Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 20th December 2021

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  • Launched (4)
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  • In development (20)


  • Teams: Breakout Room Presenter support for DoD – Extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters. Feature ID:85326
  • Microsoft Teams: Split video layout across multiple screens for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to split the video gallery across all available displays in a Teams Room, when content isn’t being shared, maximizing screen space and bringing greater attention to the people joining remotely. Roadmap ID: 85821
  • Microsoft Teams: Cortana now available for EDU customers in international markets – Cortana voice assistance in the Teams mobile app and Microsoft Teams display is now available for EDU customers in international markets to help you streamline communication, collaboration, and class-related tasks in school using spoken natural language. The initial release will be to UK, India, Canada, and Australia. This is in addition to the prior release to EDU customers in the US. Roadmap ID: 85395
  • Microsoft Stream: Variable playback speed (0.5-2x) for Microsoft Teams meeting recordings – For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive & SharePoint you’ll now be able to change the playback speed (0.5x – 2x) while watching the video. Roadmap ID: 82002


  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic Emergency Calling for Work From Home – This feature enables users to validate (and if necessary, edit) the address that will be communicated to emergency responders in the event that an emergency call is placed by an individual working from home. Roadmap ID: 82956
  • Microsoft Teams: Hot Desking on Teams Display – Hot desking on Teams display allows employees to quickly locate and reserve temporary workspaces to touch down and make calls, set up ad-hoc meetings, or sign in to access their personalized Teams experience. Hot desking can be reserved in advance through Teams and Outlook, or right from the device if they’re already in the office. Roadmap ID:85444
  • Microsoft Teams: Career Coach – Improved IT onboarding – Teams Admin Center settings for Career Coach will be updated to improve the provisioning and configuration process, as well as add more descriptive field validation and error messaging. The settings update will also introduce controls for managing the release of Career Coach features to app users. Roadmap ID: 86699


Release – January 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Front row layout for Teams Rooms on Windows – Front row is a new layout for Microsoft Teams Rooms, designed to enhance hybrid meetings and provide in-room participants with greater context of what is happening across various aspects of the meeting. With front row, remote attendees are seen in the room at eye level and additional meeting experiences including chat, and a rostered view of participants with raised hands, are brought to the front of room screen. Roadmap ID: 89065
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Enable third-party Teams app developers to test the in-product purchase experience within the Teams client – Third-party Teams app developers can now test the purchase experience of their Teams app directly from within the Teams client before making either app or offer available to the public. Roadmap ID: 87354
  • Microsoft Teams: Transcription for 1:1 Calls – Transcription captures the text version of your Call and saves it for later use. This can be enabled via the control bar within the Call window. Feature ID:68774
  • Microsoft Teams: Video Streams Out via AJA or Blackmagic Design Hardware – Isolated video streams can be sent out of Teams meetings via AJA and Blackmagic Design hardware devices. Feature ID:82812
  • Microsoft Teams: Embedded CART captioning support for Teams meetings for GCC-High and DOD – Teams meetings now support integration with real-time captioning providers and CART writers (Communication Access Real-Time Transcription) so that users who utilize CART captions can view the captions in the same window as their meeting. Roadmap ID: 83614
  • Microsoft Teams: Hide your own video in Teams meeting – Currently, the user’s video is displayed at the bottom right corner of the meeting screen. This feature allows users to hide their own video during a meeting. This will help reduce distractions during the call while still having your video available for other participants.  Roadmap ID:86370
  • Microsoft Teams: Queue view for virtual visits scheduled in the Microsoft Bookings app – Real time updates to meeting state in a queue view for virtual visits scheduled in the Microsoft Bookings app. Roadmap ID: 86718
  • Microsoft Teams: Isolated audio feed capabilities – When using NDI or hardware-out in Microsoft Teams, users will be able to get the isolated audio feed along with the isolated video feed from any Teams meeting.  Feature ID:86757

Release – February 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Notification that appears on the front of room display alerting in-room meeting participants if the room is over-capacity based on the capacity defined in a room account. Only cameras that support people counting will support this feature. When a Teams panel is deployed outside a Teams Room that supports this feature, an alert will also be visible on the Teams panel, notifying people outside the room that it has reached capacity. Roadmap ID: 86730
  • Microsoft Teams: Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name – When renaming a Teams’ channel, the corresponding SharePoint folder will be renamed and reflect the new name. This new feature will be available for all Standard and Private channels. For Standard channels – The corresponding folder in SharePoint will be renamed. For Private channels – The corresponding site name and the folder in SharePoint will be renamed. For legacy Teams channels that were renamed prior to this rollout, there will be no change in experience. When a legacy channel is renamed after this release, it will simultaneously rename the corresponding SharePoint folder. Roadmap ID: 72211
  • Microsoft Teams: Admins can pin message extensions – Admins can manage the pin order of messaging extensions in the compose experience. Roadmap ID: 87506

Release – March 2022

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: End-to-end encryption for Teams calling – End-to-end encryption is the encryption of information at its origin and decryption at its intended destination without the ability for intermediate nodes to decrypt. End-to-end encryption would be an optional mode of real-time media collaboration where one-to-one Teams calls between two parties would be end-to-end encrypted. Roadmap ID: 89249
  • Video filters – Before joining a meeting, you can use the filters to subtly adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera to customize your appearance. Roadmap ID: 65944
  • Microsoft Teams: Answer Meeting Nudges with Video for iOS – This feature brings the ability for iOS devices to automatically answer incoming meeting nudges with their video on. The feature availability is controlled through AutoAnswerwithVideo. Roadmap ID: 82325
  • Microsoft Teams: Video Streams Out via AJA or Blackmagic Design Hardware for GCC-High and DoD – Isolated video streams can be sent out of Teams meetings via AJA and Blackmagic Design hardware devices. Roadmap ID: 83486
  • Microsoft Teams: Automated webinar invite – When webinars are setup and scheduled, the webinar invite is now automatically added to the attendee’s calendar. Roadmap ID: 85737
  • Microsoft Teams: Domain Customization for Webinar Communications – Showcase your organization’s brand in webinar communications. When webinar emails are sent to attendees, both the sender name and email domain will now reflect the tenant name, making it easier for attendees to recognize. Roadmap ID: 86896

Release – May 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Live Transcript for Teams Meetings for GCC-High – Teams Meetings now have a real-time transcript during their meetings as well as a post-meeting transcript. Roadmap ID: 82230

Release – June 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: 2×2 video in Gallery view for web meetings in Safari for GCC High and DoD – Gallery view now can show up to 4 participant videos during a meeting in Safari browser. Feature ID:86906

Release – September 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Live Transcript for Teams Meetings for DoD – Teams Meetings now have a real-time transcript during their meetings as well as a post-meeting transcript. Roadmap ID: 82838


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