Microsoft 365 monthly update – July 2022

The Microsoft 365 monthly update includes updates and recently recent features across all of Microsoft 365. Press a button to read about an individual technology or continue reading for more. You can take a look back at previous monthly updates here, plus take a look at our weekly roadmap roundup.


In SharePoint: Video collection page, one-time passcode change, nested security groups in AAD, flows from list templates, calendar view conditional formatting, review mode for Word documents, top ten SPFx solutions June 2022

Video collections page

Whenever people create a new site, the service auto-generates a static layouts page for video collections. This is a collection of all videos from the site’s document library. For now, to access this new page, you need to append /_Layouts/15/Video_Collections.aspx to the end of the site url. You can then edit and publish this page as you would any other, it will start appearing in the site pages as well.

The new video collections page in SharePoint Online.

more: SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: July 2022

SharePoint/ OneDrive external sharing ‘One-Time Passcode’ email address change

To improve reliability for delivery of the one-time passcode e-mails that are sent as part of the external sharing flow, Microsoft will be updating the sending address for these mails from to

NOTE: If your organization is using Azure B2B Integration with SP in Microsoft 365, this change will not impact your organization. No other e-mails sent from OneDrive or SharePoint are being changed at this time.

Find out more: SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: July 2022

a: “Nested” groups in Azure Active Directory (Public Preview)

The ‘memberOf’ component of dynamic Azure Active Directory, or Microsoft 365 groups allows you to “nest” groups within a group. The groups that define the membership of the dynamic group can be any group type represented in Azure Active Directory – user or device security groups, Microsoft 365 groups, and groups synced from on-premises, or a mix of all three. And, unlike existing nested security groups today, memberOf dynamic groups return a flat list of members, so can be used for licensing assignment and application assignment.

memberOf “Nested” groups allow you to create Dynamic-Group-A with members of Security-Group-X and Security-Group-Y. Members of the groups inside of Security-Group-X and Security-Group-Y don’t become members of Dynamic-Group-A.

Find out more: Create “nested” groups with Azure AD Dynamic Groups

Create Power Automate flows embedded within Microsoft Lists templates

To help improve automation of information, you now have the option to install pre-created Power Automate reminder flows whenever you create a list from select list templates: Work progress tracker, Content scheduler, and the Recruitment tracker.

You’ll be prompted to install the included Power Automate reminder flow after the list has been created. The reminder flow is an automated flow that runs on a schedule in the background, so it does not appear in the Lists menu, and you can further refine it using the Power Automate flow designer. With a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license, or a Power Automate per-user plan, you can create and use the reminder flow that is included with these select ready-made Lists templates.

Some list templates, such as the Work progress tracker shown above, come with flows that are automatically created when you create a list from that template.

Find out more: Create a business application from a list template

Calendar view conditional formatting in Microsoft Lists

Now you can better customize the calendar view by colour coding items based on conditions or rules. You manage the rules and colouring within the ‘Format current view’ in the top-right section of Calendar view.

Color-code list items as they appear within Calendar view when they meet certain rules by your design through conditional formatting.

Find out more: Create a calendar view from a list

Review mode for Word documents

When sharing a link to a document in SharePoint or OneDrive, you can assign someone to ‘Review Mode’ in the Share Dialog by using the new ‘Can Review’ option in the permission dropdown. They’ll then have access to review the document – to make edits with tracked changes intact and leave comments.

Select “Open in review mode only” when sharing Word documents to ensure the recipient can add comments or make edits that have tracked changes on by default.

Find out more: Roadmap ID: 93400

Top 10 SharePoint Framework solutions June 2022

These are the most widely used solutions and their providers last month:

  1. Ichicraft Widgets: Your Digital Workplace – Ichicraft Widgets allows users to personalize their digital workplace in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. It offers the user a canvas that can be filled with configurable widgets (blocks) that clearly display up-to-date and personalized information.
  2. Navigator 365 – Sharepointalist, Inc. – SharePoint & Teams content aggregation with search, grouping and filtering. 
  3. Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint – Ensure your internal communications are seen with SharePoint push alerts and newsfeed. Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint provides unique notifications to employees through your existing SharePoint.
  4. Employee Directory Plus – Support | HR365SharePoint Employee Directory Plus is free, fully featured 30 days trial for one office 365 tenant up to 999 users. Employee Directory Plus displays information of employees in the organization in visually manner.
  5. Image Map – APPS 365 LTD – Supercharge your processes and navigation by using any image to deliver interactive visual content. Create hotspot navigation with image maps.
  6. My Links – Dalikoo – My Links is a SharePoint app where you can add and manage your web links through an intuitive interface.
  7. HM Munich GmbH – Table of Contents – This Web Part helps you to create high-quality documentation. The Modern Pages are ideal for your documentation of content (as a kind of Wikipedia) in Office 365.
  8. Modern FAQ  – The Modern FAQ app provides users a better way to search for the answers to the questions they have in mind. It also helps the organizations to prepare the frequently asked questions, and answers categorized and presented in a readable format. 
  9. Qualtrics Feedback – Add a way for your employees to easily give you feedback from within Viva Connections. Easily add a card to your Viva Connections surface to allow your employees to give you feedback in their flow of work.
  10. Announcements Carousel – Compass365 – The Announcements Carousel by Compass365 allows you to display announcements in an automatic sliding carousel on your SharePoint team site. 

Find out more: Most used SharePoint Framework solutions from the Store – June 2022


In Teams: Forms enhancements for meetings, LinkedIn integration, remove call from history, call recording announcement, common area phone license updates, DECT device integration with SIP, Teams panels updates, automatic groupings for channel posts, UX updates for iPad, bulk removal for policy assignments, export API support for message reactions

Front line workers

ms enhancements in Teams meetings

Microsoft Forms is excited to introduce a number of new features and improvements to existing features within Teams meeting polls. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The “Forms” app within Teams is being replaced with a new app named “Polls” – making it much easier for people to find and add polls to their chats and meetings.
  • UI improvements to the poll suggestions pane, including the ability to:
    • Re-position the list of suggested polls from the bottom to the side pane
    • Provide an entry point in the polls portal page, where users can show/hide the side pane as needed
    • Provide the poll results view (previously, it only showed the voting view), which allows the poll creator to see how the poll will look to the meeting audience after it’s launched
  • You can now see a list of your recently created polls so that you can re-use your past polls created in new meetings and save time.
  • A new poll animation appears after people have entered a response, providing a dynamic confirmation that their votes have been successfully submitted.
  • A new poll question type, Rating, which allows you to provide feedback by rating on the scaled symbols.
  • We’ve improved the poll result view to be a more intuitive and easy-to-read experience, with enrichments such as color indication and dynamic results.
Microsoft Forms enhancements in Teams meetings.

Find out more: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2022

LinkedIn integration

Use LinkedIn profiles, now integrated with Teams, to get to know your colleagues, connect directly and build deeper relationships. From Teams chat, channels, calls, or meetings, you will now be able to view your colleague’s LinkedIn profile, including their current role, past experiences, and other insights.

LinkedIn integration with Microsoft Teams.

Find out more: Use LinkedIn in Teams

Automatic groupings available for channel posts

When creating a message post in a team channel, users are now able to notify owners of the team all at once by mentioning “@Team Owners,” removing the need to mention team owners individually. “Team Owners” is automatically grouped and doesn’t require any manual maintenance.

Automatic groupings available for channel posts.

Find out more: Send a message to a channel in Teams

Remove a call from call history

Streamline your view with the ability to hide calls from your call history list on Teams for desktop and mobile. NOTE: Your call history is available if you have an Enterprise Voice or Business Voice license as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Remove a call from call history in Microsoft Teams.

Find out more: View your call history in Teams

Call recording announcement played in your default language

Call recording announcements will now be played in your default language for Teams calls to or from a phone number. Both parties will hear the announcement in the same language, at the same time, for both standard and compliance recording scenarios.

Find out more: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2022

Common Area Phone license enhancements

The Common Area Phone offering has been enhanced to serve a wider variety of scenarios for customers without increasing the price.

Find out more: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2022

Spectralink Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) device integration with SIP Gateway

DECT devices from Spectralink have been integrated with SIP Gateway, allowing frontline workers to use Teams calling functionality on DECT devices to communicate with colleagues on the go. DECT device integration with SIP Gateway is available on the following compatible handset models from Spectralink:

  • IP-DECT 200/400/6500/Virtual IP-DECT/IP-DECT Base Station
  • Handsets 72xx/75xx/76xx/77xx

Find out more: Configure SIP Gateway

Microsoft Teams panels updates

Here is a summary of the recent updates to Teams panels:

  • Check out for Microsoft Teams panels
  • Extend room reservations for Microsoft Teams panels
  • Peripherals: Camera on/off feature
The new check out functionality in Teams panels.

Find out more: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2022

Bulk removal for individual policy assignments

Admins can clean up individual policy assignments from users in bulk so that those users can inherit the correct policy either via a group policy assignment or global organization-wide default. Individual policies are always prioritized, in order to clean those induvial policies and make sure that users are getting the correct policy we created this procedure to clean them all in one operation.

Bulk removal for individual policy assignments.

Find out more: Assign policies to users and groups

Export API support for Teams message reactions

The Teams Export API allows organizations to support Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) for Teams to solve for retention, indexing, e-discovery, classification, and regulatory requirements. Teams Export API also will now support Teams reactions (heart, thumbs up, laugh, surprised, angry, sad) on a message using the Export API. This is in addition to Teams Messages (1:1 and group chat), attachments (file links and sticker), emojis, GIFs, and user @Mentions.

Find out more: Export content with the Microsoft Teams Export APIs


These features are currently available for Teams for Education customers:

Reflect is now a featured tab in your class team – To help foster social emotional learning in your class, we’ve updated Reflect to appear as a featured tab in each of your classes – just like Assignments or Grades! Get started with the updated version of Reflect in Teams.

Additional enhancements to Assignments and Grade Reports – The Insights team has been working to highlight student learning data in Assignments and Grade Reports in a richer, more informative, and easier to use format. Find out more: Changes to Assignments and Grades view in Insights

Summary Average Grade for Teachers – In the Gradebook for Assignments, you’ve been able to view a summary of all assignments and student grades for each course. Now, we added an average grade for each student, assignment, and all-up class view. As a teacher, you can change the date filter to see updated average grades for your selected date period. Find out more: What’s new in Teams

Adding Images in Assignment Instructions – A picture is worth a thousand words, and a GIF even more (some say). Now, you can embed pictures and GIFs into your Assignment instructions on both mobile and desktop to make them more engaging and easier to understand for students. Find out more: What’s new in Teams

Updated Video Options for Students and Educators – This last year we have added the ability to add Video recording to the assignments for both educators and students and added the ability to do Video Recording when given grades or feedback for an assignment. We have updated the video recorder to now support ink and images in your recording, and added options for Mirror recording and Audio recording. Find out more: Video in the Flow of Work

Challenging Words assignment improvements – Extend your students’ learning by creating a rigorous assignment from the most challenging words. When you navigate to Reading Progress reports in Insights, you can see which words students missed most frequently, select words from the passage, or additional challenge words recommended based on data from students with similar reading challenges. Find out more: create a challenge assignment from Insights.

Multi-select of words in Teacher Review – Save time with the ability to select multiple words to adjust the error category or mark as correct in bulk. Select any word, then from the dropdown choose Text tools then Select multiple words to manage several words at once. Find out more: What’s new in Teams

Improvements to Timed Passage –  Now, whenever a timed passage is set and the student doesn’t finish their reading in the allotted time, a small marker will show on the page and gray out the words the student didn’t reach. Find out more: What’s new in Teams

Create and Review Assignments on iPad and Android tablets – In the past, educators have been able to create and review Reading Progress assignments on Teams for Desktop PC, Mac and Web Browser, but not on Teams for iPad or Android tablets. Support for assignment creation and review on these two mobile platforms is now available. Find out more: What’s new in Teams


Easily deploy frontline teams at scale – Administrators can deploy up to 500 teams with 25 users per team using one PowerShell command. This enables your organization to roll out teams at scale within a day so your frontline workforce can collaborate and be productive across different stores, locations, and roles. Learn more about deploying frontline teams at scale.

Device Test for virtual appointments – Device Test allows virtual appointment users to validate and configure hardware components before joining an appointment through Microsoft Teams. Users will be able to validate camera, microphone, and browser compatibility, as well as the internet connection at any moment before the scheduled appointment start time. Learn more about device testing.

Virtual appointment SMS notifications for UK customers – Now UK customers can send and receive SMS confirmations and reminders with a Teams Meetings link for any virtual appointments that are created from the Bookings app in Teams. Learn more about SMS notifications.


These features are currently available to in multi-tenant cloud environments: US Government Community Cloud (GCC), US Government Community Cloud High (GCC-High), and/or United States Department of Defense (DoD):

Manage Meetings options for DoD  – Organizers are now able to modify the user experience or customize the safety and security settings for their Teams Meetings using the new “Meetings options” feature.

Large Gallery for Teams on VDI in government clouds – By default, Teams Meetings supports up to nine videos in Gallery. Now, using Large Gallery, users can view up to 49 videos at once in Meetings on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This is available for GCC and GCCH.

Together Mode for Teams on VDI in government clouds – Together Mode lets you see all your colleagues against a shared background, making you feel like you are all together in a virtual online room. This is now available in Meetings on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for GCC and GCCH.

Power Apps

In Power Apps: Managed environments, auto updates, app insights, find/ replace, review feedback, more components, Power Apps on Windows GA, embed an app in Teams, NFC/ markup support, Dependent assemblies for plugins, ESLint rules, formula columns in Dataverse, visualising views

Managed Environments (Preview)

This month Microsoft announced the preview of Managed Environments, a set of built-in governance capabilities that will simplify and automate IT administration of the Power Platform at scale. Managed Environments offers out-of-the-box simplicity with premium administration capabilities for low-code asset management at scale. It is designed to streamline governance, increase IT trust, and significantly reduce the burden on IT.

Simplify and streamline Power Platform governance with Managed Environments.

Find out more: Managed Environments overview (preview)

Auto updates for Power Apps & Dynamics CE (Preview)

The new feature allows automatic updates of third-party apps installed through AppSource, helping both ISVs and customers keep software up to date in a simple and controlled way, with minimal administrative overhead. Customers can control whether to opt-in to enable the feature and indicate which publishers are permitted to automatically update apps in their environment, providing flexibility to pause auto updates based on their needs.

Auto updates for Power Apps & Dynamics CE.

Auto app updates (preview)

Application insights generally available for Dataverse plugins

The Power Apps team have announced that Application insights is now Generally Available for Dataverse plugins. To ensure that you can monitor your production workloads anywhere in a trustworthy manner, Microsoft have enabled state-of-art monitoring solution built on the Azure Monitor ecosystem designed to help prodevs to diagnose plugin timeouts, create custom alerts and reports, monitor global usage, and automatically detect patterns and anomalies in the telemetry data using the built-in Smart Detection feature, thus helping you to keep it always available, reliable and performant.

Improve monitoring of Dataverse plugins using Application insights.

Find out more: Improve monitoring of Dataverse plugins using Application insights

Find and replace in the Power Apps Studio (Preview)

In July, the Power Apps team introduced the “Replace” capability to the Search Pane, now in  preview. This new addition to the Search Pane means you can now find and replace variables, collections, media, flow, formula content and more. This new pane allows you to be as broad or as granular with your search as you need – find all of the things you’re looking for in your canvas app or exactly the thing you are looking for.

Find and replace in the Power Apps Studio.

Find out more: Use the Search pane (preview)

Review feedback and ratings (Preview)

This feature is currently available only for model-driven apps as part of preview. The mechanism to capture feedback for the apps is completely managed by Microsoft and is compliant with all international privacy and security standards. The feedback is processed to generate satisfaction score of an app on a scale of 0 to 200 which is displayed to makers for their apps.

Review feedback and ratings from your users.

Find out more: What are app ratings? (preview)

Form customisation with more components

You can now add more components to your model-driven forms through the modern form designer! Try customizing the look and feel of your forms with custom components built by Microsoft or other providers available through the marketplace.

Customizing forms with even more components.

Find out more: Add, configure, move, or delete components on a form – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Find business data in Microsoft Search

Allow your Dynamics users to easily locate information from,, and by enabling the Dynamics 365 connector. Make your Dynamics users more productive by eliminating switching apps to get to quickly needed business data.

Find your business data in Microsoft Search.

Find out more: Dynamics 365 results in Microsoft Search | Microsoft Docs

Power Apps on Windows generally available

Find all your canvas and model-driven apps in one place. Just sign in, choose an app, and you’re ready to go! Use your apps wherever you are with or without network thanks to offline support. It works just like it does on iOS and Android. With Intune for application management, you can manage the devices and people in your organization that have access to Power Apps on Windows.

Power Apps on Windows generally available.

Find out more: Install Power Apps for Windows – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Embed an app to Teams

Currently, customers can add their favourite apps to Teams by using the “Add to Teams” button at Now, they can launch their favourite canvas apps and pin these apps in Teams straight from the Web Player’s header. This capability prevents a user from having to leave the app context & return to to add the app to Teams. 

Seamlessly add your apps to Teams.

Find out more: Embed an app in Teams – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Expanded support for NFC, and markup support in MR controls

The ReadNFC() function has been improved to return all records on the NFC tag as well as the identifier. These records and identifier make it easy to build Power Apps around asset tracking, inventorying, and attendance tracking.

The Markup in MR control enables users to paint 3D lines and draw arrows in context of physical space on top of a device’s camera feed. These mixed reality markups can be used during inspections, audits, walkthroughs and more to point out features of the environment and certain objects anchored in space.

Expanded support for NFC, and markup support in MR controls.

Find out more: Use the Markup in MR control in Power Apps – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs and ReadNFC function – Power Platform | Microsoft Docs

Dependent Assemblies for Plug-ins

This feature is designed to boost developer productivity by eliminating the overhead of using ILMerge to manually merge dependent assemblies. With dependent assemblies, rather than register an individual .NET assembly, you will upload a NuGet Package that contains your plug-in assembly AND any dependent assemblies. Unlike ILMerge, you can also include other file resources, such as JSON files containing localized strings.

Find out more: Dependent Assembly plug-ins (preview)

ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 (Preview)

The Power Apps team have announced the public preview of ESLint rules for Power Apps model-driven apps and Dynamics 365 CE. In 2019, Solution Checker launched helping customers analyze solution for any issues. The ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 takes this a step further, bringing these validations to your development environment to help you find and fix issues in your JavaScript code before being added to a solution. 

Announcing public preview of ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365.

Find out more: Use solution checker to validate your model-driven apps in Power Apps

Formula columns in Dataverse (Preview)

Formula columns are based on Power Fx. Power Fx provides a much richer set of functions than were previously available with calculated columns, especially for text processing and also provides a lowcode way to perform app extensibility. Now you are empowered with the same capability inside Dataverse where you can express your business logic on top of existing columns and reference column from other tables.

As calculations are done at the Dataverse level, results can be seen and used in all Dataverse endpoints, including the Dataverse for Teams table view, canvas and model-driven Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, the Dataverse APIs, to name just a few.

Dataverse for Teams Formula columns.

Find out more: Boost maker productivity inside Dataverse using formula columns!

Visualize views in Power Apps with Power BI generally available

The Power Apps team have announced that Power BI quick reports in Power Apps are now generally available. Power BI quick reports in Power Apps represent a seamless integration of Power Apps, Power BI and Dataverse into a single experience to enable every business user turn data into insights inside business apps. 

Power BI quick reports in Power Apps.

Power Automate

In Power Automate: Power Automate desktop update, two new bot actions, 44 new verified connectors, 19 new independent publisher connectors, pay-as-you-go, ideas

Power Automate Desktop – July 2022 update

The July 2022 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.22) has been released and can be downloaded here. Here is a roundup of all the new features and updates:

  • UI automation in a Citrix or RDP virtual desktop is now supported (Preview)
  • New datatable actions are introduced in Power Automate for desktop
  • Flow details are now available in the desktop console
  • Detailed release notes will now be available for each new version
UI automation in a Citrix or RDP virtual desktop is now supported (Preview).

Find out more: Power Automate for desktop – July 2022 update

Two new bot actions in Power Automate

The Power Automate team have announced two new bot actions that have been highly requested which will help take your flows a step further:

  • Update adaptive card messages in Teams – This action allows makers to update a Flow bot message which contains an adaptive card . Allowing you to make updates to reflect the latest changes in near real time to Microsoft Teams.
  • Trigger a flow when an adaptive card action is submitted – A new trigger that lets you collect inputs from multiple users across a group chat or channel. 
Update Adaptive card in a chat or channel message.

Find out more: Create advanced bot scenarios with Power Automate and Microsoft teams

44 New Verified Connectors released in June 2022

The Power Automate team launched a huge number of verified connectors in June 2022, including 44 new and 19 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Content and Files, Productivity, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, IT Operations, Security, and much more. Here are just a few:

  • Azure AD App Registration – Azure Active Directory is an Identity and Access Management cloud solution that extends your on-premises directories to the cloud and provides single sign-on to thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps and access to web apps you run on-premises.
  • Azure AD Identity and Access – A connector for Azure AD Identity and Access. This connector will contain multiple actions to manage Azure AD Identity and Access.
  • Azure Communication Services Chat – Azure Communication Services Chat allows you to add real-time text communication to your cross-platform applications.
  • Azure Communication Services Email – Azure Communication Services Email allows you to send high volume transactional, bulk and marketing emails enabling Application-to-Person (A2P) use cases. 

Find out more: 44 New Verified Connectors and 19 Updates released in June 2022

19 New Independent Publisher Connectors in June 2022

The Power Automate team have announced that 19 new Independent Publisher connectors were published in June 2022. These connectors have solutions and tools for Human Resources, Social Media, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Data, Finance and much more. Here are a few examples:

  • BitlyIP by Troy Taylor Bitly is the most widely trusted link management platform in the world. By using the Bitly API, you will exercise the full power of your links through automated link customization, mobile deep linking, and click analytics.
  • DHL Shipment Tracking by Woong ChoiThe Shipment Tracking API provides up-to-the-minute shipment status reports. Users of this API can: Retrieve tracking information for shipments, Identify the Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) service provider involved with the shipment, Verify DPDHL is using the correct delivery address. 
  • by Tomasz predicts the nationality of a person given their name. Use the API for analytics, ad segmenting, demographic statistics etc. The API is free for up to 1000 names/day.
  • RegEx Matching by Mitanshu Garg This connector checks whether a text string matches a specified pattern.

Find out more: 19 New Independent Publisher Connectors in June 2022

Power Automate pay-as-you-go (Preview)

The Power Automate team have announced pay-as-you-go for Power Automate. A easy way for users to only pay for what you use, giving you more flexibility to get started with Power Automate with low risk and then scale your investments over time based on the usage patterns.

Currently, admins must predict licensing needs in advance, purchase licenses and assign them to makers for them to start using premium features of Power Automate. While it works for situations where admins understand the licensing needs in advance, we’ve heard from customers that there are many scenarios where they don’t yet know their needs, or where they need to scale up/down usage.

Power Automate pay-as-you-go plan.

Find out more: Announcing public preview of pay-as-you-go for Power Automate

Power Automate Ideas

Between July 18 and July 20, 2022, Power Automate Ideas was migrated to a brand-new platform powered by Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community. On top of providing our community with a brand-new interface to share ideas, the migration will enable our product teams to be much more responsive to user feedback and better integrate your ideas into our product roadmap.

Find out more:

Power BI

In Power BI: New license purchase/ management via AppSource, metric visual, desktop feature summary, data in space, improved Power BI in Excel

Purchase and manage licenses of licensed visuals through Microsoft AppSource

You can now purchase and manage licenses of licensed visuals through Microsoft AppSource. Now, when you look at licensed visuals in AppSource, you can see all the available licensing plans for each visual. Licensed visuals are visuals marked with price tag “Starts at Free” and has the “Plans + Pricing” tab.

You can now purchase and manage licenses of licensed visuals through Microsoft AppSource.

Find out more: Introducing a new way to purchase licensed Power BI visuals and manage licenses through Microsoft platforms

Metric visual (Preview)

The Metric visual is now available in preview in the Power BI Service. You can now include individual metrics instead of the entire scorecard and create report pages showcasing metrics alongside other visuals, in the context of the rest of the report data.

You can either create a new metric or add a metric from an existing scorecard as a visual in the report.

Find out more: Metric visual is now available in preview

Power BI desktop feature summary July 2022

The July 2022 update for Power BI desktop is out now and includes Error Bars general availability, Metric visuals, Datamarts updates and much, much more!

Power BI desktop feature summary July 2022.

Find out more: Power BI July 2022 Feature Summary

Data in space

Data in space is a new Power BI Mobile feature that uses augmented reality to create spatial anchors in the real world and attach Power BI data to them, so that data can be connected to the physical environment it describes. Using Data in space, you can connect your business data to your real-world scenarios, such as facility management, manufacturing, or retail.

Data in space is a new Power BI Mobile feature.

Find out more: “Data in space” in preview: Now Power BI can be truly everywhere

Improved Power BI Experience in Excel

The Power BI team have announced several improvements to the Power BI experience in Excel that will help business users easily search data artifacts (including Power BI datasets and Power BI datamarts) and uncover better data insights all inside a spreadsheet environment.

Better Search in User-Friendly Interface for Power BI in Excel.

Find out more: Improved Power BI Experience in Excel

BONUS – more updates!

Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales reimagines the selling experience, giving salespeople AI-driven insights and data automation right in the flow of work. Sellers will be able to automatically capture, access, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system. Enriched with data from Microsoft 365,

Introducing Microsoft Viva Sales.

Learn more about Viva Sales announcement.

Bookings with me

With Bookings with me in Outlook, you can create, customize, and share a personal Bookings page where people can book time with you based on your personal preferences. Start customizing your Bookings page in the web calendar by clicking on Create bookings page.

Bookings with me in Outlook.

Find out more: Bookings with me

Improvements to

The newly designed sign-in and sign-up page greets you with a modern entry point to get your day started on the web. We are introducing a new onboarding experience that helps you understand how to better use and engage with Office. Additionally, with the new Create experience, you can access new creation templates in a single location.

Improving the experience.


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