Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 13 July 2020

Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup

Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

From the Microsoft 365 message center…

Here’s a look at some of the planned change notification messages that were sent out in the past 7 days.

MessageMore detailAct byMessage ID
Renaming 10 Azure Active Directory rolesWith this update, Microsoft are renaming 10 role names to make them consistent.Aug 14, 2020MC218295
Cortana voice assistance in Teams mobileCortana voice assistance which allows users to perform communication, collaboration, and meeting-related tasks by speaking natural language for iOS and Android. Rolling out mid-August 2020MC218148
Cortana Briefing emailThis email helps users start their day on track by surfacing information on upcoming meetings and outstanding tasks as well as protecting time for independent work.Rolling out early August 2020MC217997
SharePoint – Classic popularity reports to be retiredAs advised in MC195889 in November 2019, Microsoft are getting ready to retire Classic usage and popularity reports and these will no longer be available after August 7, 2020.August 7, 2020MC217998
Retiring SharePoint 2010 WorkflowsStarting August 1st, 2020, SharePoint 2010 workflows will be turned off for any newly created tenants.
Starting November 1st, 2020, Microsoft will remove the ability to run, or create, and or execute SharePoint 2010 workflows from existing tenants.





  • Fluent design coherence updates for SharePoint – The fluent design system will be applied to modern SharePoint which will result in some visual changes. Roadmap ID: 63777
  • Active time spent reports on SharePoint Site Usage – You can now get reports with aggregated data on the amount of time that users are spending on your intranet sites. Roadmap ID: 57159
  • SharePoint lists and libraries: New calendar picker – Microsoft are replacing the legacy calendar control with the latest Office Fabric calendar for Gregorian calendars. Roadmap ID: 63277


Release – July 2020

  • Improved page/ news publishing experience – A new pre-publish panel that gives authors an overview of key information about their pages or news posts. Roadmap ID: 63257

Release – August 2020

  • Microsoft Lists: Lists app in Microsoft Teams – Team members will be able to both create new lists and add existing ones as tabs in Teams’ channels. Roadmap ID: 64162
  • Microsoft Lists: forms customization – Adjust what information shows on the out-of-box forms and include custom header and footer imagery and information. Roadmap ID: 64165
  • Microsoft Lists: calendar view – Visualize any list with items that use date column information in a calendar view. Roadmap ID: 64167
  • Microsoft Lists: rules – Create simple if/then rules based on changes to list information to set reminders and send notifications. Roadmap ID: 64163
  • Microsoft Lists: comments – Add a comment on a list or list items, including @mention capabilities to draw a person’s attention. Roadmap ID: 64169

Release – later in 2020

  • SharePoint and Teams: updated Add a Team to a site wizard – Choose the SharePoint content that you want to add as tabs in Teams when you first connect them via the “Add a Team” flow from your site. Roadmap ID: 46990

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