Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 9 November 2020

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  • Language-aware proofing – Spellchecking will appear in the language the message in which it was written in the Teams desktop app. Roadmap ID: 65446
  • Turn off text previews for chat notifications – Users can get more privacy by changing their settings to turn off message previews in chat notifications. Roadmap ID: 66744
  • Microsoft Teams: Templates for creation of a new Team – With Templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team. IT professionals can also create new custom templates for their organization, allowing them to standardize team structures, surface relevant apps, and scale best practices. Roadmap ID: 67110
  • Microsoft Teams: Freehand by Invision available in the popped out meeting window – You can now use the Freehand by Invision app to collaborate in meetings that pop out in the new meeting experience. Roadmap ID: 67170
  • Microsoft Teams: New Offline Presence Status – Teams users will soon have the ability to change their presence for a specific period of time. Roadmap ID: 68727
  • Microsoft Teams: File Viewer Upgrades for Gov Clouds – Teams file viewer is being upgraded for Gov clouds from legacy to OneUp for non Office file types and to unified app for Office file types (Word, Powerpoint and Excel). Roadmap ID: 66200
  • Microsoft Teams: spotlight an individual video participant for all attendees in a Teams meeting for GCC and GCC High – Microsoft are delivering the ability for presenters to lock on an individual video feed for all attendees to see during a Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 67141


  • 👀 Polls in Teams Meetings – Meeting presenters can prepare, launch, and evaluate polls before, during, and after meetings, respectively, all from one place under a tab in the Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 68837
  • New Teams meeting pre-join experience – The new -rejoin screen includes easier discovery for audio, video, and device selection configurations before joining a Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 67089


Release – November 2020

  • Time clock in Shifts for web & desktop – Time clock, the ability to clock in and out of your shifts, in Shifts in Teams will be available on web and desktop. Roadmap ID: 64782
  • Tagging by Shifts – This new feature automatically assigns users with tags matching their schedule and shift group name from the Shifts app in Teams. Roadmap ID: 64972
  • Microsoft Teams for RealWear – FirstLine Workers using RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 can now collaborate with a remote expert using video calling on Teams. Roadmap ID: 65038
  • Queue sent messages when offline – When attempting to send messages while offline, Teams will queue messages and send once a network connection is re-established. Roadmap ID: 64687
  • Pinned posts – Users will be able to pin any message in a channel to the channel information pane for all members to see. Roadmap ID: 64334
  • Multiteam Support in Shifts – Employees will be able to access their shifts, other user’s shifts, requests, open shifts, their profile, other user’s profiles in a multi-team manner. Roadmap ID: 50988
  • Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: Off Shift Access Control V1 – Off shift access  is a new setting that can be enabled by IT administrators to provide a notification to Firstline Workers when they access the Teams app on their personal device outside payable hours. Roadmap ID: 61180
  • Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: On/Off Shift V2 – IT admins have the option to block the entire Teams app when a user is off shift. Roadmap ID: 59722
  • Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: On/Off Shift Presence – IT admins can enable Firstline Workers to get shift-based presence (On shift and Off shift). Roadmap ID: 57173
  • Microsoft Teams: Customizable Praise Badges – Ability to create custom Praise badges (title, colors, images, language) that expresses company culture. Roadmap ID: 64978
  • Microsoft Teams (Education): Link thumbnail preview in Assignments – Thumbnail preview gives students a quick preview of a linked resource before clicking through to the material. Roadmap ID: 66565
  • Microsoft Teams: Shift Schedule Assistance – Shifts schedule assistance will alert managers if conflicts occur anywhere in the schedule and they will receive conflict warnings when approving schedule change requests. Roadmap ID: 66609
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams and Power Automate – Simpler automation for everyone – New workflow templates will be made available, and using those templates to build automation will become easier with a simplified editor experience. Roadmap ID: 68120
  • Overflow meetings – When attendees exceed the meeting attendee limit, the meeting will scale to accommodate up to 20,000 in an experience where they can watch. Roadmap ID: 65952
  • MacOS native notifications in Teams – Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via macOS native notifications. Roadmap ID: 66743
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams EHR connector – The new Microsoft Teams EHR connector will allow clinicians and patients to launch a virtual patient visit or consult with another provider in Teams directly from their electronic health record system. Roadmap ID: 68728
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Graph API for Teams Export (Preview) – Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) for Microsoft Teams is a key scenario for our customer as it allows them to solve for retention, indexing, e-discovery, classification, and regulatory requirements. Roadmap ID: 68731
  • Microsoft Teams: Meetings extensibility – Teams meeting extensibility will enable developers to integrate their apps into the experience and construct of a meeting. Roadmap ID: 68733
  • Microsoft Teams: Power Automate actions for meetings, teams, channels, and chat – New Power Automate actions: “Create a Teams meeting”, “Send message to a channel”, “get @mention token”, “Create a team”, “Add users to a team”; New Power Automate triggers: “User leaves a team”. Roadmap ID: 68752
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage Teams displays in Team Admin Center – Microsoft are adding the Teams Display, one more device category that can be now managed within Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 68754
  • Microsoft Teams: Per-Meeting settings for Controlling NDI (Network Device Interface)-Out – The NDI-Out feature will be updated to be a per-meeting control. Roadmap ID: 68836
  • Microsoft Teams: Together mode for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Together mode uses AI segmentation technology in meetings to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else. Roadmap ID: 6884766716
  • Microsoft Teams: PowerPoint File Sharing in GCC-High and DOD – PowerPoint File Sharing allows you to share a PowerPoint file within a Teams Meeting without having to use Desktop or Window sharing. Roadmap ID: 68926
  • Microsoft Teams: Share System Audio on Mac – This will allow Mac desktop users to include audio when sharing their Desktop or Window during a Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 68941

Release – December 2020

  • Virtual Breakout Rooms – Meeting hosts can create breakout rooms to be used by meeting participants for smaller group discussion. Roadmap ID: 65332
  • Microsoft Teams: Enable tenant administrators to configure masking of PSTN participant phone numbers – Tenants with Audio Conferencing enabled will be able to define how Audio Conferencing participants’ phone numbers appear in the roster view for meetings scheduled within their organization: masked to external users, masked for everyone, or off (visible to everyone). Roadmap ID: 67091
  • 👀 Additional settings for multiple Accounts and Organizations – Added support within Teams desktop to be able to add one personal account, along with one work/school account, change their profile picture, and switch between accounts and orgs through Settings. Roadmap ID: 68845
  • 👀 Update to meeting participant’s access to meeting chat – People added to a meeting via a meeting link and were not added to the original meeting invite will no longer have access to chats, files, notes, and other meeting content after the meeting ends. Roadmap ID: 68853

Release – January 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Live Event Presenter for iPad – Live Event Presenters can now present from their iPad to the audience. Roadmap ID: 68846


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