Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 26 October 2020

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  • Priority Notifications in Gov Clouds – Share urgent messages and time-sensitive information more effectively with Teams. Priority notifications alert a recipient of an urgent message on their mobile and desktop devices until a response is received, every two minutes for up to 20 minutes. Roadmap ID: 64689
  • Reverse number lookup enhancements – With these latest enhancements, the Telco display name will now also show up in your Activity Feed, Call History, and Voicemail. Roadmap ID: 64405
  • Microsoft Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetings – With new enhancements, we’ll allow you to download the report after the meeting within the Meeting Chat. Roadmap ID: 66459
  • Live Captions with speaker attribution – Teams already provides live captions as a way to follow along with what is being said in the meeting, Microsoft are also adding speaker attribution so captions will specify who is speaking. Roadmap ID: 65949
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage your meeting options in-meeting – Meetings organizers can now view and update meeting options within the in-meeting making it easier and faster to manage your meeting options during a meeting. Roadmap ID: 67121
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting transfers and companion devices – End users can transfer meetings between mobile, desktop, and web, and add another device as a companion to their meeting. Roadmap ID: 67176
  • Microsoft Teams: ARM 64 Native Teams App – We will soon release a native ARM64 Teams client that provides improved performance and reliability on ARM devices. Roadmap ID: 68725
  • Microsoft Teams: Changes in Incoming IP Video policy (New Audio and Video Policies) – Microsoft are extending the Allow IP Video policy to prevent both outgoing and incoming video as needed. Tenant administrators can use this policy to manage bandwidth. Roadmap ID: 68948


  • Turn off text previews for chat notifications – Users can get more privacy by changing their settings to turn off message previews in chat notifications. Roadmap ID: 66744
  • Microsoft Teams: Custom Meeting Images – Admins will now be able to add a customer logo to the Teams experience, for display in the lobby and meeting pre-join experience. The logo will be displayed for meetings where the organizer has the Advanced Comms SKU. Roadmap ID: 67113
  • 👀 Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint – Ability to save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint for improved sharing capabilities, basic governance, automatic retention labels, go local, bring your own keys and, more that comes from recording video files and storing them in SharePoint and OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 67138
  • 👀 Advanced Audit: optional 10 year audit log retention add-on – To help meet rigorous regulatory and internal compliance obligations or conduct longer running investigations, organizations can now add 10-year audit log retention to Advanced Audit. Once enabled, you can access the logs in the Microsoft 365 compliance center or through the Office 365 Management Activity API. Roadmap ID: 68805


Release – October 2020

  • Microsoft Teams: Outgoing screen-sharing support on Safari – Teams meetings in Safari 13 and later will now support outgoing screen sharing. A participant can share their screen. No configuration is needed. Roadmap ID: 67174
  • Microsoft Teams: Per-Meeting settings for Controlling NDI (Network Device Interface)-Out – The NDI-Out feature will be updated to be a per-meeting control. Roadmap ID: 68836

Release – November 2020

  • Android on-demand chat translation – With a simple click, people who speak different languages can fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat. Roadmap ID: 63226
  • Microsoft Teams: Theme and icon updates – Updates to the Teams default and dark theme background colours and icon set to align with the overall Microsoft 365 design vision. Roadmap ID: 68721
  • Microsoft Teams: Approvals in Teams – Get to results faster with Approvals in Microsoft Teams. Easily create, manage, share, and act on approvals directly from your hub for teamwork. Roadmap ID: 68724
  • Microsoft Teams: Set Presence Status duration – Teams users will soon have the ability to change their presence for a specific period of time. Roadmap ID: 68726
  • Microsoft Teams: Updated layout for meetings on iOS – Improvements to the Teams experience on iOS devices with a new presentation mode, the ability to see more participants, and the ability to see shared content and a spotlighted participant concurrently. Roadmap ID: 68834

Release – December 2020

  • Microsoft Teams: End-of-meeting notifications – Microsoft Teams will automatically issue a 5-minute warning when the meeting is nearing a close – it will be triggered for all scheduled private, and channel meetings. Roadmap ID: 67122

Release – January 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Updated layouts for meetings on Android – Improvements to the Teams experience on Android devices with a new presentation mode, the ability to see more participants, and the ability to see shared content and a spotlighted participant concurrently. Roadmap ID: 68835

Release – March 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborative Calling – Collaborative calling enables customers to connect a call queue to a channel in Teams. Users can collaborate and share information in the channel while taking calls in the queue. Roadmap ID: 68770


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