Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 16 November 2020

Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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From the message center…

MessageMore detailAct byMessage ID
Updates to ‘Records Management’ default role group in SecurityUpdates to the ‘Records Management’ default role group to include roles that will provide Record Managers access to all facets of the Records Management solution in the Microsoft 365 Compliance suite including disposition review.Beginning December 14th, 2020MC226539
Changing default folder provisioning language during Known Folder MovesKnown Folder Move must provision new folders on the service when the corresponding folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures) do not exist.December 10, 2020MC226548
Microsoft Teams – Virtual Breakout RoomsBreakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions.Timing: begin in early December and expect to complete by mid-December MC224343

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Release – November 2020

  • SharePoint spaces: Touch device support – SharePoint spaces will enable users to interact with a space using touch interactions in addition to the mouse and keyboard based interactions currently supported. Roadmap ID: 67107
  • 👀 Microsoft Teams: Improvements to the “Create a Microsoft Team from SharePoint” experience – Enhance existing Microsoft 365 Groups with Teams functionality, directly from SharePoint team sites. Roadmap ID: 68861

Release – December 2020

  • SharePoint: Portal Launch Scheduler in SharePoint PowerShell – The Portal Launch wizard available via SharePoint PowerShell is designed to configure the deployment waves when launching a new site. Roadmap ID: 66162
  • SharePoint: Share a page to Yammer – The ability to share a modern SharePoint Online (SPO) page to a Yammer community will be available in the page actions bar. Roadmap ID: 66183


2 thoughts on “Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 16 November 2020

  1. Konrad January 20, 2021 / 1:38 pm

    When you relase NDI support for teams linux client?

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