Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 15th May 2022

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  • Microsoft Teams: Automated webinar invite – When webinars are setup and scheduled, the webinar invite is now automatically added to the attendee’s calendar. Roadmap ID:85737
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android –  Notification that appears on the front of room display alerting in-room meeting participants if the room is over-capacity based on the capacity defined in a room account. Only cameras that support people counting will support this feature. When a Teams panel is deployed outside a Teams Room that supports this feature, an alert will also be visible on the Teams panel, notifying people outside the room that it has reached capacity. Roadmap ID:86730
  • Microsoft Teams: Domain Customization for Webinar Communications – Showcase your organization’s brand in webinar communications. When webinar emails are sent to attendees, both the sender name and email domain will now reflect the tenant name, making it easier for attendees to recognize. Roadmap ID:86896
  • Microsoft Teams: Changes to Microsoft Teams apps’ native permissions in the browser – In order to better secure Microsoft Teams third-party applications that request native device permissions – such as camera, microphone or location access – we will be requiring users to manually opt-in for these permissions per app in the Microsoft Teams web browser experience. We are already doing this on the Teams desktop and mobile clients.  Roadmap ID: 83656


  • Microsoft Teams: Support of Transcription for Teams for Azure Virtual Desktop on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Users on Virtual machines can use transcription once the feature is available. Live transcripts provide way to follow along with what has been said and who said it. After a meeting, the transcript file is automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting. Roadmap ID: 87571
  • Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window support for VDI on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 – Users on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will be able to view meetings and calls in separate windows from the main Microsoft Teams client. Additionally, meeting and call controls such as mute, video, chat, leave and others will now be located at the top of the meeting window so that they are always available and never block the underlying content. Roadmap ID:86548
  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic Emergency Calling for Work From Home for VDI – VMware – This feature enables users on VMware on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to make an emergency call while working from home. It will allow users to validate (and if necessary, edit) the address that will be communicated to emergency responders. This feature has been delayed to incorporate initial feedback. Roadmap ID:86858
  • Microsoft Teams: Policy operations details in enhanced activity log – Admins can see group policy assignments in activity log along with other policy operations. Activity log has now enhanced details regarding a policy operation to give admins more visibility. Roadmap ID:90712
  • Microsoft Teams: Background Blur for VDI on Azure Virtual Desktop/Windows 365 – Users on Teams on VDI on Azure Virtual Desktop/Windows 365 can blur their background in your video meeting and call.  Roadmap ID:92505
  • Microsoft Teams: Restore “Present” button on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows – The “Present” button moves back to the Teams Rooms console home screen and will be named Share. Cortana push-to-talk button is moved to the bottom of the home screen, allowing users to continue using Cortana seamlessly while presenting HDMI content from Teams Rooms device console. The Cortana design change is available in Teams Rooms with the Cortana voice assistance policy enabled.    Roadmap ID:93985


Release – May 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Multitasking panel for meetings on iPad – Optimized user experience for iPad. Users will now see a collapsible right panel during meetings, which enables richer experiences such as chat alongside the ongoing meeting, faster roster views and more. Roadmap ID: 86923
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Automatic groupings available in Teams for channel posts – When creating a message post in a team channel, users will be able to notify owners of the team all at once by mentioning “@Team Owners”, removing the need to mention each Team Owners individually. “Team Owners” is automatically grouped and does not require any manual maintenance. Roadmap ID: 94118
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: DocuSign recipients can now sign, view and cc in e-signature approvals – DocuSign users can now select sign, view and cc when creating new e-sign approval requests.  Recipients with the viewer role must view the document while the CC role allows the recipient to view it if they choose to. Roadmap ID: 94858
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Improved login & logout experience for e-signature approvals – Users will only have to sign into their e-sign provider account once every 30 days.  They will also be able to logout of a particular e-sign provider account. Roadmap ID: 94872

Release – June 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Embedded CART captioning support for Teams meetings for GCC-High and DOD – Teams meetings now support integration with real-time captioning providers and CART writers (Communication Access Real-Time Transcription) so that users who utilize CART captions can view the captions in the same window as their meeting. Item has been delayed and is being rescheduled. Roadmap ID:83614
  • Microsoft Teams: Frictionless app re-install for users – Users will now be able to find the apps they use regularly more prominently via app flyouts, and just @mention their favorite bot to start using it seamlessly in a new chat/team. Users will not need to repeat installation of apps. One-time installation would ready the app for use for that user anywhere inside Teams.   Roadmap ID:87551

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