Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 28th March 2022

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  • Launched (10)
  • Rolling out (9)
  • In development (15)


  • Microsoft Teams: Roaming bandwidth control – Roaming bandwidth control is a new capability that allows admins to set dynamic bandwidth policies which are based upon the geographic location of users’ Teams clients. This allows admins to set more limited bandwidth controls for when users travel to remote or bandwidth constrained locations, and then relax limitations when they travel to a location with higher bandwidth capacity.  Initially two settings from the Teams Meeting Policy will be included – AllowIPVideo, andMediaBitRateKb. Roadmap ID:81350
  • Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie on iOS in GCC – Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay on the same page. This native built-in app in Teams turns employee or company-owned iOS smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie, reducing the number of devices employees must carry and lowering costs for IT. Roadmap ID:91561
  • Microsoft Teams: Live Captions for Anonymous (Guest) Users – Anonymous (Guest) Users are now able to view Live Captions in Teams Meetings on desktop.  Roadmap ID:93049
  • Microsoft Teams: Mute Notifications During Meetings – Users will be able to mute notifications during meetings thereby helping focus during meetings. A user can choose to mute notifications for all meetings or per meeting basis.  Roadmap ID:87452
  • Microsoft Teams: Share specific parts of the App to meeting stage – We have introduced new API’s within the Teams Client SDK that will provide developers the ability to share specific content within their app to the meeting stage from the app side panel experience. Roadmap ID:87799
  • Microsoft Teams: List of the joined teams per user in Teams admin center  – Teams administrators can view the list of teams that a user has joined. Roadmap ID:87969
  • Microsoft Teams: Check-in and room release for Teams panels – Allow users to “check in” to a meeting room from a Teams panel. If no users check in to the room, the scheduled meeting is removed from the room’s calendar. The room is then returned to the room inventory and available for other users to reserve and use.  Roadmap ID:86731
  • Microsoft Teams: Wired HDMI ingest for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Support for wired HDMI ingest for sharing from a desktop. Roadmap ID:66357
  • Microsoft Teams: Create a task from a message in Microsoft Teams – Quickly create tasks right from any Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation without having to switch apps or windows. Select More options on a Teams message to choose ‘Create task’ and track in the Tasks app in Teams. This feature was postponed for GCC.  Roadmap ID:68696
  • Microsoft Teams: Time Clock APIs – Now, with new Time Clock APIs, organizations can create rules such as how late someone can clock-in without requiring manager approval or requiring a health screening survey before clocking-in for the day. Roadmap ID:66317


  • Microsoft Teams: Answer Meeting Nudges with Video for iOS – This feature brings the ability for iOS devices to automatically answer incoming meeting nudges with their video on. The feature availability is controlled through AutoAnswerwithVideo. Roadmap ID:82325
  • Microsoft Teams: Support of Live Caption for Teams on VDI for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 – Teams users on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will be able to use live captions. Live captions display the text version of the audio during the call. Item has been delayed and is being rescheduled.  Roadmap ID:85693
  • Microsoft Teams: Export Teams list from Teams Admin Center – Administrators can export Teams list as a csv file from Teams admin center. Roadmap ID:85704
  • Microsoft Teams: Forms Integration with Microsoft Bookings – Associate Forms templates to Booking services to send forms for data intake from attendees prior to joining a Booking appointment.  Roadmap ID:87607
  • Microsoft Teams: Casting from Teams desktop client to Microsoft Teams Rooms – For quick ad-hoc sessions that don’t require setting up a formal meeting, people can use Teams casting to wirelessly connect to a Teams Room and display content from the Teams desktop client (Windows and Mac). Users can broadcast their screen and cast content stored locally on their computer or accessible via Office 365. Roadmap ID:88027
  • Microsoft Teams: Virtual Visits usage report in Teams Admin Center – The Virtual Visits usage report in the Microsoft Teams admin center gives you an overview of Teams Virtual Visits activity in your organization for Global Admins and Teams Admin. Customer can view detailed activity for virtual appointments scheduled through the Bookings app and the Microsoft Teams Electronic Health Records (EHR) connector.  Roadmap ID:88792
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat filter for non-meeting chats – There will be a new chat filter within the Chat app which filters out meeting chats and chats with bots. It filters in one on one and group chats.    Roadmap ID:89436
  • Microsoft Teams: Search in Teams Admin Center (Preview) – Admins can search for users, teams, pages and settings using a common search box in Teams admin center.  Roadmap ID:83671
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage tags in Teams programmatically – Microsoft Teams Tags APIs are now in public preview – This set of APIs can be used to programmatically assign users tags in a team, making tag creation and maintenance faster and easier. Tags in Teams let users quickly reach a group of people without having to @mention or type out everyone individually. Users can use tags to start a chat or by @mentioning a tag in a channel post. For more information on tag in teams, see Using tags in Teams. Using these new APIs, developers can now: create tags in a team and assign users,  get a list of tags in a team, update tags or delete tags. Roadmap ID:81093


Release – March 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Restore “Present” button on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows – The “Present” button moves back to the Teams Rooms console home screen and will be named Share. Cortana push-to-talk button is moved to the bottom of the home screen, allowing users to continue using Cortana seamlessly while presenting HDMI content from Teams Rooms device console. The Cortana design change is available in Teams Rooms with the Cortana voice assistance policy enabled.    Roadmap ID:93985
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Blue Yonder connector for Shifts –  Connect the Blue Yonder Workforce Management system to Shifts and empower your frontline workers to manage schedules more effectively in one place, while staying compliant with business and labor rules. The connector can be configured using the Microsoft Admin Center and PowerShell commandlets.   Roadmap ID:89109

Release – April 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Exchange Contacts available in Calling pickers – Exchange contacts with associated phone numbers will be available as part of the drop down selection in all Calling people pickers, such as the Dialer or call transfer, for customers that have PSTN enabled.   Roadmap ID:93050
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Presenter mode: Controls to move and resize presenter video – Presenter mode video controls enable presenters to move and resize presenter video feed and automatically adjusts content size accordingly. This can be applied to all modes on Desktop or Window sharing including standout, side-by-side, and reporter. Roadmap ID:88566
  • Microsoft Teams: Suggested Replies in chats – Suggested replies in Teams chat uses assistive AI to create short responses based on the context of the previous message. Suggested replies presents users with up to three recommended responses to choose from.  Roadmap ID:92674
  • Microsoft Teams: LinkedIn Integration in Teams – Users will be able to see LinkedIn profiles of their colleagues in 1:1 chat. The LinkedIn profile is available via the LinkedIn tab in the 1:1 chat panel.   Roadmap ID:89132
  • Microsoft Teams: New Tag Management Settings – This feature will update default tag management settings in the Teams Admin Center to include ”Team owners and members” and not just “Team owners.” You can still update this to only “Team owners” at the tenant level and override the default.   Roadmap ID:88318
  • Microsoft Teams: Anonymous meeting join across clouds – Join meetings in other clouds anonymously from your Teams desktop app (across clouds).  We will be enabling this in three phases. First, Commercial and GCC customers will be able to join meetings in GCC-High and DOD clouds. Next, we will enable GCC-High customers to join Commercial, GCC and DOD meetings. Then, we will enable DOD customers to join Commercial, GCC, and GCC-High meetings. Item has been delayed and is being rescheduled.  Roadmap ID:86311

Release – May 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Enhancement to app usage report – support for Line of Business apps – An updated version of Teams app usage report with support for Live of business apps in alignment with Teams app usage in M365 admin center. This will help admins track all app usage metrics over time.  Roadmap ID:70677

Release – June 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: RTMP Streaming Support for GCC-High and DoD – Enables support for your users to stream their Teams meetings to large audiences through Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), including endpoints outside your organization.  Roadmap ID:93635
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Global sign in and sign out – Teams iOS app will support Global sign-in and sign-out to simplify the experience for Frontline Workers. Employees can now use any device from the shared device pool to sign in with their credentials and sign out of it at the end of the shift. This will remove all their personal and company information from the device. Roadmap ID:85736
  • Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment for DoD – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID:85437
  • Microsoft Teams: New Lobby Setting: Only Invited Users join directly for GCC – A new lobby setting is coming to Teams Meeting Options. We are adding “People I Invite” as an option to the “Who can bypass lobby?” setting. Once enabled, only the participants invited by the organizer in meeting invite will be able to join the meeting directly. Everyone else will be sent to the lobby. Item has been delayed and is being rescheduled  Roadmap ID:86069
  • Microsoft Teams: Direct guest join for Zoom and Webex meetings on video-enabled certified Teams Android devices – Direct guest join (aka Third-party meeting join) is an ability to join meetings of other meeting providers from Microsoft Teams. Third-party meetings will appear on the Teams calendar and users will be able to join them the same way they join any other Teams meeting. This functionality will be limited to video-enabled certified Teams Android devices and will support only Zoom and Webex meetings. Roadmap ID:81482


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