Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 27th June 2022

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Purview. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (4)
  • In development (4)


  • SharePoint: Section Templates for SharePoint Pages – When you add a new section to a page, you can select a blank template with popular image and text combinations for a quick start. Roadmap ID:88838
  • Microsoft Stream: Report a playback issue to Microsoft – This feature enables users with permissions to Microsoft Feedback to report technical issues to Microsoft on a video they’re playing and allows all users to access public help documentation about the video player from the same entry point. Roadmap ID:88932


  • Microsoft Viva: Briefing email for Government Community Cloud – The daily briefing email- a personalized, actionable briefing email from Microsoft Viva, automatically delivered to your Outlook inbox to help you start the day on track and stay on top of tasks, will be available for Government Community Cloud (GCC). Roadmap ID: 85681
  • Microsoft Viva: First run experiences to introduce topic highlights in SharePoint pages and topic page editing – First Run Experiences for a user’s first encounter with topics and contribution. Visual cues appear to teach users how to interact with the topic highlights on SharePoint pages, how to edit and publish a topic page, and how to reference a topic using topic picker while authoring a SharePoint page. Roadmap ID: 93215
  • SharePoint: Planner cards appear within SharePoint team site home page activity feed – When you use connected Planner plans, task cards will appear on the related team site home page. Each task will appear in the site Activity feed (default web part commonly found in the bottom portion of the page) when it approaches its due date. Roadmap ID: 93273
  • SharePoint: Microsoft Lists calendar view conditional formatting – Items in a list’s calendar view can be color coded based on conditions or rules specified on the fields available in the view. These rules can be managed using the ‘Format current view’ section of the calendar view. Roadmap ID:93360


Release – June 2022

  • 🆕 SharePoint: Video collections page – SharePoint video collections pages make it easy to gather and display all of the videos from a SharePoint site collection in one place.  This feature is particularly helpful schools, universities and other organizations that tend to share videos in Teams channels. With this feature you will be able to create a tab in your Teams channel that links directly to a specific collection of videos. Roadmap ID: 93352

Release – July 2022

  • SharePoint: Microsoft 365 connected templates – We are combining the best of Microsoft Teams templates with SharePoint site templates – into the same flow of creation. When we create a new team using a default template – for example the “Manage a Project” template, the project management channels and apps, and the connected SharePoint template gets applied automatically. Critically, the pages, lists, and Power Platform integrations are pinned as tabs in Teams automatically, and best of all these pages and lists are fully editable right in Teams.  Roadmap ID:82158
  • Microsoft Viva: New module powered by Viva Goals – Microsoft Viva Goals connects employees to your organization’s goals, helps them stay aligned at scale, and drives business results to empower people and teams to understand their impact. Use Viva Goals as a standalone web application or directly from inside Teams and our other integrations.  Roadmap ID:82188
  • SharePoint: Inline playback of videos in Hero web part – When users click to play a video in the Hero web part section of a SharePoint site, the video will play inline. This feature allows users to watch a video without being taken off the SharePoint page and allows users to browse or scroll through the other contents of the page while the video plays. Roadmap ID: 93351

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