Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 30th January 2023

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Microsoft Purview


  • Launched (18)
  • Rolling out (3)
  • In development (11)


  • Microsoft Teams: Webinar – Updated template with enhanced setup experience – Updated webinar template with a new layout and expanded options to customize registration details and settings specific to the event.  Roadmap ID:86826
  • Microsoft Teams: Add people to a group chat with @mention – Add new participants to the chat with @mention, removing the need to navigate to the add-dialog. When adding a new participant, you can control how much of the chat history to share.  Roadmap ID:97736
  • Microsoft Teams: Approvals as a PDFs can be saved, printed and transferred – Approval creators will be able to save a completed approval request to a PDF file and have the option to print it. This feature will also allow customers to easily transfer their proof of approval as a PDF to another system or store as a file.   Roadmap ID:99190
  • Microsoft Teams: Hardware Occupancy Sensor Integration – With supported occupancy sensor hardware, a notification banner is displayed on the Teams panel if the room is occupied when it is available or if the room is not occupied when it is reserved. The room will also be auto checked in when the sensor detects occupancy if check in is enabled. Roadmap ID:101993
  • Microsoft Teams: Additional filters added to the approvals list  – The approval list within the personal app will include additional filters to filter on key word search and source of approval.  Roadmap ID:92486
  • Microsoft Teams: Group chat invitations from unmanaged users – When using external access for Teams, users receiving a group chat invitation from an unmanaged Teams user will be prompted with the option to acknowledge or leave the group chat. Roadmap ID:95051
  • Microsoft Viva: Quiet time settings in Teams and Outlook – To help create better boundaries and protect your personal time, later this year Viva Insights will offer the ability to configure quiet time to silence mobile notifications from Outlook and Teams outside your working hours as well as provide personalized insights on how well you are disconnecting. You will also be able to set quiet time directly from Teams and Outlook mobile. Roadmap ID:85627
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborate in Teams with Excel Live – Collaborate easily in Teams with our new Excel Live feature. You can easily collaborate with all meeting participants on your Excel worksheet during the meeting. Select the file you want to share, grant permissions to meeting participants, and enable all meeting participants to edit the document right from the meeting window. Roadmap ID:96099
  • Microsoft Teams: Connectors in GCC – Teams Connectors, which support webhook integrations, will be made available in GCC. Roadmap ID:96290
  • Microsoft Teams: Zero install link unfurling – Users can now see a preview card when a pasted link unfurls even when they don’t have the app installed.  Roadmap ID:98723
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams calendar now includes scheduling form pop-outs –  In a Teams calendar, users will now be able to pop-out an existing meeting using the pop-up icon in a Teams calendar scheduling form.  Users will be able to pop out the meeting and have it visible while creating a new meeting. This feature will allow users to view multiple meetings in separate windows while also being able to check their chats or edit their files without the need to switch apps.   Roadmap ID:99197
  • Microsoft Teams: Creation of Contact Groups in Calls App – Creation of Contact Groups are now available in the right rail pane of the Calls App. Users can now create new groups, and edit the membership of existing groups via the Calls App. Roadmap ID:100152
  • Microsoft Viva: Focus mode in Viva Insights  – The focus time experience in Microsoft Teams is being enhanced for users with Viva Insights subscriptions. Focus plan users will gain access to a focus mode experience. Focus mode will allow users to set a timer to balance short bursts of productivity with breaks, manage their task list, and tap into mindfulness exercises during their breaks. Roadmap ID:100977
  • Microsoft Teams: Device Test for virtual visits – Ability for users to test their device before a virtual visit on EPIC EHR systems.  Roadmap ID:87715
  • Microsoft Teams: Usability improvements to in-meeting notifications – Simplifying the in-meeting notification displays where users are informed about what they need to know or do without causing unnecessary distraction.  Roadmap ID:96283
  • Microsoft Teams: External access chat invitation flow for managed organizations – When receiving a new one-on-one chat from an external user, Teams users will now see an invitation to accept or block the external user. This also provides the ability to block external users at any point, which revokes access to presence and incoming messages.  Roadmap ID:94646
  • Microsoft Teams: Call control with bluetooth headsets and speakerphones  –  Use device buttons to control call (answer, end, hold) from Bluetooth audio devices without needing a USB dongle when connected to a Windows PC running Teams desktop client. For many headsets and speakerphones, this will work without requiring any user action to enable other than pairing the headset or speakerphone with the PC. Watch our certification page for additional information coming soon about devices tested to meet all certification criteria with native Bluetooth connections (w/o a USB dongle).    Roadmap ID:84309
  • Microsoft Teams: New Fluent Emoji style coming to Teams emojis and reactions – Teams is joining M365 and Windows in updating all emojis and reactions to the new Microsoft Fluent emoji style, bringing users a more vibrant and expressive emoji experience. Roadmap ID:88277


  • Microsoft Teams: RTMP-In for Teams Live Events – Produce your Teams Live Events using an external encoder  and leverage RTMP-in to broadcast to your Teams Live Event Attendees. Roadmap ID:84960
  • Microsoft Teams: Room Remote on Desktop – The Room Remote feature users to control a nearby shared meeting room device from their Windows desktop/PC companion device via the Teams client. This feature first launched on mobile devices and will now be available on Windows PC form factors when joined to the meeting as a companion device.  Roadmap ID:95482
  • Visio: Visio personal app in Microsoft Teams – Visio will be available as a personal app, or private workspace, in Microsoft Teams. With a private workspace, users will be able to view and edit Visio files in a central location without leaving Teams. When using the Teams desktop app, users will be able to use the Pop out app option to open Visio in a separate window, allowing users to continue using Teams chat, call, collaboration, and meeting capabilities. Roadmap ID:109596


Release – February 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Stream: Timeline markers in Teams meeting recording for when your name was mentioned – We are adding markers (which appear as icons above the video timeline) in Teams meeting recording timelines to indicate when your name was mentioned during the meeting.  The markers are personalized, so that only you will see when your name was mentioned. The markers help you see who mentioned your name and in which context, and to easily jump right to that part of the meeting. This feature is only available for customers enrolled in Microsoft Teams Premium preview or customers who have purchased the Microsoft Teams Premium add-on offering. Roadmap ID:109580
  • Microsoft Teams: Parent Teacher Meeting – Enable teachers to schedule virtual meetings with parents/guardians of students through Teams. Roadmap ID:100951
  • Microsoft Teams: Magnify slide in PowerPoint Live – Allow meeting attendees to privately magnify the slide and allow presenters to magnify the slide for all meeting attendees. Roadmap ID:96758

Release – March 2023

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Ultrasound Howling Detection – When multiple people join a meeting in the same room then a feedback loop is created which causes echo and in most cases the echo quickly escalates to howling (like when a musician holds the mic too close to a loudspeaker). If multiple users on laptops join from the same location, we share with the user that another Teams Device is detected in the vicinity and is already joined with audio to the current meeting. We will automatically mute the mic and speakers of the person who has joined post a user who has joined with audio on. Roadmap ID:92391
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Teams Admin Center: Simplified navigation – Simplified Left Navigation for TAC feature aims to improve the administrator experience by reducing clutter and simplifying the navigation process. The feature will hide less used left navigation menu items by default and provide an option for administrators to pin them to the default view if they choose. This way the navigation will be tailored to the specific needs of each administrator, making it faster and easier for them to find the information they need. Roadmap ID:98394
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Explicit Recording Consent for Teams meetings – Teams now supports an Explicit Recording Consent meeting policy. When the policy is applied, the Teams meeting window will request explicit consent of all participants to be recorded. Before a user gives consent, the user’s audio, video, and screenshare/consent-share won’t be captured in the meeting recording. Roadmap ID:107781
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Live Captions Usability Improvement – The new Caption Settings pane allows for better discovery and easier navigation. Users have the ability to customize the size and color of their font as well as the height and position of the caption window with the option to scroll to review captions of what has been said, up to one minute ago. Roadmap ID:107782
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Record video messages directly from within a Teams chat using Video clips in government cloud – Video clip is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables the user to record, review, send and view short-form video in Teams chat from desktop and mobile. Roadmap ID:114155
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Join meetings from calendar view on Apple CarPlay – You can now choose to join a meeting from the new calendar view on Apple CarPlay on your iPhone. Roadmap ID:114306
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Autosuggest location for Emergency location – Easily set your emergency location on Teams with location recommendations.  Roadmap ID:94692
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Insights about people in profile cards now coming to Microsoft Teams – Profile cards in Microsoft Teams will now surface insights and information such as birthdays, career changes, or pending meeting invites.  Roadmap ID:116006
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