePoint templates are now shared for specific use cases. Roadmap ID: 84724
  • Microsoft Teams: Search results page in Teams – A new search experience in Teams will make finding messages, people, answers, and files faster and more intuitive. A redesigned search results page provides better context and faster results, with AI-powered relevance based on the people and content you engage with most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. Roadmap ID: 66583


  • Microsoft Viva: Quiet time settings in Teams and Outlook – To help create better boundaries and protect your personal time, later this year Viva Insights will offer the ability to configure quiet time to silence mobile notifications from Outlook and Teams outside your working hours as well as provide personalized insights on how well you are disconnecting. You will also be able to set quiet time directly from Teams and Outlook mobile. Roadmap ID: 85627
  • Microsoft Teams: Connectors in GCC – Teams Connectors, which support webhook integrations, will be made available in GCC. Roadmap ID:96290
  • Microsoft Teams: Music on hold for call transfer – Music can be played to callers on hold when a call transfer is initiated. Roadmap ID:98431
  • Microsoft Teams: People targeting Graph API – This allows organizations to publish content to multiple teams. Today, the hierarchy is used for task publishing to distribute task lists across multiple teams based on team attributes. Today, customers must use a preview version of PowerShell since we do not have Graph APIs to upload their hierarchy. Having Graph APIs for this hierarchy would Give customers capabilities to work with their hierarchies through Graph for both querying the hierarchy and for end-to-end workflows Remove the barrier of downloading the preview cmdlets from PowerShell once we eventually get the APIs out and release new cmdlets. Roadmap ID: 99191
  • Microsoft Teams: Video clip – Video clip is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables the user to record, review, send and view short, lightweight video message in Teams chat from desktop and mobile. Roadmap ID: 97158


Release – October 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Zero install link unfurling – Users can now see a preview card when a pasted link unfurls even when they don’t have the app installed. Roadmap ID: 98723

Release – November 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Approvals Graph API’s – The Approvals Graph APIs allows developers to create and manager Approvals from any application. This set of APIs allows users to integrate Approvals with line of business application and automate creation and updates of approvals. Roadmap ID: 94653
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Magnify slide in PowerPoint Live – Allow meeting attendees to privately magnify the slide and allow presenters to magnify the slide for all meeting attendees. Roadmap ID: 96758
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Browser screen pop for incoming PSTN calls – Admins can enable policy so that on acceptance of a PSTN call, an automatic browser launch can happen alongside Teams, displaying relevant information (CRM data, case data, etc.) to the user. Roadmap ID: 98054

Release – December 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Paging on Video Gallery – When you are in gallery view, and there are more videos than what can be shown at once on the meeting stage (the maximum number can vary depending on your device configuration and internet bandwidth), navigation controls and will appear below the Video Gallery to see additional videos of the attendees. You can use these controls to view more video participants. Roadmap ID:86480
  • Microsoft Teams: ISV App Subscriptions instead of 3P app subscriptions. – Ability for Teams users to view and manage in single place all third-party app subscriptions they’ve purchased in the Teams app store, without leaving the Teams client. Easily adding more licenses for the purchased subscriptions, cancel, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and access invoices. Roadmap ID:92484
  • Microsoft Teams: Expanding up to 10,000 users in Distribution Lists for lobby policy in Teams meeting – Currently, if you change your lobby policy in a Teams Meeting to “Invited Users Only” and invite a Distribution List (DL), only the first 1,000 users of that DL will be recognized and let through the lobby. All other users a part of the DL will not be recognized and will be placed in the lobby. With this update, up to 10,000 users of that given DL will be recognized and let through the lobby if the lobby policy is set to “Invited Users Only.” Roadmap ID:93585

Release – January 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Viva Connections for your Frontline Teams members – Frontline employees with an F license will have an out of box Viva Connections experience tailored to their frontline needs. This experience includes a dashboard with relevant frontline cards such as Tasks, Shifts, Approvals, and Top news. Roadmap ID: 99706
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable or Enable all Attendees’ Video for DoD – Ability in DoD to disable and enable videos for all attendees before or during a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID:91665
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable or Enable a Single Attendee’s Video for DoD – Ability to disable and enable a single attendee’s video in a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID:91666
  • Microsoft Teams: Join a meeting by digital code for GCC-High and DoD – User can join a meeting by entering a digital code. Roadmap ID:94620
  • Microsoft Teams: Live reactions in Teams Meetings for DoD – React during a meeting using emojis that will appear to all participants. Roadmap ID:83251

Release – February 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment for DoD – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID:85437

Release – March 2023

  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment for DoD – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID:85437

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