Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 23rd August 2021

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  • Launched (10)
  • Rolling out (2)
  • In development (23)


  • Microsoft Teams: Live Transcript for Teams Meetings for GCC- Teams Meetings now have a real-time transcript during their meetings as well as a post-meeting transcript. Roadmap ID: 82836
  • Microsoft Viva: Personal wellbeing insights in Teams – Users can create mental bookends to productively start and mindfully end the work day with a virtual commute, tap into dedicated moments of mindfulness with Headspace and use emotional check-ins to pause and reflect. Roadmap ID: 68748
  • Microsoft Teams: Speaker Attribution in Live Transcript in Teams Meetings in GCC Clouds – Teams Meetings in GCC clouds will now have live transcript utterances attributed to the speaker of the utterance. Roadmap ID: 83382
  • Microsoft Teams: Cortana now available for EDU customers – Cortana voice assistance in the Teams mobile app is now available for EDU customers in en-US to help you streamline communication, collaboration, and class-related tasks in school using spoken natural language. Roadmap ID: 83484
  • Microsoft Teams: Simplified class team navigation for Teams for Education – Access Assignments, Grades, Class Notebook and Insights more easily from your main class team navigation. Roadmap ID: 84886
  • Microsoft Teams: Windows 10 native notifications – Choose the style of your notifications: built-in Teams or Windows native notifications. The latter brings a suite of benefits, like respecting focus assist mode which enables you to avoid distracting notifications when you need to focus, and integrating with Windows 10 action center to helps you review your notifications in one place. Roadmap ID: 85417
  • Microsoft Teams: Chat preview notification settings – Users can change settings and manage previews for their chat notification toasts. Roadmap ID: 85421
  • Microsoft Teams: MacOS native notifications in Teams for GCC – Users can now choose to get Microsoft Teams notifications, either via Teams built-in notifications or via macOS native notifications. Roadmap ID: 86064
  • Microsoft Teams: MacOS native notifications in Teams for GCC High – Users can now choose to get Microsoft Teams notifications, either via Teams built-in notifications or via macOS native notifications. Roadmap ID: 86066
  • Microsoft Teams: Group Assignments – With the new group assignment feature you can organize your students into groups so they can work together to create, collaborate and submit the same work – like a Whiteboard file or Word document. Roadmap ID: 82017


  • Microsoft Teams: Present from PowerPoint to Teams with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business license – The capability of presenting your slides directly from the PowerPoint desktop apps to a meeting via PowerPoint Live in Teams is now extended to the Microsoft 365 Apps for Business license. Roadmap ID: 83640
  • Microsoft Teams: Starting recording will also start live transcription – If both recording and policy settings are enabled, turning on recording will also start live transcription. Roadmap ID: 85837


Release – August 2021

Release – September 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Sensitivity labels for Teams templates and graph API – Sensitivity labels enable admins to protect and regulate access to sensitive organization content. Microsoft now support sensitivity labels when creating teams via Graph APIs and templates. Roadmap ID: 84232
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Teams meetings roster update for Teams Rooms on Windows – The updated meeting roster (viewable on the Teams Rooms console) more closely aligns with the experience available through the Teams desktop app, and includes capabilities like participant grouping, sort roster by raised hand, integrated user search. Roadmap ID: 84578
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub – This next generation of Teams on Surface Hub has been redesigned to bring your favourite features from the desktop and Microsoft Teams Rooms into the meeting space. Roadmap ID: 85447
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Chat bubbles during Teams Meeting for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to view chats sent during a Teams meeting on the front of room display in a Teams Room, calling attention to the chat conversation happening alongside the meeting. Roadmap ID: 85810
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Dynamic view on single and dual displays for Teams Rooms on Windows – New controls let you personalize the view to suit your preferences and needs, such as the ability to show shared content and specific participants side-by-side or to view content or people only. Roadmap ID: 85811
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Large gallery view and Together Mode for GCC High – Ability for Teams Rooms to support different video gallery layouts including in large gallery and Together mode, in GCC High clouds. Roadmap ID: 85812
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Room video fits to frame for Teams Rooms on Windows – Conference room video fits to frame by default and provide a full view of the room on Teams desktop app. Users can choose to fill frame for room video as needed. Roadmap ID: 85813
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Support for large meeting controls for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability for a Teams Room on Windows to join a large meeting as a presenter or attendee. Based on the role assumed by the Teams Room, appropriate meeting controls are made available to presenters for meeting moderation and for attendees. Roadmap ID: 85814
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Lock meeting support for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to lock a meeting, preventing additional participants from joining. Users attempting to join a locked meeting will be informed that the meeting is locked. Roadmap ID: 85815
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Pin multiple video streams in Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to pin multiple video streams (up to 9 participants) simultaneously during a Teams meeting. User can select which participants to pin from the center of room console. Roadmap ID: 85819
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Presenter mode support in Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability for presenter mode views to appear on the front of room display in a Teams Room. Presenter mode is a feature in PowerPoint Live that helps you customize how your video feed and content appear to the meeting audience. Roadmap ID: 85820
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Split video layout across multiple screens for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to split the video gallery across all available displays in a Teams Room, when content isn’t being shared, maximizing screen space and bringing greater attention to the people joining remotely. Roadmap ID: 85821
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Spotlight multiple video streams for Teams Rooms on Windows – Ability to Spotlight multiple video streams (up to 7 participants) simultaneously during a Teams meeting. Users can select which participants to pin from the center of room console. Roadmap ID: 85822
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Paging on Video Gallery – When you are in Gallery view and there are more than 9 videos, navigation controls will appear below the Gallery. You can use these controls to view more video participants. Roadmap ID: 86480
  • Microsoft Teams: View switcher – The new view switcher in the top bar of a Teams meeting allows participants to control how they prefer to see the meeting content. Choose between Together mode, Focus, Gallery at top, and Full screen. Roadmap ID: 70754
  • Microsoft Teams: End-to-end encryption option for Teams 1:1 VoIP Calls – Teams will support an option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls, providing an additional option for conducting sensitive online conversations. Roadmap ID: 70780
  • Microsoft Teams: Video Streams Out via AJA or Blackmagic Design Hardware – Isolated video streams can be sent out of Teams meetings via AJA and Blackmagic Design hardware devices. Roadmap ID: 82812
  • Microsoft Teams: Music on Hold for Consult/Transfer – Music on Hold for Consult/Transfer scenarios ensures that users placed on hold will hear music while consultation and transfer occurs, ensuring that the caller knows that the call is still active. Roadmap ID: 82957
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams webinar capabilities for GCC – Schedule and deliver 1,000 person webinars with the same Teams app you use for meetings! Webinar capabilities support registration page creation, email confirmation for registrants, host management for attendee video and audio, attendance report, plus interactive features like polls, chat and reactions. Roadmap ID: 83611
  • Microsoft Teams: Whiteboard integration with Assignments – Digital whiteboards give educators and students a canvas to spark creativity and collaboration. Now, educators can include a Whiteboard as reference material or the content type of a Teams assignment. Roadmap ID: 82020

Release – October 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Dynamic Emergency Calling for Work From Home – This feature enables users to validate (and if necessary, edit) the address that will be communicated to emergency responders in the event that an emergency call is placed by an individual working from home. Roadmap ID: 82956
  • Microsoft Teams: Auto-Expiration of Meeting Recordings stored on OneDrive and SharePoint – Newly created Teams meeting recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint will be automatically deleted by the service based on a default Teams policy setting. Teams Admins will be able to modify the default meeting recording expiration time via a setting in the Teams Admin Portal or by modifying policy attributes using Powershell scripts. Roadmap ID: 84580
  • Microsoft Teams: Apps in Assignments – Educators and students rely on a variety of tools to support learning. With this new feature, educators can include links to content from other learning and resource tools directly into a Teams assignment. Roadmap ID: 82019

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