Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 13 July 2020





  • Meeting attendee limit increases to 300 participants for GCC, GCC-High and DoD – Microsoft are increasing the maximum number of participants allowed in a Teams meeting to 300. Roadmap ID: 65668
  • Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences – Ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help users optimize their workflow. Roadmap ID: 57294
  • New policy to prevent upload of profile picture for GCC customers – Teams desktop and web experiences will honor the Outlook on the Web mailbox policy setting that can control whether users are able change their profile pictures. Roadmap ID: 63312


Release – July 2020

  • Reflect messaging extension – IT administrators will be able to install the Reflect extension from GitHub, and then make it available to employees in their organization in the message extension menu to enable users to check in with their team or students on how they are feeling. Roadmap ID: 65945
  • Live Captions with speaker attribution (EN-US) – Teams already provides live captions as a way to follow along with what is being said in the meeting, Microsoft are also adding speaker attribution so captions will specify who is speaking. Roadmap ID: 65949
  • Suggested replies – Suggested replies in Teams chat uses assistive AI to create short responses based on the context of the previous message. Roadmap ID: 65954

Release – August 2020

  • New file sharing experience – You can soon create a shareable link for any file stored in Teams and directly set the appropriate permissions. Additionally, you can also set permissions for files stored in SharePoint or OneDrive while composing a private chat or starting a channel conversation. Roadmap ID: 51230
  • Queue sent messages when offline – When attempting to send messages while offline, Teams will queue messages and send once a network connection is re-established. Roadmap ID: 64687
  • Pinned posts – Users will be able to pin any message in a channel to the channel information pane for all members to see. Roadmap ID: 64334
  • Graph Resource Specific Consent – Your Teams app can now call Teams Graph APIs without needing admin consent. Roadmap ID: 56605
  • Cortana in Teams – Cortana is coming to the Teams mobile app, using AI and the Microsoft Graph to provide voice assistance in Teams. Roadmap ID: 65346
  • NDI for Teams – NDI for Microsoft Teams converts a meeting participant’s video into a discrete source that can be used in the production tools for professional broadcasts. Roadmap ID: 66009

Release – later in 2020

  • Push-to-talk voice communications – Microsoft Teams, will provide instant voice communication using push to talk. Roadmap ID: 57157
  • Multiteam Support in Shifts – Employees will be able to access their shifts, other user’s shifts, requests, open shifts, their profile, other user’s profiles in a multi-team manner. Roadmap ID: 50988
  • Change notification API for Microsoft Teams messages – Developers will have the ability to subscribe to change notifications for Microsoft Team messages, including channel messages, 1:1/group chats, and all messages in a tenant. Roadmap ID: 65981
  • Together mode – Together mode uses of AI segmentation technology in meetings to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else. Roadmap ID: 65942
  • Dynamic view – Dynamic view user AI in meetings to dynamically optimize shared content and video participants. Roadmap ID: 65943
  • Video filters – Before joining a meeting, you can use the filters to subtly adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera to customize your appearance. Roadmap ID: 65944
  • Live reactions – React during a meeting using emojis that will appear to all participants. Roadmap ID: 65946
  • PowerPoint Live Presentations to Teams – PowerPoint Live Presentations can assist users in making their presentations engaging and inclusive. Microsoft plan to bring this to Teams. Roadmap ID: 65947
  • Large meeting support – Hold interactive meetings with more attendees—up to 1,000. Roadmap ID: 65951
  • Overflow meetings – When attendees exceed the meeting attendee limit, the meeting will scale to accommodate up to 20,000 in an experience where they can watch. Roadmap ID: 65952
  • Microsoft Whiteboard updates – Whiteboard in Teams will soon be updated with new features including sticky notes, pen and ink, and drag and drop capabilities. Roadmap ID: 65953
  • Room Remote for Microsoft Teams Room and collaboration bar – This experience in Teams mobile will provide meeting device controls, such as the ability to join and leave the meeting, mute and unmute the room, adjust audio volume, and turn cameras on and off. Roadmap ID: 65960
  • Support for Cortana voice assistance on Microsoft Teams Room devices – Cortana voice assistance gives users the ability to manage controls on Microsoft Teams Room devices using spoken commands. Roadmap ID: 65961
  • Wirelessly cast to Teams devices – Wirelessly cast to any Teams Room, collaboration bar or Surface Hub device, enabling seamless ad-hoc in-person collaboration for people in a shared space. Roadmap ID: 65962
  • Coordinated Meetings with Microsoft Teams Room and Surface Hub – Enables a coordinated meeting experience between Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Room devices, enabling users to operate both devices in the same room, in the same meeting. Roadmap ID: 65963
  • Proximity Join on Surface Hub – Allows users to join a meeting on a Surface Hub, using their own personal device. Proximity Join also allows users to add a Surface Hub as a resource to their scheduled meeting. Roadmap ID: 65964
  • Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Room – Alerts in-room meeting participants if the room is over-capacity based on data defined in a room account. Not all cameras will support this feature. Roadmap ID: 65965
  • Live Transcription with speaker attribution (EN-US)  – Live transcripts provide another way to follow along with what has been said and who said it. After a meeting, the transcript file is automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting. Roadmap ID: 65967

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