Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 3rd October 2022

The Microsoft roadmap roundup is a weekly summary of all the newly added items and changes within the Microsoft 365 roadmap, covering SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Purview. Here’s all the new and updated Microsoft roadmap items from the past week:

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Includes updates for SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva.

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  • Microsoft Viva: Meeting category insights coming to the Viva Insights app in Teams – Meeting category insights can help you align time spent in meetings with your goals by giving you visibility into the categories of meetings where you spend your time.Β Roadmap ID: 93410


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Release – October 2022

  • πŸ†• SharePoint: Site sharing e-mails will now send from the sharing user’s mailbox – Today, the site sharing e-mails come from To improve delivery success, we will start sending these mails from the user’s exchange mailbox, as we do for other sharing e-mails. Roadmap ID:98197
  • πŸ†• SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Create fields from images in documents – With this feature you can create fields by selecting image from documents, while creating modern templates. Roadmap ID:98125
  • πŸ†• SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – Choose fields in modern templates to create document library columns – While publishing modern templates, you can now choose fields that you want to map to document library columns. When documents will get generated, the fields chosen to be library columns will get auto filled by the value entered by the users. Roadmap ID:98126
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Manage learning providers in Viva Learning Admin tab – Learning admins can manage the configured learning providers in Viva Learning admin tab. This feature will provide a detailed sync status as well as sync logs in case of a failed sync. Roadmap ID:100250
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Access your Viva Learning assignments from Viva briefing email – With Viva Learning and Viva email (formerly briefing email) integration, users can keep a track of their due/overdue assignments from Viva email. Roadmap ID:100251
  • SharePoint Syntex: improvements for model discovery and use – Updated experience for the discovery of and access to the list of available models, both in the content center and team sites. This update also allows extract by layout (formerly form processing) models to be reused across libraries and sites. Roadmap ID:98109
  • SharePoint Syntex: new model type for free-form documents – A new model type – trained using AI Builder. It is suitable for extracting information from files contained in both fields and paragraphs. This model type is currently in preview.Β  Roadmap ID:98110

Release – November 2022

  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Language expansion – Italian and Portuguese – Viva Topics will soon support indexing content and generating topics from documents written in Italian and Portuguese (as well as English, French, German, and Spanish). Topics can be edited and experienced in your language. Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Roadmap ID:100252
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Topics in Your Briefing Email – As part of bringing topics to where you work, Viva Topics will now appear as an adaptive card in Your Daily Briefing. Similarly, to the Topic Center, this first card surfaces suggested topics based on your activity and will ask you to confirm your connection to the topic. Roadmap ID:100246
  • Microsoft Viva: Viva Connections Customer Facing Analytics – The customer facing analytics module will allow customers to understand the usage metrics for their instance of Viva Connections. and will help them gauge the health of their VC deployment. Roadmap ID:93367

Release – December 2022

  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: learning path creation – Admins can create learning paths from learning objects in Viva Learning. Learning paths are discoverable, consumable, and shareable by employees at the organization. Roadmap ID:98189
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Topics in Outlook Desktop – Learn more about topics being discussed in your organization without leaving Outlook Desktop. With this feature, Viva Topics can detect that a topic is mentioned in the email that is currently in focus in read mode. In this case, Viva Topics will prompt the user to open the Viva Insights panel where they can see a list of all topics referenced in the email along with a view of the topic descriptions and the people/resources associated with the topics. Roadmap ID:100247
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Controlling Topic highlights on SharePoint – The long-awaited feature to control what Topics get highlighted on SharePoint pages and news posts with an alternative user experience to discover Topics on the page. Roadmap ID:100245

Release – January 2023

  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Topics Adoption Metrics Dashboard – Topics will include a new analytics page, where knowledge managers and admins will have access to a set of metrics that details the health of their adoption. Tenants will have health targets to reach to keep them on track for adopting Viva Topics, as well as recommended actions to perform to drive each metric to healthy. Roadmap ID: 100028
  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: Present Topic answers in Context Region from Search – Moving Topics answer from mainline to Context Region to build up the search pattern to find knowledge entities in right panel. Roadmap ID: 100248

Release – March 2023

  • πŸ†• Microsoft Viva: New landing experience for Viva Connections desktop – Help people in your organization manage their daily flow of work using a customized landing experience in Teams that displays the most important tasks, tools, news, and resources in one central place. The new landing experience offers expanded navigational tools between Viva apps and acts as the home base for Viva experiences in Teams. Roadmap ID: 99917

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