Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – w/c 06 July 2020

Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup

Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

From the Microsoft 365 message center…

Here’s a look at some of the planned change notification messages that were sent out in the past 7 days.

MessageMore detailAct byMessage ID
Updating Microsoft Edge Legacy to the new Microsoft Edge browser for WindowsThis update provides your organization with our latest Microsoft-recommended browser security features.July 30, 2020MC217662
Retiring Teams support for devices running on Android 4.4We will be retiring the Teams support on Android 4.4. Instead we recommend that users upgrade to newer Android builds, which is where we will continue to invest.August 1, 2020MC217681
Retirement of the Outlook People PaneWe will be retiring the People Pane (formerly the Outlook Social Connector) feature from Outlook for Office 365 with minimum version 16.0.12712.10000 beginning in late July.July 31, 2020MC217364
Exchange Device Access and Conditional Access changes with Outlook mobileBeginning in August 2020, we will roll out changes in Exchange Online to ensure that only certain Conditional Access policies bypass Exchange’s device access rules.August 1, 2020MC216824
New Feature: Seamlessly Share Personal Lists in To DoThis feature will be enabled by default and users will have the ability to join lists that are shared from an external personal account. Enterprise users will not be able to share their lists with external personal accounts.MC215678



  • Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match supported for SharePoint Online – Organizations will be able to use EDM (Exact Data Match) to better protect content on SharePoint online. Roadmap ID: 64558
  • Auto classification with sensitivity labels in SPO, EXO, OneDrive – With this preview, you can start using sensitivity labels at scale for documents stored on OneDrive and SharePoint Online, and for emails in transit in Exchange Online automatically without manual user input. Roadmap ID: 57312
  • Audience targeting in site navigation – Increase the value and engagement of your site navigation by filtering the items within the navigation menu based on people and groups. Roadmap ID: 34251
  • Custom results page template in PnP – Custom results page template in PnP, allows developers to develop and deploy custom results pages that can be presented from the Microsoft Search box. Roadmap ID: 57133
  • SharePoint: lists from Excel – Easily bring in data for your SharePoint list starting by importing an Excel spreadsheet. Roadmap ID: 61013
  • Move SharePoint sites to a new location – This feature will allow administrations to move a site to the location of an existing site. Roadmap ID: 51259


  • Enable communication site experience on classic team sites – SharePoint admins can enable the modern communication site experience on any classic team site that meets the requirements, including the root site. Roadmap ID: 46338
  • Schedule SharePoint pages & news posts – You will be able to schedule a page or news post to be published at a specific date and time in the future. Roadmap ID: 62892
  • SharePoint news email notifications – Receive notifications for comments, replies and likes via email from SharePoint news. Roadmap ID: 49603
  • SharePoint and Teams: folder in site visibly connected to channel – It will be easier to tell which folders within your library have an associated Teams channel & chat associated to it – right from within the SharePoint user interface. Roadmap ID: 30686
  • Access a PowerApps custom form in SharePoint without a license – When users send invites for custom PowerApps forms in SharePoint to Office 365 guest users, the guests gain the same access as everyone else. Roadmap ID: 53219
  • Drag and drop files to the canvas to upload – Now if you drag and drop files to the canvas, they’ll be uploaded for you. Roadmap ID: 53194
  • Highlighted content with custom query filtering – Users can now add their own KQL or CAML code with the new advanced query option. Roadmap ID: 53229


Release – July 2020

  • SharePoint: SharePoint spaces 360° image annotations and tours – 360° tour web part in SharePoint spaces allows creation of immersive virtual tours for SharePoint sites. Roadmap ID: 65072
  • SharePoint: Auto-News Digest – SharePoint Auto-News Digest sends automated email to employees in you company about the latest News posts that they have not yet read. Roadmap ID: 64685
  • Centralized management for hub permissions – Hub permissions enable you to centralize the management of visitor access to associated sites. Roadmap ID: 65641
  • New ways to add SharePoint images – Page authors can now copy and paste images on the canvas to automatically create a new image webpart. Roadmap ID: 65599

Release – later in 2020

  • Microsoft Lists: mobile app (iOS) built on SharePoint – You’ll be able to create new lists, edit list items and easily share with other people. The Lists app will first come to iOS and Android shortly after. Roadmap ID: 64161

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