Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 18th October 2021

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  • Launched (13)
  • Rolling out (13)
  • In development (11)


  • Microsoft Teams for RealWear – FirstLine Workers using RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 can now collaborate with a remote expert using video calling on Teams. Roadmap ID: 65038
  • Microsoft Teams: Enhanced Power BI app for Teams (Preview) – Enhancements to the Power BI app for Teams will make it easier to discover data from across the organization and quickly create visualizations from Excel datasets right within Teams. Roadmap ID: 68762
  • Microsoft Teams: Power BI stage view in chat (Preview) – Share a link to a report that is already is set to the view of the person that is sharing. Roadmap ID: 68763
  • Microsoft Teams: Power BI improved tab/channel experience (Preview) – Improved look and feel, expanded view to see visualization better. Roadmap ID: 68764
  • Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect – Operator Connect is a new way for customers to simply and quickly enable PSTN calling for Teams, using services from non-Microsoft telephony operators. Roadmap ID: 70759
  • Microsoft Teams: New default settings when opening Office files – Users can set a default of browser, desktop or Teams when opening Office files (Word, Excel, and Power Point) that are shared in Teams.  The desktop setting can be selected, if the user has Office version 16 or newer installed and activated. Roadmap ID: 82662
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat supervisors can delete messages – This feature, designed with our Teams for Education users in mind, allows chat supervisors to delete inappropriate, off-topic, or other messages in a Teams chat. Roadmap ID: 82939
  • Microsoft Teams: Career Coach – Improved accessibility and minor updates – Career Coach will receive minor updates to copy and performance. The application will also adhere to greater levels of accessibility for keyboard navigation and screen readers. Roadmap ID: 85916
  • Microsoft Teams: 2×2 video in Gallery view for web meetings in Safari – Gallery view now can show up to 4 participant videos during a meeting in Safari browser. Roadmap ID: 86513
  • Microsoft Teams: Org wide backgrounds (Preview) – Organization-wide backgrounds will now be available in preview. This feature will require an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available. Roadmap ID: 80193
  • Microsoft Teams: Reply to a specific message – When chatting in Teams, you will be able to reply a specific message. The original message will be quoted in the reply text box, helping everyone in the chat to more easily understand the message’s context. Roadmap ID: 81113
  • Microsoft Teams: Public Preview: Teams follow Office preview – Coming up in June 2021, not only can users be opted-in to use Teams Public Preview, but IT admins can even configure Teams users preview state to follow Office preview state. All of this functionality will be accessible from the Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 81704


  • Microsoft Teams: Sensitivity labels for Teams templates and graph API – Sensitivity labels enable admins to protect and regulate access to sensitive organization content. Microsoft now support sensitivity labels when creating teams via Graph APIs and templates. Roadmap ID: 84232
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams meetings roster update for Teams Rooms on Windows – The updated meeting roster (viewable on the Teams Rooms console) more closely aligns with the experience available through the Teams desktop app, and includes capabilities like participant grouping, sort roster by raised hand, integrated user search. Roadmap ID: 84578
  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic view on single and dual displays for Teams Rooms on Windows – New controls let you personalize the view to suit your preferences and needs, such as the ability to show shared content and specific participants side-by-side or to view content or people only. Roadmap ID: 85811
  • Microsoft Teams: Room video fits to frame for Teams Rooms on Windows – Conference room video fits to frame by default and provide a full view of the room on Teams desktop app. Users can choose to fill frame for room video as needed. Roadmap ID: 85813
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for large meeting controls for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability for a Teams Room on Windows to join a large meeting as a presenter or attendee. Based on the role assumed by the Teams Room, appropriate meeting controls are made available to presenters for meeting moderation and for attendees. Roadmap ID: 85814
  • Microsoft Teams: Lock meeting support for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to lock a meeting, preventing additional participants from joining. Users attempting to join a locked meeting will be informed that the meeting is locked. Roadmap ID: 85815
  • Microsoft Teams: Live reactions for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to view live reactions sent by participants in a Teams meeting on the front of room display in a Teams Room. Room users can also send reaction from center of the room console. Roadmap ID: 85817
  • Microsoft Teams: Pin multiple video streams in Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to pin multiple video streams (up to 9 participants) simultaneously during a Teams meeting. User can select which participants to pin from the center of room console. Roadmap ID: 85819
  • Microsoft Teams: Presenter mode support in Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability for presenter mode views to appear on the front of room display in a Teams Room. Presenter mode is a feature in PowerPoint Live that helps you customize how your video feed and content appear to the meeting audience. Roadmap ID: 85820
  • Microsoft Teams: Spotlight multiple video streams for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to Spotlight multiple video streams (up to 7 participants) simultaneously during a Teams meeting. Users can select which participants to pin from the center of room console. Roadmap ID: 85822
  • Microsoft Teams: Content from camera – “Content from camera” in Teams enables you to share content from physical artefacts such as whiteboards and documents in a high quality and legible way during meetings. All you need is a laptop or PC with an in-built camera or with an attached USB camera. Educators can also share content directly from a document camera. Roadmap ID: 86062
  • Microsoft Teams: Reporter and Side-by-Side Presenter Mode in desktop or window sharing for GCC-High – Two new presenter modes are now coming available. Reporter places content as a visual aid above your shoulder like a news story. Roadmap ID: 87522
  • Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie on iOS (Preview) – Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay on the same page. Roadmap ID: 80915


Release – October 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Teams support of guest users with credentials managed by the host tenant – Support internal guest users with credentials managed by the resource tenant (formerly known as State 3 and State 4 guests accounts). Roadmap ID: 87830
  • Microsoft Teams: Reporting and scheduling APIs for meetings – Scheduling and reporting APIs will be available for integration into 3rd party applications. Roadmap ID: 66867
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Graph API for Teams Export (Preview) – Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) for Microsoft Teams is a key scenario for our customer as it allows them to solve for retention, indexing, e-discovery, classification, and regulatory requirements. Roadmap ID: 68731

Release – November 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Viva: Focus time experiences in Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams – Viva Insights will be rolling out a new experience that expands on the focus time feature in Viva Insights enabling Microsoft 365 users to work uninterrupted with Teams notifications silenced. Focus mode will enrich the focus time experience by helping users make progress on important work, with focus music from Headspace. This immersive experience includes a notification, and a new focus mode page in the Viva Insights Teams app. Users will be able to enroll or modify their focus plan settings, or book ad-hoc focus time in the Viva Insights Teams app. Roadmap ID: 85661
  • Microsoft Teams: Music Mode for Teams – In music mode, we support up to 32 kHz sampling rate mono audio at 128 kbps, and optimize our internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with high fidelity. Teams will automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth, going down to 48 kbps while still delivering good music quality. Roadmap ID: 83520
  • Microsoft Teams: Branded Lobby – Admins will now be able to add a custom logo to the Teams experience, for display in the lobby and meeting pre-join experience. The logo will be displayed for meetings where the organizer has the Advanced Comms SKU. Roadmap ID: 79957

Release – December 2021

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services: Partner Delegated Access, Multi-tenant Support – Invitation system to allow partner access and provide partners with multi-tenant view in their portal. Roadmap ID: 81911

Release – January 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Queue view for virtual visits scheduled in the Microsoft Bookings app – Real time updates to meeting state in a queue view for virtual visits scheduled in the Microsoft Bookings app. Roadmap ID: 86718

Release – March 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: RTMP-In for Teams Live Events – Produce your Teams Live Events using an external encoder and leverage RTMP-in to broadcast to your Teams Live Event Attendees. Roadmap ID: 84960
  • Microsoft Teams: Adobe Sign Integration in Approvals App for GCC-High and DoD – Microsoft are working closely with key partners to allow you to create an electronic signature approval using Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and other 3rd party providers natively within the Approval app. Simply choose your electronic signature provider and add the details. Once submitted, signers are notified with an email and can easily review and sign. Approvals will keep track of the entire workflow right in context within Teams. Roadmap ID: 81657
  • Microsoft Teams: Approvals Templates for GCC-High and DoD – User can simply choose a template provided by their tenant admins or a Team Owner when creating a new approval request. Roadmap ID: 81658


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