Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 29 March 2021

Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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From the message center

Here are some items from the message center that have drawn my attention over the last week:

AffectsMessageLast updatedMessage ID
Microsoft 365 SuiteAnnouncing retirement of Compliance Manager (classic) in the Service Trust Portal:
As announced both in-product (February 4, 2021) and via documentation, Microsoft are soon retiring Compliance Manager (classic) from the Microsoft Service Trust Portal.
TeamsUpdating Teams live event ‘Always record’ recording policy:
With this change, when the Teams Live Event Recording policy is set to ‘Never record’, all live events will have the recordings disabled for everyone: the presenter, organizer, and attendees. 
TeamsYammer to retire support for Internet Explorer in August 2021:
As previously announced by Microsoft in August 2020, along with other Microsoft 365 apps and services, Yammer will be retiring support for Internet Explorer 11 in August 2021.
Microsoft 365 SuiteAnnouncing new self-service products:
Individuals worldwide (excluding India) will be able to acquire a subscription for these products as early as April 19, 2021:
Power BI Premium per user
Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA

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Release – April 2021

  • SharePoint and Teams: folder in site visibly connected to channel – It will be easier to tell which folders within your library have an associated Teams channel & chat associated to it – right from within the SharePoint user interface. Roadmap ID: 30686

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