Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 5 Apr 2021

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  • Live Transcription with speaker attribution  – Live transcripts provide another way to follow along with what has been said and who said it. After a meeting, the transcript file is automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting. Roadmap ID: 65967
  • Microsoft Teams: 25K person teams – Support for up to 25,000 members per individual team. Roadmap ID: 68723
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting Recap – Coming this year, a recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more will be shared with participants in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting. Roadmap ID: 68729
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams panels – This new category of devices can be mounted outside a meeting space to streamline space management, providing users with the ability to view space and meeting details, reserve a space, view upcoming reservations and easily identify current availability status. Roadmap ID: 68735
  • Meeting recordings saved to OneDrive & SharePoint for GCC-High and DoD – Ability to save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint for improved sharing capabilities, basic governance, automatic retention labels, go local, bring your own keys and, more that comes from recording video files and storing them in SharePoint and OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 70664


  • Windows native notifications in Teams – Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via Windows 10 native notifications. Roadmap ID: 66742
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborative Calling – Collaborative calling enables customers to connect a call queue to a channel in Teams. Users can collaborate and share information in the channel while taking calls in the queue. Roadmap ID: 68770
  • Microsoft Teams: Updated layouts for meetings on Android – Improvements to the Teams experience on Android devices with a new presentation mode, the ability to see more participants, and the ability to see shared content and a spotlighted participant concurrently. Roadmap ID: 68835
  • Microsoft Teams: Prompt to set Meeting Options for Large Teams Meetings in Outlook for Windows – Teams users in Outlook for Windows will be prompted to set meeting options when organizing Teams meetings for 40 or more participants or 10 or more distribution lists. Roadmap ID: 68918
  • Microsoft Teams: Forms Polls in Teams Meetings Improvements – A set of top asks will be addressed with this general release. Polls in Teams Meetings now support guests and an optimized mobile experience. Roadmap ID: 79448


Release – April 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Teams webinar capabilities general availability – Schedule and deliver 1,000 person webinars with the same Teams app you use for meetings! Roadmap ID: 80099
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Admins can install Apps in Meetings – We will enable IT admins to select Teams apps that can be installed in meetings for their organization. Roadmap ID: 81086
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: New manage tag experience and other enhancements – Tags in Teams let users quickly reach a group of people without having to @mention or type out everyone. Tags now can be managed as a Tab and you can receive notification for tag membership changes or search for tags in Teams. Tags will also now have a description field so that you can add more details to a tag. Roadmap ID: 81803
  • Android on-demand chat translation – With a simple click, people who speak different languages can fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat. Roadmap ID: 63226
  • Microsoft Teams: 20,000 attendee view-only broadcast – When attendees exceed the meeting attendee limit, the meeting will scale to accommodate up to 20,000 in an experience where they can watch. Roadmap ID: 65952
  • Room Remote for Microsoft Teams Room and collaboration bar – This experience in Teams mobile will provide meeting device controls, such as the ability to join and leave the meeting, mute and unmute the room, adjust audio volume, and turn cameras on and off. Roadmap ID: 65960
  • Microsoft Teams: Simplified way to manage your channel notification settings for GCC – Users can turn on all activity on or off with a single click or diving deep into custom to set their preferred permutations. Roadmap ID: 77796
  • Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Government users can now configure and customize their notification settings through a newly designed notification settings section. Roadmap ID: 65638
  • Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Room – Alerts in-room meeting participants if the room is over-capacity based on data defined in a room account. Not all cameras will support this feature. Roadmap ID: 65965
  • Microsoft Teams: Call Merge – Call Merge gives end users the capability to merge their active unheld 1-1 call into another 1-1 call or another group call. This applies to Teams VOIP calls and PSTN calls. Roadmap ID: 66054
  • MacOS native notifications in Teams – Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via macOS native notifications. Roadmap ID: 66743
  • Microsoft Teams: Reporting and scheduling APIs for meetings – Scheduling and reporting APIs will be available for integration into 3rd party applications. Roadmap ID: 66867
  • Updated meeting creation and expiration policies – We are making changes to how Teams meetings and join links are accessible for meeting organizers who have had their scheduling capabilities revoked. Roadmap ID: 66921
  • Microsoft Teams: Enable tenant administrators to configure masking of PSTN participant phone numbers – Tenants with Audio Conferencing enabled will be able to define how Audio Conferencing participants’ phone numbers appear in the roster view for meetings scheduled within their organization: masked to external users, masked for everyone, or off (visible to everyone). Roadmap ID: 67091
  • Microsoft Teams: Center of Room Meeting Console support on collaboration bar – Console that is used to control the meeting experience on the device. Roadmap ID: 66352
  • Microsoft Teams: Wired HDMI support on collaboration bar – Allows users to project a mirror image of their PC to a screen supported by a Teams device, through a HDMI cable. Roadmap ID: 66357
  • Microsoft Teams: Personal mode on collaboration bar – Device UX optimized for use in a personal space scenario (e.g. home office), using personal credentials. Roadmap ID: 66358
  • Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetings – With new enhancements, we’ll allow you to download the report after the meeting within the Meeting Chat. We’ve also added new data into the report that allows you to better manage your attendance. Roadmap ID: 66459
  • Microsoft Viva: Viva Connections Desktop – With the new Viva Connection Desktop, you can bring your intranet directly into Teams Desktop. The app’s icon and name match your company brand and enable employees to discover, navigate and consume your top sites in Teams. The app gives employees a window into the rest of the company intranet by using the same global navigation as the SharePoint app bar. Roadmap ID: 66584
  • Microsoft Teams: Meeting attendee registration – Add a custom attendee registration page to any meeting to better manage attendance before and after any engagement. Following registration, attendees receive an email confirmation with calendar invite. Roadmap ID: 66586
  • Microsoft Teams: Include up to 10,000 users in an org-wide team – Microsoft are raising the upper limit on org-wide team membership from 5,000 to 10,000 users. Roadmap ID: 68692
  • Microsoft Teams: Restricting Sign-In to specific tenants for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – You will now have the ability to restrict sign-in to Teams on managed devices, to ensure that employees cannot access another organization’s tenant from the device/app they are authorized to use for work. Roadmap ID: 68693
  • Microsoft Teams: New Offline Presence Status for Government clouds – Teams users will soon have the ability to change their presence to “Offline”. Roadmap ID: 68939
  • Microsoft Teams: Remote Provisioning of Teams Android devices from Teams Admin Center – Tenant admins will be able to remotely provision and sign into all their Teams Android devices from Teams admin center. Roadmap ID: 68947
  • Microsoft Teams: Large gallery view and Together Mode for web meetings in Edge and Chrome browsers – User can change layout to Together mode or Large gallery during a meeting in Edge or Chrome browsers. Roadmap ID: 70573
  • Microsoft Teams: Share to Microsoft Teams from Outlook – Send a copy of email messages or conversations, including attachments, into Teams chats and channels or start a Teams chat related to a specific email message. Share to Teams supports Outlook on the web, Outlook for Windows, and the new Outlook for Mac Preview. Roadmap ID: 70598
  • Microsoft Teams: Anonymous Presenter Support for Live Events – You may allow an anonymous user who does not have and MSA or AAD identity to be a presenter in your live event. Roadmap ID: 70599
  • Microsoft Teams: Virtual Breakout Rooms for GCC-High – Meeting hosts can create breakout rooms to be used by meeting participants for smaller group discussion. Roadmap ID: 70604
  • Microsoft Teams: Together mode for DoD – Together mode uses AI segmentation technology in meetings to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else. Roadmap ID: 70625
  • Microsoft Teams: Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCC-High and DoD – Government users can now configure and customize their notification settings through a newly designed notification settings section. Roadmap ID: 70663
  • Microsoft Teams: Simple Periodic review for guest users – Enable Teams IT admin to schedule a periodic reviews on guests across Teams, discovers every Team that has one or more guests, and triggers a review process for each. Roadmap ID: 70674
  • Microsoft Teams: Zero Touch provisioning for Teams devices – This will allow Remote Provisioning of Teams Android devices from Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 70675
  • Microsoft Teams: Enhancement to app usage report  –  support for Line of Business apps – Line of business type of Apps were added to the Teams Admin center App usage reports. Roadmap ID: 70677
  • Microsoft Teams: Align the experience creating a team from different Teams interfaces – Align the experience for Teams creation in Teams Admin Center to the experience in creating a team in the Teams client. Roadmap ID: 70696
  • Microsoft Teams: View switcher – The new view switcher in the top bar of a Teams meeting allows participants to control how they prefer to see the meeting content. Choose between Together mode, Focus, Gallery at top, and Full screen. Roadmap ID: 70754
  • Microsoft Teams: Create a task from a message in the Desktop Client for Microsoft Teams – With the “create a task from a message” feature in Teams, you’ll be able to create a task from a message in group or 1:1 chats or from a channel post or reply. Roadmap ID: 68696
  • Microsoft Teams: New Lobby Setting: Only Invited Users join directly – A new option; “People I Invite” is coming to the “Who can bypass lobby?” setting. Once enabled, only the participants invited by the organizer in meeting invite will be able to join the meeting directly. Roadmap ID: 68730
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Graph API for Teams Export (Preview) – Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) for Microsoft Teams is a key scenario for our customer as it allows them to solve for retention, indexing, e-discovery, classification, and regulatory requirements. Roadmap ID: 68731
  • Microsoft Teams: Customer Key support (Preview) – Microsoft helps keep Teams data safe by encrypting it while at rest in Microsoft datacenters. Now we are extending this capability to enable customers to add a layer of encryption using their own keys for Teams, similar to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Roadmap ID: 68732
  • Microsoft Teams: IP Based audio/video support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows – IP based audio and video devices can be selected as sources in Teams Rooms making device installation and deployment easier, by avoiding long USB cable runs and use of USB extenders. Roadmap ID: 68737
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams casting for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows – For quick ad-hoc sessions that don’t necessarily require setting up a formal meeting, people can use Teams casting to wirelessly connect to a Teams Room running on Windows, and display content from their mobile phone. Roadmap ID: 68739
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams casting for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – For quick ad-hoc sessions that don’t necessarily require setting up a formal meeting, people can use Teams casting to wirelessly connect to a Teams Room running on Android, and display content from their mobile phone. Roadmap ID: 68743
  • Microsoft Teams: Room Remote Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Control in-room meeting devices using a new experience on the Teams mobile app. Controls include: turn mic on/off, turn camera on/off, adjust audio, leave the meeting. Roadmap ID: 68744
  • Microsoft Teams: Support for breakout rooms for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Ability to consume breakout rooms feature in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID: 68745
  • Microsoft Teams: Access files offline on mobile – The Teams mobile app now allows you to access files even when you are offline or in bad network conditions. Roadmap ID: 68750
  • Microsoft Teams: Power Appp in Teams usage analytics in Teams Admin Center – Teams Admins will soon be able to analyze how their organization is using apps built with Power Apps inside of Teams, under the analytics section of the Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 68751
  • Microsoft Teams: Power Automate actions for meetings, teams, channels, and chat – New Power Automate actions: “Create a Teams meeting”, “Send message to a channel”, “get @mention token”, “Create a team”, “Add users to a team”; New Power Automate triggers: “User leaves a team”. Roadmap ID: 68752
  • Microsoft Teams: New Power Automate entry points in-Teams – Users will soon be able to use message extensions and message actions to start building a Power Automate flow from a template. Roadmap ID: 68753
  • Microsoft Teams: Manage Teams displays in Team Admin Center – Microsoft are adding the Teams Display, one more device category that can be now managed within Teams Admin Center. Roadmap ID: 68754
  • Microsoft Teams: Device management automatic alerting in Teams Admin Center – Device management automatic alerting  provides more efficiency in identifying devices issues by triggering notifications that can be turned into an immediate correction action. Roadmap ID: 68755
  • Microsoft Teams: Large event reporting and analytics improvements in Teams Admin Center – Data management capabilities for large event reporting, such as search, filter, pagination, and exporting of the data for better analysis. Roadmap ID: 68760
  • Microsoft Teams: Presenter View in Teams Meetings – Presenters can view slide notes and upcoming slides helping the presenters keep the meeting on track, discuss meeting notes as needed and navigate to meeting slides quickly. Roadmap ID: 68903
  • Microsoft Teams: 3×3 gallery view for Microsoft Teams Rooms – View up to 9 meeting participants during a Teams meeting in the 3×3 gallery view. Roadmap ID: 68935
  • Microsoft Teams: Set Presence Status duration for Government clouds – Teams users will soon have the ability to change their presence for a specific period of time. Roadmap ID: 68937
  • Microsoft Teams: Co-author in encrypted docs using Office Apps – Multiple users can now simultaneously edit an Office document that has been encrypted using Microsoft Information Protection, including using AutoSave. Roadmap ID: 70782
  • Microsoft Teams: Task publishing checklist – Task publishing enables corporate teams to create and publish tasks to, for example, all frontline locations and other configurable attributes of a distributed workforce. Roadmap ID: 70784
  •  Microsoft Teams: Task publishing editing – Corporate teams can now edit published tasks without having to recall the entire task list. Roadmap ID: 70785
  • Microsoft Teams: Improved Experience in the Meeting Participant Roster – We are now changing how the participant list is displayed in a Teams meeting for the Lobby, In meeting, Presenters, and Attendees participant sections. A maximum of 20 participants for each of the sections will be displayed in the initial view, with an option to drill in and view more participants within that section. Roadmap ID: 80385
  • Planner: More labels for GCC-High and DoD – Add up to 25 labels to your tasks in Planner. Roadmap ID: 80456
  • Microsoft Teams: Share to Teams from Outlook – Share to Teams from Outlook allows you to send a copy of email messages or conversations, including attachments, into Teams chats and channels. Roadmap ID: 80721
  • Microsoft Teams: New Teams Live Events eCDN – Ramp – We will be enabling a new eCDN provider, Ramp, for live events. You will be able to use this new eCDN for your live events needs. Roadmap ID: 80825
  • Microsoft Teams: Related Content for Teams Meetings (iOS and Android) – Related Content makes meetings more effective by providing customers with important information from their mailboxes, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites. Roadmap ID: 81354
  • Microsoft Teams: New bypass lobby option –Meeting policies have a setting for letting users bypass the meeting lobby. We added an option for People in the organization but exclude guest users. Roadmap ID: 81376
  • Microsoft Teams: Outgoing participant video in meetings in Safari – Users can now use camera during meetings in Safari. Requires Safari 14 or higher. Roadmap ID: 81381
  • Microsoft Teams: Cortana and Bing skills on Teams display – The Cortana skills within the Teams display have been enhanced to include Bing productivity integrations. Roadmap ID: 70761
  • Microsoft Teams: App customization and branding – Now you  can customize app properties like app name, description, icons, and more to deliver a branded app experience right within Teams. Roadmap ID: 70769
  • Microsoft Teams: Automation templates in Teams app store – A new “Automation” category will be added to the Teams app store full of new Power Automate templates, providing an easy starting point for your automation workflows. Roadmap ID: 70771
  • Microsoft Teams: Updates to Dataverse for Teams limits and upgrades – We are increasing the Dataverse for Teams environment limit for larger tenants from the current 500 to 10,000. Roadmap ID: 70772
  • Microsoft Teams: Scheduled access reviews for Guest users – Scheduled access reviews for guests will streamline the experience of managing Guest users. Roadmap ID: 70778

Release – May 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment – Introducing capability for organizer to perform breakout room configuration and participant assignment before the meeting starts. Roadmap ID: 81390
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Roaming bandwidth control – Roaming bandwidth control is a new capability that allows admins to set dynamic bandwidth policies which are based upon the geographic location of users’ Teams clients. Roadmap ID: 81350
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Separate Window Teams Live Events Producer Experience – With this new feature, you are now able to produce your Teams Live Events as a Producer in a separate window, allowing you to effectively manage your event. Roadmap ID: 81804
  • Microsoft Teams: Present from PowerPoint to Teams – Present your slides directly from PowerPoint for the web to a Teams meeting via PowerPoint Live. Roadmap ID: 80600
  • Top hits in Search Autosuggest – Top Hits introduces a new section at the top of the autosuggest suggestions where the most relevant results, across domains, for a given query are represented. Roadmap ID: 70563

Release – June 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: New assignment experience in modal window for Breakout Rooms – Enhanced UX for participant assignment. This includes new capabilities such as sorting participants and rooms and performing multiple selections and assignments to rooms. Roadmap ID: 81389
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room Presenter support – Extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters. Roadmap ID: 81118
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Tags are available in GCC High – Tags are available in GCC High. Tags in Teams let users quickly reach a group of people without having to @mention or type out everyone. Roadmap ID: 81091
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Manage tags in Teams programmatically – Microsoft Teams Tags APIs are now in public preview. Roadmap ID: 81093
  • Microsoft Teams: Prompt to set Meeting Options for Large Teams Meetings in Outlook for Windows in GCC – Teams users in Outlook for Windows will be prompted to set meeting options when organizing Teams meetings for 40 or more participants or 10 or more distribution lists. Roadmap ID: 78699

Release – August 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Tags are available in DOD – Tags are available in DoD. Tags in Teams let users quickly reach a group of people without having to @mention or type out everyone. Roadmap ID: 81096


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